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Toko Research and Development. Toko has an awesome laboratory and testing facility in Altstaetten, Switzerland.

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1 Toko Research and Development

2 Toko has an awesome laboratory and testing facility in Altstaetten, Switzerland

3 In this laboratory, there are two full time scientists as well as some interns. Toko also has a scientist embedded in a Chemical company with which Toko has strong cooperation. Meet JudithMeet Judith and Udoand Udo

4 Judith and Udo are truly the core of Tokos competence as a wax company. They are the innovators with the science know-how to break into new frontiers. Neither of them fit the mold of the pocket protector scientist with the broken glasses. Both are very fit and active in outdoor sports. Both Judith and Udo mountain bike and ski regularly. Udo also competes at a very high level in Judo and rides a Harley. They inject creativity, expertise, and fun into our company.

5 Judith and Udo have some tremendous resources available to them. The machines and devices that they have in the lab are impressive.

6 What kind of scientific apparatae do Judith and Udo have at their disposal?

7 Differential Scanning Calorimetry Substance identification Purity tests/Quality control Identification of melting and gaseous points of synthetic materials Identification of decomposition points -130F to 1652F temp range Cost $128,000

8 Differential Scanning Calorimetry Exposes wax (or substance) to Heat and Oxygen or Nitrogen and yeids a reaction which gives accurate information on ingredients and properties of wax

9 Differential Scanning Calorimetry Provides read out showing properties of wax Gives breakdown of ingredients and at what percentages

10 Infrared Spectrascope Short Wave IR For identifying organic substances Direct identification of molecular structure Quality control Identifies multiple elements within one substance, how much, and what properties Cost $75,000 plus a $90,000 microscope

11 Halogen Dryer For the identification of solids within liquids and pastes Evaporates everything that can possibly evaporate and identifies what is solid Quality control Raw material identification Identifies % pureness Cost $15,000

12 pH Meter Measures exact pH value Quality control Cost $10,000

13 Vibramax 100 Determines stability of liquids Excellent for mixing Quality control Cost $1100

14 Rotating Evaporator Increases the concentration of a solution Separates solvents and evaporable substances from non-evaporable liquids and solids Measures quantities of certain active substances Cost $3,000

15 Needle Probe Hardness Tester Measures the hardness of a substance at 77F Cost $15,000

16 Stress Tech Recovery Meter Measures viscosity and elasticity Especially useful in developing kick waxes Cost $90,000

17 Electronic and Optical Microscope Control or determine particle size Quality control Cost $15,000

18 Refractometer Measures the index of refraction of liquid substances Quality control Cost $1500

19 New Product Formulation and Testing Hundreds of new formulations of glide waxes, grip waxes, and klisters are tested each year including adjustments of existing formulations as well as completely new raw materials and concepts. Toko is the company that drives innovation in ski wax.

20 Ski Storage and Wax Room

21 Infrared WaxingTest Fleets

22 Collaborating in testing and evaluating with race service department, coreteam, and other entities Coreteam meetings Written reports Application methods discussed and tested Areas needing improvement identified Opportunities for new development or direction brainstormed and identified Action plan with timetable set established

23 Christian Stalder – World Cup Snowboard Race Service

24 Steffen Hoos – World Cup Nordic Race Service

25 Heinz Kolly – World Cup Alpine Race Service

26 National Teams and other teams including Toko Tech Team

27 Big Picture Possible effective new substances are researched and tested Trends are documented Test result analysis Conclusions reached

28 Examples of Toko Innovation

29 Stay Tuned for Further Exciting Developments! ?

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