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Single Stream Recycling ~exploring the impact~ Rob Taylor NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach.

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1 Single Stream Recycling ~exploring the impact~ Rob Taylor NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach

2 Questions: How has single stream changed the dynamic of the recycling industry? How and why are recycling programs making the switch to single stream? Explore: The impact that single stream is having Best Management Practices for the single stream age

3 Overview Why Single Stream Matters Looking at the Results Curbside Recycling and Carts Drop-off Recycling and Compactors Expanding Access to Single Stream Recycling BMPs Some Thoughts about Glass

4 Why is Single Stream So Significant? Collection is the most expensive aspect of providing recycling service Single stream recycling enables more efficient collection for both drop-off and curbside programs Ability to commingle removes a barrier to participation Change to single stream is associated with significant increases in participation and diversion

5 The Big Picture in North Carolina

6 # of NC Households with Access to Curbside Recycling Fiscal Year# of Households Served FY 2007-081,480,501 FY 2008-091,519,200 FY 2009-101,593,509 FY 2010-111,667,597 FY 2011-121,798,620 21.5% increase over last 5 years!

7 Recovery of Traditional Recyclables

8 Curbside Recycling: Before and After Single-Stream Recycling CommunityLbs/HH (2007-08)Lbs/HH (2011-12) Clayton180328 Concord208398 Davidson438522 Laurinburg297399 Pinehurst279463 Raleigh323367 Zebulon190425 Program growth is further enhanced by transition to carts


10 Carts Matter NC Recycling Program Collection Averages (FY 2010-11) Bin-based Programs247 lbs / household Cart-based Programs445 lbs / household

11 Cart-Based Collections Enabled by single-stream processing Make automated collection possible Make use of RFID systems possible Reduce work-related injury Increase ease for citizens Increase capacity for storing recyclables (18 gal vs. 95 gal) Easier to add new materials to program Make every-other-week collection less problematic Business case: ROI~ 5 to 7 years, can be even quicker

12 Since 2008, increase of 13 million gallons of home recycling capacity DEAO Cart Grantees How Does NC Stack Up? Penetration of Carts in Curbside Programs

13 Single-Stream and Drop-off Recycling Simplify – no need for sorting Fewer containers taking up less space Allows for compaction to maximize hauling efficiency Counties should strongly consider compactors at staffed convenience sites (more payload, fewer hauls)

14 Simplify Traffic Flow & Save Space or

15 MRFs Make Single Stream Possible Recent additions to MRF landscape serving NC: American Recycling in Asheville, NC; Bay Disposal in Hampton, VA Benfield Sanitation MRF in Mooresville, NC; North Davidson MRF in Lexington, NC Sonoco MRF in Jacksonville, NC, Waste Management in Winston-Salem, NC

16 Hubs & Spokes: Transfer Systems Help Communities Access MRFs = accessible single stream MRF = transferring county= good candidates for transfer

17 BMPs for Single Stream Programs Carts for curbside programs Compactors for drop-off systems (when practical) Dont miss the chance to add materials to your program: All grades of paper? Gable-topped and Aseptic Cartons? Non-bottle Plastics? Think of the future when buying / replacing equipment: Automated or semi-automated collection using one staff RFID in carts & readers on new trucks Refresh your PR when making program changes Dont forget to track program data

18 Whats This?

19 Single Stream and Glass Glass can impact the quality of materials produced by single stream systems MRF operators love to complain about glass: Issue 1 - Equipment wear and tear Issue 2 - No profit for MRF in handling glass Not all MRFs are created equal when it comes to the quality of glass produced

20 More on Glass Glass recycling really matters to: Glass bottle producers Glass Cullet Recyclers (Reflective Recycling, Strategic Materials) Consumers (who want convenient glass recycling) System Cost of Glass Recycling vs. Cost of Glass Disposal Solutions? Communities can keep glass separate, maybe… MRFs can get better at handling glass, maybe… End users can pay more for recovered feedstock, maybe…

21 The Cats Out of The Bag or Conclusion: Single Stream is Advancing Recycling in the Carolinas. Lets make it work!

22 Thank You! Questions / Discussion?? For more information please contact: Rob Taylor, Local Government Team Leader NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach Phone: 919-707-8139 Email:

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