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DORIS Dropped Objects Register of Incidents & Statistics.

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1 DORIS Dropped Objects Register of Incidents & Statistics

2 Dropped Objects – Activity Incident data continues to grow New patterns emerging in past year, increase in Lifting

3 Dropped Objects – Time (April 2012 to date) Previous analysis showed similar trends for Actual incidents Potentials being identified throughout the day

4 Dropped Objects – Environmental Factors Q1 and Q4 feature in Wind/ High Wind categories Data not always available to provide

5 Dropped Objects – Categories (Actual and Potential) Category data previously suggested greater awareness of potential drops from equipment and unsecured items…

6 Dropped Objects – Categories (April 2012 to date) Actual incident categories follow similar pattern, increase in structural related incidents Potentials – improved awareness in all areas?

7 Dropped Objects – Weights (Actual since April 2012) Similar trending as previous (actual and potential) May benefit from more details on object category

8 Dropped Objects – Heights (Actual) Again, similar trend 52% of objects fall from 5m or more

9 Dropped Objects – Consequences According to the data as-read, personnel have been exposed to over 80% of incidents in 2012 More than one person may be exposed in any single incident…

10 ACTUAL INCIDENTS – since April 2012 Based on data from only 5 operators…

11 Dropped Objects – The Causes No real change in trend here, Inadequate Securing continues to show an increase closely followed by failed fixtures and fittings. Corrosion is also in increase…

12 Dropped Objects – The Causes (Actual) Actual incidents trend mirrors overall trending Potential reporting is more interesting. Since 2012, increase in HazID + Corrosion.

13 Dropped Objects - Messages Data shows 183 actual dropped objects (42 potential). –April 2012 to date – DORIS users only (9 key users, 5OP 4Cont) 57% of all Dropped Objects are 2kg or less. –16% were greater than 10kg – slight improvement (was 18%) 24% Dropped objects fall 1m or less (was 30%). –52% fell from 5m or above – increased again (was 45%) Personnel exposure (difficult to analyse but no improvement). –5 actual injuries (1 LTI) –19 Potential LTI, 40 Potential Fatalities (of 181 Actual Incidents) Top 5 Causes (according to reporting process (2012 position) ) –Inadequate Securing (1) –Failed Fixtures & Fittings (2) –Poor Housekeeping (NEW) –Corrosion (NEW) –Operator Error / Procedures not followed (NEW)

14 Dropped Objects - Summary By filtering current data by year, DORIS clearly shows that we have not improved our dropped object prevention performance… but perhaps we have raised awareness of the problem and the causes? To realise the true value of DORIS, we need data. Please help us out! DROPS Admin can help with anonymous input of data – please just ask. That’s exactly the same statement as this time last year. Time for a DORIS Focus Group gathering…


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