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Knapp’s Staircase Model

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1 Knapp’s Staircase Model
Stages of Relational Development

2 Knapp’s Staircase Model Coming Together
Initiating Uncertainty reduction through ____________ Superficial & reciprocated immediately Partners stress & explore commonalities Experimenting Establish ______________through info exchange; reciprocity still immediate Increase ____________ of involvement Intensifying Shared conception of relationship; Begin to reference ________________ Informal forms of address used frequently; Linguistic markers of intimacy Relational symbols explored Integrating Couple views R. as single social unit (rather than 2 indiv’s) & as unique Relationship symbols firmly established Bonding Relationship as Often confirmed through

3 Knapp’s Staircase Model Coming Apart
Differentiating 1st stage of breaking up R. goes from _________ to _________ Fewer activities done together, time alone enjoyed more Circumscribing Both parties try to limit amount of ___________w/ each other May say things like, “Don’t talk to me about that,” or “It’s none of your business.” This serves as another way to keep space b/w each other. Stagnating Time when things become stuck, parties feel in a “rut”; Way of being motionless Partners interact in an everyday conversation that becomes repetitive Avoiding Couple becomes less and less involved They try to prevent ways to talk; It’s a way to keep distance at a controllable rate Only connection w/ each other occurs _______________________ Terminating End it all completely Can be divorce, mutual agreement, death, or just ending it


5 Maintaining Relationships
Used to sustain relationship at desirable level Constant growth & change 1. w/o conscious attempt by-product 2. specific purpose of preserving or improving

6 Maintenance Strategies
Positivity - Shared tasks Shared activities Conflict management Cooperation, apologizing, forgiving Openness Self disclosure freedom Advice-giving - Social networks - Assurances ceremonies

7 Relational Repair Behaviors partners use to ___________relationship

8 Repair Strategies strategies
Cheerful / favors / deferring / affection / refrain from criticism Talk about problems / interim progress reports / time outs Ritual / special occasions Time talking Symbolic contact Openness & honest Day to day talk Feelings

9 Dindia & Baxter 1999 More strategies to ___________ than ___________
No relationship between strategies & _____________ Longer relationship used _____________strategies

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