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R C Congress 2010 – Embrace Change Implications for NAIN and its Member Organizations.

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1 R C Congress 2010 – Embrace Change Implications for NAIN and its Member Organizations

2 Message: Interfaith is now integral to religious communications Change is rapid and affects who hears the message –Who is not getting our message?

3 What does not change? Need for vetting, evaluation, and reflection Core values still important Good content and good, authentic stories are never out of style, but

4 Koan If a story is told and no one hears – is it a story? NAIN and its member orgs need to have a communications plan that keeps them –current, –relevant, and –visible.

5 Todays communications are short immediate visual interactive

6 A Few Changes Evolving... Print media – newspapers, magazines, books Going, gone – or online readers

7 A Few Changes Evolving... Music: Tapes, CDs Downloads – legal or illegal

8 A Few Changes Evolving... Personal computers Handheld devices

9 A Few Changes Evolving... Private / Static – read only websites Public / Interactive sites - Social media – Everyone contributes

10 A Few Changes Evolving... Text-based search engines #1 Search Engine = Google – every kind of search imaginable [text, image, video, maps, etc.] #2 Search Engine = YouTube!! People want visual information

11 A Few Changes Evolving... BlogsTwitter – People want it brief and immediate

12 A Few Changes Evolving... Letters Email [Remember stamps? USPS is in trouble.] Email Texting [while driving – give me a break!]

13 A Few Changes Evolving... Scheduled TV – going home for favorite show On-demand TV – –DVR –Mobile TV [on your smartphone]

14 Virtual Faith?? - The church isn't a building- -it's people. And we think you'll find a pretty friendly bunch! … - … watch LIVE on your iPhone or Ipod Touch! [and many others]

15 Virtual Faith?? Mecca on Second Life - perform the ritual of Hajj in virtual reality form Anglican Cathedral on Second Life Convert to Judaism Online – several websites

16 Smartphone Apps Listen to Azan - five times a day, every prayer time World Religions encyclopedias Jewish Calendar

17 Smartphone Apps Prayers and Meditations by Bahá'u'lláh Sacred Scriptures – Bible [every translation], Holy Quran, Mormon Church's Sacred Texts, Holy Zend Avesta, Holy Vedas, Holy Torah, Holy Tanakh

18 Meeting Needs Popularity indicates that these evolving media meet real needs If a modern app brings people to an inner experience or increased understanding, isnt this the point of communication? If our preferred media forms disappear, what we will we then do?

19 A Concern Many of these evolving media appeal to the affluent How do people of faith keep up with the times – get their message out there – without deepening the divide between rich and poor? RCCongress did not give a very good answer to my question on this issue

20 What I am NOT Proposing Throw away newspapers, books, webpages and computers and buy an iPhone Abandon face-to-face contact and hold all meetings on Second Life

21 What I AM Proposing Help fill a much-needed role to vet and evaluate media stories Contribute faith values to the conversation [example – lets get back to civil discourse, PLEASE] Support libraries and create other innovative ways to include the less affluent

22 What I AM Proposing Be aware of – and learn from - new media trends that are meeting real needs Have a flexible communications plan that embraces change thoughtfully Investigate social media, which provide cost-effective ways to involve people in your message – not just for the young!!

23 NAIN & Social Media IFYCs Bridge-Builders site [Ning platform] exceeded in 6 months a 2-yr. goal of 1000 members. CPWR has radically improved its web presence since 2005. It now includes the Social Media site PeaceNext. NAIN has a Facebook page [created May 2010] that has attracted 105+ friends, without much marketing. We are exploring increased visibility.

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