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RECYCLING Multimedia Presentation Created by: Karyn Chandler Mollie Dwyer Wes Emlet Patty Lewis

2 Click here to learn more facts about recycling
Statistics Every piece of plastic ever made is still on Earth Every year Americans use enough water bottles to circle the Earth The average American makes 4 pounds of trash a day = 1,460 pounds a year! Americans make 40% of the world’s waste Click here to learn more facts about recycling

3 This is what happens when you don’t recycle.

4 Recycling Video

5 Main Menu Reduce Reuse Recycle Quiz

6 Types of recyclable products
Recycle What is recycling? Sorting activity How does it work? Types of recyclable products

7 What is Recycling? Definition Why we should recycle…
Collecting, separating, and changing items into something new Why we should recycle… Save our planet Saves natural resources like trees Reduce pollution

8 Types of recyclables Plastic Paper Glass Metal

9 How does it work? Click on the box below to see what happens to your recyclables. (Check the volume on your computer)

10 Click here to play a sorting game.

11 What does it mean to reuse?
Project Directions Project Examples Project Rubric

12 What does it mean? Reuse means using something more than once, or for a different purpose.

13 Project Directions Using the recycled items you have collected at home, create a new object using at least 3 different materials.

14 Project Examples

15 Use of Recyclable Objects Object Serves a Purpose
Project Rubric 1 2 3 Use of Recyclable Objects Uses 1 recycled object Uses 2 recycled objects Uses at least 3 recycled objects Creates New Object Does not create a new object Creates a new object that is a little different from the original objects Creates a new object completely different from the original objects Object Serves a Purpose New object has the same purpose as the original object New object has a purpose which is almost like the original object New object has a completely new purpose Creativity New object is not creative New object is a little creative New object is creative

16 Reduce What does it mean? Activity Directions

17 What does it mean? Reduce means to use less of something

18 Activity Directions You will be given 3 short stories. Help the students find ways to reduce their amount of waste in each situation. Click here to begin!

19 Scenario 1 Larry brings a bag lunch to school every day. When he is finished he throws his paper bag, 2 plastic bags and banana peel away. What can Larry do to reduce his amount of waste? Click here to answer.

20 Scenario 2 Sarah buys a package of water bottles each week. She brings a new bottle to school every day. When she is finished she throws it away. What can Sarah do to reduce her waste? Click here to answer.

21 Scenario 3 Mrs. Greenwaldt is printing off a review for Science class. It is 1 sided and stapled with 1 question on each page. What should Mrs. Greenwaldt do to reduce the amount of paper she is using? Click here to answer.

22 Quiz time!

23 Question 1 Which is not one of the 3 R’s you learned about? recycle
reduce reverse

24 Question 2 A soup can is a recyclable item? True False

25 Question 3 Which of these items can be recycled? A. Milk jug
B. Pizza box C. Plastic spoon D. All of the above

26 Question 4 You can recycle at home and at school. True False

27 Click here for your score
Click to print your results

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