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Post-paid Mobile Refresher – March10 Maharashtra & Goa.

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1 Post-paid Mobile Refresher – March10 Maharashtra & Goa

2 Post-Paid CDMA & GSM

3 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Top Selling Plans R&VP Brother's Multi Level Marketing Step Group Level A/c Level Comm.Level(% ) Incom(R s.) TDS 10.33% Addmin 10% Net Incom to 5315% to 14921% to 41275% to % to % st Targtae % to % to % to % to % to % nd Targate % to % to % to % to % to % rd Targate % MAMRAJ VERMA : / VEER SINGH : / Now FV available for All Search on site :- / r&vpbrothers

4 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Unlimited Plans in CDMA

5 M&G - MarketingApril -10 The free value indicated against each group can be pooled among the users. Free Value defined here is applicable for Local, STD, Roaming, SMS & Data Usage. The local & STD call charges indicated above are for any phone ( Mobile or Fixed – On or Off Net ) Local calls with in CUG will be free. SMS Rates – Local & National: 50p, International: Rs. 5; Applications: At actual Roaming Rates: Incoming: Re. 1 / min; Local: Re. 1 / min; STD: Rs / min All Add On packs like SMS Pack, Zonal Corridor, STD Pack, Local Calling Pack, National CUG, etc will be applicable and can be attached to the above plans Business Pooling Plan(For CDMA- SME)

6 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Business rules associated with the "My Business" plans are as follows – Free Pooling Value is available for RCOM CDMA only. This pooling facility is available only to New customers and it is not available for Existing customers. These plans are available only for COCP connections and all MDN should be on one single account (Single CAF). All MDNs seeking to avail Pooling benefit need to be activated at one go. Additional MDNs activated at a later date need to be activated in a separate account. Pooling of free value will not be available for customized deal Plans. Credit limit will be assigned as per standard rule. The channel commission would be applicable as per low end plan category Business Pooling Plan

7 Mobile Calling & SMS Packs

8 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Power Rs 75 Monthly pack rental : Rs 75 All Local 30p Eligible for all plans Jaadu 49 Monthly rent : Rs 49 All Local 50p Eligible for all plans with local call > 50p Two local packs cannot be subscribed together Local Packs

9 M&G - MarketingApril -10 STD 249 pack All STD calls : 50p/min Monthly rent : Rs 249 Eligible for plans with STD call charges > 50p This STD pack is not applicable on on-net free plans STD Packs

10 M&G - MarketingApril -10 USP ­Local Reliance to Reliance calls ( CDMA Mobile and Hello ) free ­Monthly rent Rs. 99 only Objective ­To offer high value to local on-net usage customers ­Retain High value customers Applicable on: ­All tariff plans > Rs. 199 Monthly Rental. ­Please note on subscription of this pack, all local on-net calls would be free irrespective of the base tariff rates. Subscription method: ­Call *222 or sms UNLTD99 TO Unlimited On-net ( CDMA only)

11 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Zoom in to know more! New SMS P2P Packs Beat this if you can?

12 M&G - MarketingApril -10 New SMS P2P Packs New packs launched on 28 th Nov

13 M&G - MarketingApril -10 ILD CALL RATES (RCOM GSM & CDMA)

14 M&G - MarketingApril -10 BUSINESS RULES : Only one connection allowed per employee. This plan is not available for insurance agents, vendors etc. of R-ADAG. RADAG Employees who already have the Employee plan in CDMA can also opt for one additional connection in GSM or vice versa. Along with mandatory Proof of address and Proof of identity documents, photocopy of Employee ID Card also needs to be attached to the CAF. The Plan ADAGSPL50 is available for R-ADAG employees only and not open at Front end. CAF can be entered at any outlet/channel partner on 'MIG 50' plan only. Migration from MIG50 plan to ADAGSPL50 plan will be done thru back-end migration process only as per the current process for EXCL50/RGEXCL50 plans. Customer from this plan can migrate to other plans. Customer from other plans cannot migrate to this plan. Existing customers on SEMP50, Excl50, RGExcl50 and MIG50 only can migrate to this plan.. Plan – ADAG 50 – CDMA / GSM

15 M&G - MarketingApril -10 *Fair Usage: Upto 5000 mins and 5000 SMS will be considered as Fair Usage. Beyond fair usage, all local/std calls and sms to be charged at 75p per unit B. Churn Plan:- Competition Churn Plan

16 M&G - MarketingApril -10 A. Entry Benefit :- Free SIM Card No Subscription & Security Deposit ILD Deposit applicable as per standard policy. Free SIM & SD waiver subject to 3 competition postpaid bills and ARPU > 500/-. Last 4 or 5 numbers of the customer to be matched and if the customers existing number falls in premium number category, then ­100% waiver for VIP and Silver category ­50% discount on Golden numbers ­No other discount unless approved by circle leadership as per waiver matrix. Competition Churn Plan

17 Mobile Internet Rates

18 M&G - MarketingApril -10 CDMA – Mobile Internet Rates Network Usage Charges of 5p/10kb applicable while browsing. Unused KB charges beyond validity period will not be refunded. For more details log on to R World>Mobile Internet

19 M&G - MarketingApril -10 GSM – GPRS Rates RWorld Browsing is FREE* (OnNet) Unused KB charges beyond validity period will not be refunded. For more details log on to RWorld>Mobile Internet. To access RWorld, type on your WAP enabled handset. To get WAP Settings, SMS WAP to on compatible handsets.

