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RL Consulting and Entegra.

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1 RL Consulting and Entegra

2 AGENDA: Meeting Purpose To explain how RL Consulting’s partnership with Entegra can benefit your organization. Entegra Overview SYSCO Distribution The Four Facets of the Entegra Program Program Support Value Added Services Implementation Steps Questions

3 Entegra Overview - Program Benefits - Entegra Across the U.S.A.
- Who is Entegra? - Program Benefits - Entegra Across the U.S.A.

4 A GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) for food and related supplies.
Who is Entegra? A GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) for food and related supplies. Division of Sodexo (formally Marriott Management Services) Purchases for over 12,000 food service operations nationwide 6,700 Entegra customers and 6,000 Sodexo customers

5 Benefits of Entegra Network of hundreds of national and regional suppliers with distribution partners in all 50 states Negotiates with manufacturers and suppliers on your behalf Unique customer service with an experienced team of account managers Provides results for value and cost savings opportunities If you partner with RL Consulting, you partner with Entegra too

6 Entegra Customers Across the USA

7 SYSCO Overview RL Consulting has a national agreement with SYSCO:
Competitive mark up structure Drop size incentive Prompt payment incentive Sysco branded items incentive

8 SYSCO Overview

9 Manufacturer Agreements through SYSCO Direct Delivery Programs
Program Overview Manufacturer Agreements through SYSCO Regional Vendors Service Agreements Direct Delivery Programs

10 Manufacturer Agreements
Over 400 manufacturers Negotiated by the Sodexo-Entegra Supply Management team Gaithersburg, MD Deviated pricing “Deal” at the back door When deviated, don’t pay “list” price SYSCO implements the price for us Proprietary items Have access to items since you are an Entegra-RL Consulting customer Example: Otis Spunkmeyer cookies

11 Manufacturer Agreements
How do your locations know what to buy? Product Specification Guide Quarterly hard copy – also available on Lists all manufacturer agreements Over 400 manufacturer agreements Preferred Item Lists For each SYSCO house, on our website eSYSCO Indicates “Pricing Agreement” in red

12 Examples of Manufacturers
All Round Foods: bagels, donuts Anchor Packaging: plastic wrap Barber Foods: chicken entrees Basic American: potatoes Campbell's: soup and juices Cargill: beef products ConAgra: entrees Dannon: yogurt Dart: foam cups and containers DCI: cheese Douwe Egbert: liquid coffee Farmland: pork Frito Lay: snacks General Mills: cereal, snacks, baking mixes Hormel: bbq, meats Jennie-O: turkey Keebler: cookies, crackers Ken’s: dressings and sauces Koch: chicken

13 Examples of Manufacturers
Lipton Tea McCain: french fry products Menu Inspirations: appetizers Minute Maid: frozen juice concentrates Mrs. Smith’s / Schwan’s / Heidi’s Gourmet: pies, cobblers, desserts Nabisco: cookies and sauces Otis Spunkmeyer: frozen cookie dough Pactiv: foam & plastic plates and containers Pepperidge Farms: crackers Pillsbury: frozen batters, doughs, puff pastries & red sauces Prairie Packaging: cutlery & cups Reynolds: aluminum foil & containers Rich’s: frozen bakery products Starbucks: coffee and supplies Sweetheart: cups & lids Sweet Street: gourmet desserts Unilever Best Foods: bases & dry mixes Ventura: oils & shortenings Windsor Foods: Asian appetizers

14 RL Consulting’s Agreement:
Sunburst Chemicals

15 Regional Vendors Entegra has regional deals for categories such as:
Bakery Dairy Produce Ice cream Linen rentals Benefits: Better pricing Quality assurance (we do site visits) Indemnity

16 Direct Delivery Programs
Over 100 vendors Some examples: Smallwares (Ed Don, Hubert) Merchandising materials (Bon Chef) Uniforms (Cintas, Chef Works) Food (Otis Spunkmeyer, Starbucks) Full list of direct programs: (updated monthly) Product Specification Guide (updated quarterly)

17 Service Agreements Service agreements are optional. Here are some examples: Grainger Industrial Supply Cintas Corp (Rentals) American Air Filter TriDim Filter Corporation ThyssenKrupp Elevator Garratt Callahan (Water Treatment) GE Betz (Water treatment) Copesan (Pest Control) Steritech (Pest Control) JW Sexauer Full list of direct programs: (updated monthly) Your quarterly Product Specification Guide (updated quarterly)

18 Program Support National Account Executive is assigned to work with RL Consulting’s corporate office: Laura Gilbertson Regional Account Managers: Greg Howe Bill Mingle Entegra’s Corporate Support, behind the scenes: Contract Utilization (compliance) Marketing Finance Supply Managers-negotiate with manufacturers Distribution Audits: Quality Assurance and Financial

19 Value Added Programs There are resources available to help you maximize the benefits of the Entegra Program – most are FREE!

20 Value Added Programs Website: – customized access
Entegra Rewards -- savings recommendations Weekly Produce Update Recipes to You – a CD with recipes e Newsletter ed to you monthly Encyclopedia Series -- educational brochures 360 Magazine -- published by Entegra for Entegra customers Resource Library -- free access to training materials And much more!!

21 Implementation Steps Sign Letter of Commitment
We will notify SYSCO to put you on the Entegra pricing and RL Consulting distribution deal The Entegra Regional Account Manager will schedule an appointment with each location to do a two hour rollout meeting

22 Questions?

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