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EQT Production Company - exploration and production company in the Appalachian basin.

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1 EQT Production Company - exploration and production company in the Appalachian basin

2 1 EQT Production Company How to Become a Qualified Services Vendor 1)Who Are You - identify your company as providing a natural gas exploration and or production required service (completion, drilling, water hauling, etc.). 2)Communicate core competency to potential customer. (what distinguishes your company from competitors) *** Can your company provide bundled / packaged services ??? - Investigate customer website - Send e-mail identifying services and experience followed by phone calls - Network - Avoid cold-calling !!!! 3) Success with items one and two could result in receiving an RFP.

3 2 Request for Proposal Components Request for Proposal (RFP) for Services 1. Overview information 2. Proposal Instructions & Award Process 3. Pricing & Commercial Terms 4. Requirements / Scope of services or work 5. Appendices - Master Services Agreement Example - Specification Sheet Example - Contractor Safety Questionnaire and Hazard Assessment Form Example - Bid Pricing Form Example

4 3 Request for Proposal Appendices Appendices Examples 1. Master Services Agreement 2. Specification Sheet 3. Contractor Safety / Hazard Assessment Form 4. Bid Pricing Form

5 4 Example – Master Services Agreement

6 5 Example – Specification Sheet

7 6 Example – Contractor Safety Questionnaire

8 7 Example – Hazard Assessment Form

9 8 Example – Bid Form

10 9 Request for Proposal Suggestions Bidder Response Submission Guidelines Bidder submissions must be received by ________ (customer) no later than __:__ P.M. Eastern time on ________ __, ____. Proposals that are received after the deadline may be disqualified at ________ (customers) option. Response Requirements A complete response to this proposal will consist of the following components: READ and ASK QUESTIONS before submitting a response

11 10 Approved Vendor Process Requirements In conclusion: 1)Agreement or contract negotiated and executed. 2)Insurance Certificate with additional insured endorsement, primary non- contributory and waiver of subrogation language submitted and approved. a) Additional Insured Endorsement – customer is added to the vendors insurance policy as a protected party. b) Primary Non-contributory – vendors policy responds to a damage claim or loss first. Customers insurance is not involved with the claim or loss. c) Waiver of Subrogation – vendors insurance policy prevents their insurance company from collecting damages from customer in the event of a claim or loss. 3)Safety Qualification submitted and approved. 4)Credit Check approved.

12 11 Questions Primary services vendor Subcontractor services vendor

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