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Cap-Net UNDP Virtual Campus May 31, 2013 Damian Indij.

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1 Cap-Net UNDP Virtual Campus May 31, 2013 Damian Indij

2 Purpose of 5th Symposium The way towards a virtual campus For more than 10 years, through a scheme of affiliated networks at country, regional, and global levels, Cap-Net has been delivering capacity building through various types of face-to-face trainings. For increased impact in responding to knowledge demands for sustainable water management, current technologies and connectivity offer Cap-Net the possibility to deliver virtual training, without the need to compete or replace face to face courses.

3 Purpose of 5th Symposium Facilitating efficiency for networking

4 Purpose of 5th Symposium Going virtual: just around the corner for Cap-Net

5 Purpose of 5th Symposium Cap-Net Online: ongoing platform for courses

6 Purpose of 5th Symposium Online Tutorials: IWRM as a tool for adaptation to climate change

7 Purpose of 5th Symposium Online Tutorials: IWRM

8 Purpose of 5th Symposium The Water Channel

9 Purpose of 5th Symposium Home page for each course Videos where trainers address participants Other type of videos and presentations (as Power Points) used to share contents. Forums where all participants are expected to participate A “library” were course related materials are uploaded, including documents, pictures, and links A “meeting room” where participants and facilitators can share comments, upload documents, etc. Teleconferences and chat facilities Room for questions (content and technical service) Participants completing a course evaluation Chat facility, so participants can chat with trainers Virtual courses

10 Purpose of 5th Symposium Virtual space to be used by networks and task forces Shared databases for monitoring impact and facilitating information sharing Tools for teleconferences Streaming live conferences First available in English, gradually developed in other languages User friendly, good technical support, no need for high fast connections (house connections in the South should be enough) Virtual campus

11 Purpose of 5th Symposium A virtual campus is not here to replace or compete with face to face capacity development Virtual education enables response to an increasing demand for capacity development for water resources management Cap-Net virtual campus to be used by member networks. Specific courses to be designed, developed, and delivered by networks. Support and guidance provided from the Cap-Net secretariat It is efficient in economic terms, and a low-carbon action Open source software facilitate updated quality over time Messages

12 Purpose of 5th Symposium Cap-Net Virtual Campus development: 2 nd half 2013 First virtual course: 1 st quarter 2014 Coming steps

13 Purpose of 5th Symposium Thank you for your attention. Damian Indij LA-WETnet Manager Latin America Water Education & Training Network

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