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Crafting a Campaign Message Research Write Repeat.

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1 Crafting a Campaign Message Research Write Repeat

2 What is a campaign message? It tells the voters why you are running for this particular office and why they should choose you over your opponents for the same office. What will a campaign message do? Persuade people to vote for you

3 John McCain 2008 Presidential Campaign Message: Patriotism + Prosperity + Peace + Family Values + Experience + Health Care Reform + Pro-War in Iraq + Change + end to “ME first” attitude = slogan: Country First Messages from the 2008 Presidential Campaign

4 Hillary Clinton 2008 Campaign for Democratic Nomination Message: Improve U.S. for future generations + Universal Health Care + Experience + National Security + Change + Ready to Work = slogan: Ready for Change, Ready to Lead

5 Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign Message: Change + Tax Cuts + End Iraq War + Break from Failed Bush Policies + Break Oil Dependence + New Kind of Politics + Common Ground on Divisive Issues + Relates to Working Class = slogan: Change We Can Believe In

6 How to Create the Message Do your research Know your audience What are the demographics of the college?

7 More Research What do students care about the most ? Chancellor’s office Internet and hard copy searches for news articles Campus meetings – ASB, Board of Trustees, Events Informal polling on campus

8 And more research Know your opponent Key strategy: off message Know as much about your opponent’s message as you know about your own

9 Elements of a Good Campaign Message

10 Write and Use the Message

11 “(Your name here) should be elected as ASB President because of her leadership skills, experience in changing policies to reduce students’ costs and her ability to enhance student life on campus. She is a third-generation MSJC student and daughter of former ASB President (Parent Name Here). As past-president of Phi Theta Kappa, she has attracted students and community members to MSJC through a film series and blood drives. She also helped develop a text book rental program that cut book costs for students. Experience in enhancing student life and lowering costs means (NAME) will win election to the ASB.” Start Here

12 Boil It Down Bill Clinton’s message: After 12 years of Republican leadership resulting in social stagnation and economic recession, the American people are ready for a change. The choice in 1992 is clear: Change or more of the same? Draw issues off of the message. Clinton was able to use this as a guidepost for almost any issue: health care reform, the economy, social welfare. Yours might be: Enhance student life, lower costs, experience Repeat the same message, sometimes in different ways, throughout your campaign. STICK TO THE SAME MESSAGE REMEMBER: Tell them HOW you will achieve this

13 Slogans 1. Tie it to Your Message It’s your message, only snappy & succinct. “Just Do It.” “Have it Your Way.” “Expect more. Pay Less.” 2. Tap into Core Human Values Keeping in mind what they want, tug at their heart strings. 3.Make it Memorable Staccato Alliteration Use a well-known song phrase Simple 4.Get the word out Create fliers. Post them. Hand them out. Team of supporters. Talk. Be visible. Internet. Web Page. E-mail.

14 Successful Messages and Slogans 1840 William Henry Harrison Tippecanoe and Tyler too. 1928 Herbert Hoover A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. 1976 Jimmy Carter A Leader, For a Change. 1980 Ronald Reagan Are you better off than you were four years ago? 1988 George Bush Kinder, Gentler Nation.

15 Some things that went wrong Ready for change, ready to lead? Or Fired up … ready to go? Or Turn up the heat? Or I’m in to win? Country first? Or The Original Maverick?

16 Resources running-for-office This is a list of references used for this presentation and resources you can use for your campaign purposes.

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