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R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet By Craig Heskey.

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1 R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet By Craig Heskey

2 R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet

3 Hip-hopera Hip-Hopera is a series of hip hop songs in the form of a opera, inspired by the concept of rock opera. Hip Hopera tells a story through consecutive pieces of music involving the same character or characters. Hip Hopera may be a purely auditory experience. R. Kelly was asked on IFC how he defines his Trapped In The Closet" series, Kelly stated that he describes it as a hip hopera or musical opera, but that it's now too long to be called a song. R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet Genre

4 Representation & Ideology Rolando Boyce – Rufus – Stereotypical hard working husband Leshay Tomlinson - Cathy– Deceitful, Scared & worried R. Kelly – Sylvester – Guilty Conscience, Scared, Violent

5 Artist and Marketing The songs relate an ongoing narrative, which Kelly exploited by sending chapters to radio stations one at a time to generate interest. It has no chorus and is told in a conversational manner, using dramatics and a cliffhanger. The song tells the story of a one-night stand that sets off a chain of events, which gradually reveals a greater web of lies, and deceit.chorus The music video is the beginning of a chain of clips from a DVD released in parts January 2004 saw the 1 st 6 Chapters November 2005 Chapters 1-12 was released on DVD August 2007 Chapters 13-22 was released December 2007 Chapters 1-22, was released on a whole.

6 Song: Trapped In The Closet This music video was done too attract the attention of the consumers. The dramatics and the cliff-hanger leaves the audience at the edge of their seat wanting to know more The song is a ongoing narrative, with the lyrics playing the role of the narrator, Sylvester's thoughts and the voice of all three characters. The song has no chorus as it is an ongoing story to an extent is told in dairy form. The video grabbed the audiences attention with the dramatic cliff- hanger, this makes the audience to want to see more and helps the record label sell the DVD.

7 Im tellin you now, this girls so good that she deserves an Oscar Song: Trapped In The Closet Dont you make a sound Or some s*** is going down Don t you make a sound Or some s*** is going down Theres a mystery going on And Im gonna solve it There s a mystery going on And I m gonna solve it

8 Form and style 83:56 approx 3:45 Music Video The use of lilac coloured walls made the flat seem cosy and welcoming. The apartment shows that Sylvester wont be able to leave easily. The establishing shot of the city showed that the flat wasnt near ground level The closet plays a role

9 Technical Aspects The sound of the curtain being pulled vigorously by Rufus. Sylvester's Phone Ringing Sylvester Reloading The Gun. Sound Diegetic

10 Cinematography Over The Shoulder & Point Of View Shots

11 Technical Aspects Editing Establishing Shot : Shot Reverse Shot Cutting: Lady, Ive got to get home Please dont go out there I got a wife at home

12 Mise-En-Scene Main Location: The bedroom Other Location: Closet & Bathroom Low Key Lighting Shadows Light Source

13 Mise-En-Scene Costume & Props: Dark coloured suit Gun Mobile Phone Pink coloured bathrobe and silver night gown Soft Make Up Wig Dark Coloured clothing Briefcase

14 Narrative Or Non Narrative This video has a clear narrative, as it is told in story form. The Genre Hip-Hopera is hip hop videos showed in opera form. Most lyrics are lip synced as it is conversations between the characters. To an extent the story is in dairy form as R.Kelly talks about what exactly happened or you could see it as, he was talking directly to the audience telling them Sylvesters side of the story. That could be a reason why he made it seem like Sylvester felt so guilty about having a one night stand. He may be trying to defend him and not make it look as bad as it already is. Especially when Sylvester said I Didnt Plan To Stay That Long. This narrative shows lies, sex, and deceit between married couples. It can send a message to couples that marriage life is full of lies and you may not know whether your partner is true to you. However it could send a message to married couples that one night stands isnt worth risking your marriage for. As Sylvester feels guilty about what he did.

15 Institutional Contexts

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