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3 $300 $200 $100 $300 $100 $200 $100 $200 $300 $100 $200 $300 $100 $400 $500 $400 $500 $400 $500 $400 $500 $400 $500 $200 $300 POWERS COMMITTEES THE JOB WHO AM I? TERMS Go to Final JeopardyGo to Double JeopardyReplayEnd Round

4 The term for the powers of Congress that have morphed from the “elastic clause” – Article I Section 8 Clause 18 next

5 What are implied powers? $100

6 Name three expressed powers of Congress. next

7 Answers will vary. $200

8 Name 2 limits on the federal government’s power to tax. next

9 What are: Must be for the “general welfare of the U.S.” No taxes on exports $300

10 Which amendment allowed the federal government to collect an income tax (a direct tax) from citizens? next

11 What is the 16 th Amendment? $400

12 Name two Congressional powers that ONLY the Senate can carry out. next

13 What are: approving treaties, nominations, and holding the trial during impeachment hearing? $500

14 The term for when the situation that results when the government’s spending is greater than its income next

15 What is a budget deficit? $100

16 The term for the group of citizens represented by a member of Congress next

17 Who are constituents? $200

18 The term for a person currently holding an elected office or position next

19 Who is an incumbent? $300

20 The term for projects, services, and funds that benefit a Congressperson’s state or district next

21 What are “pork barrel” allocations? $400

22 The term for an amendment added to a bill in the Senate that is unrelated to the bill up for debate $500

23 What is a rider? $500

24 Name the two jobs of committees in Congress. next

25 What are consider & draft laws and provide legislative oversight? $100

26 The “workhorses” of Congress; these committees complete the majority of the work of Congress next

27 What are standing committees? $200

28 This House committee is the most powerful in Congress because it establishes specific parameters for debate and procedures for amending bills. next

29 What is House Rules Committee? $300

30 These committees are either House or Senate committees; they do not recommend legislation but rather investigate specific situations or gather information on a specific topic. next

31 What are select committees? $400

32 This type of committee is made up of members of both houses of Congress – they try to resolve differences between the House and Senate versions of a bill next

33 What is a conference committee? $500

34 How many members make up the House of Representatives and the Senate? next

35 What are 435 and 100, respectively? $100

36 What are the qualifications from someone running for a seat in the Senate? next

37 What are: 30 years old, 9 year citizen, live in the state elected $200

38 What are the lengths of terms for the House and the Senate? next

39 What are: 2 year terms for House and 6 year terms for Senate? $300

40 Name three of the four types of representation or activities a Congressperson is likely to engage in to keep constitutents happy. next

41 What are: policy writing, allocations, casework, and symbolic representation? $400

42 Name four of five factors that may influence a vote or action by a member of Congress. next

43 What are: party membership, constituent wishes, personal beliefs, interest groups, and other members of Congress? $500

44 I am “official” president of the Senate. I break a tie if necessary. next

45 Who is the vice president of the U.S.? $100

46 I am a party leader who has the job of findingg out members intend to vote, adjusting legislation, negotiating amendments, and lining up support for a bill. next

47 Who is the whip? $200

48 I am the most powerful member of Congress; I control debate in the House and schedule legislation. Name the position and the current person in the role. next

49 Who is John Boehner, Speaker of the House? $300

50 I am the presiding officer in the Senate; I am in charge when the VP is not there; I am usually the most senior member of the majority party. Name the job and the person in the role next

51 Who is Harry Reid, president pro-tempore? $400

52 Who is the minority leader in the House of Representatives today? next

53 Who is Nancy Pelosi? $500

54 Final Jeopardy next

55 Daily Double

56 Who is the Senate minority leader today? next

57 Who is Mitch McConnell? next



60 $600 $400 $200 $600 $200 $400 $200 $400 $600 $200 $400 $600 $200 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $400 $600 How a bill… TERMS Grab bag House or Senate Go to Final JeopardyGo to Regular JeopardyReplayEnd Round

61 How is a bill introduced in the House? next

62 What is it is placed in the hopper? $200

63 Where, in the process, do hearings and testimony take place? next

64 $400 What is in the subcommittee of the Standing committee? $400

65 Where do “markups” occur in the process? next

66 What is in the standing committee? $600 $600

67 How does the process in the Senate differ than in the House? next

68 What are: 1.unlimited debate 2.riders 3.filibusters $800

69 Name three places in the process a bill can die. next

70 What are: 1.Committee does not report on bill. 2.Rules committee = no rules or leadership in Senate doesn’t schedule it. 3.Fails to pass in House or Senate 4.Filibuster blocks vote $1000

71 1/3 of this body is re- elected every 2 years but members have 6 year terms. next

72 What is the Senate? $200

73 This body can vote to cut off debate by cloture next

74 What is the Senate? $400

75 All revenue bills must originate or start in this body. next

76 What is the House of Representatives? next

77 This body decides the presidential election if no candidate receives the 270 electoral votes necessary to win. 800

78 What is the House of Representatives?

79 This body approves presidential appointments and nominations as well as approves treaties.

80 next

81 What is the incentive theory? $1000

82 An accusation of wrongdoing that begins the process of removal of an official from office. next

83 What is impeachment? $200

84 The term for the perk given to members of Congress that allows them to send mail for free to keep citizens informed next

85 What is the franking privilege? $400

86 The term for the revisions and changes made to a bill by the standing committee next

87 What is the markup? $600

88 The term for a majority of members (required for a vote to occur) next

89 What is a quorum? $800

90 The term for the power of the government to take private property for public use next

91 What is eminent domain? $1000

92 Which two regions of the country have been increasing in population, therefore gaining seats in the House of Represenatives? next

93 What are the South and West? $200

94 The process of drawing district lines specifically to benefit one group or another next

95 What is gerrymandering? $400

96 What are the two rules that must be followed when redrawing district lines? next

97 What are: Districts must be contiguous Districts must be relatively equal in population. $600

98 What body or group is responsible for redrawing congressional district lines? next

99 Who are the state legislators? $800

100 In Nov 2013, the Senate made changes to its debate rules regarding the filibuster. What changes were made? next

101 In the case of presidential appointments to the executive and judicial branch (not SC), cloture can be achieved with a simple majority vote. $1000

102 next

103 a.Bill in the hopper b.Bill is referred to subcommittee c.Bill markup in standing committee d.Bill reported to Rules committee e.House votes on the bill $200

104 A child who is functioning at the Concrete Operational Level would likely be facing this conflict according to Erikson? ? next

105 What is Industry v. Inferiority? $400

106 If one is dealing with Erikson’s Identity v. Role Confusion, what stage of Piaget’s Cognitive Development are they in? next

107 What is Formal Operational? $600

108 ` A child who is functioning in the Pre-Convention – Stage 2 of Kohlberg’s Moral Development is likely at this level of Cognitive Development? next

109 What is Pre- operational? $800

110 Most early adolescents facing Erikson’s Identity v. Role Confusion are functioning at this level of Moral Reasoning according to Kohlberg? next

111 What is Conventional – Level 4? $1000

112 Daily Double next

113 Final Jeopardy Stages of Development

114 Put the steps in the correct order: a.Bill in the hopper b.Bill reported to Rules committee c.Bill markup in standing committee d.Bill is referred to subcommittee e.House votes on the bill next

115 a.Bill in the hopper b.Bill is referred to subcommittee c.Bill markup in standing committee d.Bill reported to Rules committee e.House votes on the bill next



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