20 Acquisition offer

21 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Objective : Add on Offer ' to All Existing CDMA postpaid mobile customers who have zero bill outstanding To leverage existing CDMA Mobile Base to double our postpaid mobile numbers by offering meaningful and attractive offer on an add on connection to existing customers. To increase postpaid mobile revenue - One is by increasing acquisitions and second by improving AON of existing base. Lets set exclusive sales target on the offer at our end and take maximum benefit of this offer. Considering the MNP launch, it is extremely important to create hooks for existing base through unique attractive offers to increase stickiness. Add on Offer - Free GSM Connection to all Postpaid CDMA Mobile

22 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Customer Value Proposition : No Activation Charge - GSM Postpaid SIM Security deposit - Waived off (i.e. Rs 250 SD waiver) Unlimited calling free between new GSM connection and existing CDMA connection for 12 months Customer can choose from any of the existing market GSM tariff plans in his/her respective circle. Eligible Customers: All CDMA postpaid mobile customer base with having Zero bill Outstanding. Add on Offer - Free GSM Connection to all Postpaid CDMA Mobile

23 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Business Rules: Please note this would be a limited period offer till 30 th April The add on GSM connection offer is available for sale through all sales channel. The channel commission for add-on GSM connection sale would be Rs 400 /- per connection. No other incentive would be applicable over and above this commission. In case of sale through DST/SA, no incentive would be given on such sale. However the sale is to be counted in monthly target achievement. The CAF for GSM should be attached with latest photocopy of bill of existing CDMA connection. (This is to verify the MDN of existing connection and eligibility to offer the exclusive plan and configure DUO CUG at FOC for 12 months) Add on Offer - Free GSM Connection to all Postpaid CDMA Mobile

24 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Business Rules: The new connection has to be in the same telecom circle as the CDMA connection. The free unlimited calling between the existing CDMA and add on GSM connection would be available only if add on GSM and existing CDMA connections are in same state (telecom circle). The new GSM Postpaid connection has to be on the same billing address as the current CDMA connection. The add on GSM connections offer is available for all CDMA subscriber base with having Zero Bill Outstanding. Add on Offer - Free GSM Connection to all Postpaid CDMA Mobile

25 Jodi Offer

26 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Offer promotion: The offer is being promoted through current month's postpaid bills. SMS/IVR on add on offer will be sent to existing customers who has zero bill outstanding from next week. This SMS will be sent 3 times with an interval of 5 days. This activity to be handled by central campaign team. We anticipate increase in footfalls at RMS/RW as the offer is promoted through Bills and SMS/IVR. To increase sales conversions propose circle team to design spot offers. Add on Offer - Free GSM Connection to all Postpaid CDMA Mobile

27 M&G - MarketingApril -10 New Customers: Buy two new postpaid Reliance Hello/Mobile connections and get unlimited calling between the two numbers free for 12 months without any additional Rental. Existing Customers: Buy an add-on (new postpaid Reliance Hello/Mobile connection), and gets calling between the two numbers free for 12 months by paying a minimal monthly rental of Rs.25 on the existing phone. No additional rental will be charged to the new connection. Availability: This offer is available on all Tariff plan. In this offer, the two connections need not be on the same name and address. Jodi Offer

28 Post-Paid HSD Tariffs

29 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Please note that day/night classification of a particular session will be done on basis of session start time i.e. If the session starts in Peak time/Day Usage (6 AM to 10 PM), it would be classified as a day session and if the session starts in Off-peak time/Night Usage (between 10 PM to 6 AM), it would be classified as night session. For the Rs. 299 monthly default Broadband+ plan, usage will be charged at Re. 1 per MB. Extra usage for consumer plans with monthly rental >= Rs. 499 will be charged at 50p/MB HSD Tariffs

30 New Acquisition Offers

31 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Competition Churn offer (Money Back offer) Rs. 300 off per month for 12 months on plans > Rs.1000 pm Customer will have to provide his last month bill of the Competition broadband plan. Attractive HNI Customer Offer for existing HNI customers Net connect Broadband+ just Rs.2299/- The offer is very aggressive : Pay Rs for Broadband USB device and get Rs off on usage (Rs. 250 off per month for 12 months on all plans > Rs. 800). Entry Benefits

32 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Entry Benefits Just pay Rs. 2299/- and get a Reliance Net connect Broadband+ USB Modem. Choose any plan of your choice and get: Monthly discount of Rs. 200/- for 12 months (worth Rs. 2400/-) on any monthly rental plan above Rs. 1000/-

33 Data Card 1x to HSD Upgrade Scheme

34 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Net connect Broadband+ just Rs.1999/-( Rs.1500 discount on MRP ) & get Rs rental discount Special Discount on Rental Plans for 1 year offer for any Data Card 1x Customer upgrading to HSD will get a discount on their monthly rental plans. Discount structure will be as under: Total Rental Value = Above Rs. 800/ Month Rental Discount per month = 250 for 12 Months Attractive New 1X to HSD upgrade

35 Post-Paid DATA CARD 1X

36 M&G - MarketingApril -10

37 M&G - MarketingApril -10 Reliance Netconnect 1x services is available in a choice of Postpaid Tariff options to suit your specific Peak Hours - 6 AM to 10 PM ; Off peak Hours - 10 PM - 6 AM


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