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1 ADULT EDUCATION……….. Changes ahead….



4 GED NOW! Campaign Goals n State-wide awareness of changes n Higher awareness of AE services n 15% more GED diplomas issued

5 GED NOW! Timeline July 30 - Press kits mailed Aug. 13 - Commissioner’s press release Aug. 20-Sept. 3 - Local media blitz using GED NOW! Logo Sept. 4 -16 - TV/radio spots, PSA’s Sept. 17-22 - Registration in all programs state-wide Sept. 25 - Nov. 3 -GED NOW! Fast-track classes state-wide

6 GED 2002 Series Tests January 1, 2002 All prior partial scores invalid Must take complete new battery

7 Continue to Reflect the Major and Lasting Academic Outcomes of a Four Year Program of Study with an Increased Emphasis on Workplace and Higher Education Reflected in the Context of the Items.

8 Workplace Overall Design

9 Direct Writing Assignment Expository Essay – Generate, Organize, Connect, and Express Ideas – No Required Word Count - Sufficient Development to Communicate the Idea Effectively – 37 to 40% of Language Arts, Writing Test Score Language Arts, Writing

10 1 4 Effective 3Adequate 2Marginal Inadequate Language Arts, Writing Score Change

11 Language Arts, Reading Types of Text Non-fiction Text (25%): Non-fiction Prose (Biography, Critical Reviews of Fine and Performing Arts) Workplace, Community Documents

12 50 Questions History40% (20 Questions) US/Canada Specific (12 Questions) Global (world)( 8 Questions) Civics25% ( 13 Questions) Economics20% ( 10 Questions) Geography15% ( 7 Questions) Social Studies

13 Visual Text (60%) Cartoons, photos, timelines, graphs, charts Written Text –Practical Documents (Discretionary) Advertisements, Voter Guides, Insurance Forms, Tax Forms – Key Documents (Constant) Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Landmark Supreme Court Decisions Social Studies

14 Life Science (Biology and Health)45%23 Items Earth & Space Science20%11 Items Physical Science (Chemistry & Physics) 35%16 Items Science

15 “What Do Workers Use In Today’s High-Tech Production Lines?” Statistics Logic Probability Measurement Systems

16 Numbers, Numbers Sense, & Operations20-30% Data, Statistics, & Probability20-30% Geometry & Measurement20-30% Algebra, Functions, & Patterns20-30% Mathematics

17 Booklet One – Scientific Calculator Casio FX-260 Permitted – 50% Questions (25) – Calculators Provided by GEDTS at Official GED Testing Centers “Calculator used as a tool to eliminate tedium of complex calculations in realistic settings.”

18 Available with January 2002 Launch – Audiocassette, Braille and Large Print

19 June-August 2001Senior Performance Analysis and Passing Standard Score Setting Processing September-OctoberPassing Standard Score Policy Recommendation and Approval One-third of all graduating seniors CAN NOT pass the GED exam.

20 National GED Testing Service Training GED Test Administrator - Phyllis Pardue 20 Highly-Qualified GED Instructors

21 More GED diplomas = Better-educated parents Better-educated workforce Better-educated citizens Tennessee! = a better Tennessee!


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