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Meet Operations Presented By: John Lorimer USA Swimming Volunteer.

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1 Meet Operations Presented By: John Lorimer USA Swimming Volunteer

2 What is Meet Operations Planning and Management Computer and Timing Systems Reporting and Publishing

3 What isn’t Meet Operations Taking flack from volunteers

4 Meet Ops Goals Not to use up the big bottle of Advil Migraine Make sure the coffee stand is next to the computer desk Keep the balding guy with glasses and the beard away from the computer Have a long vacation somewhere out of state after the meet

5 Real Goals Real Goals The goal of any meet is to provide the best possible venue for athlete competition. Being the best technology meet operations volunteer. Being a strong team member. Get Certified as a Timing Judge.

6 Meet Operations Planning Most LSC’s have a sanctions process. For instance CSI a sanction must be applied for 60 days in advance of the meet The meet information must be complete before the application The Meet Information is your guide to planning the meet.

7 Meet Operations Planning Is there an entry cap Has the meet format changed from last year Modify last years meet database with the new format and check timelines Will the timers need to move, how does that affect the timeline?

8 Meet Operations Planning Electronics – is there power? Network – do you need one and options –Wireless – great idea for Hy-Wire –Network over Power (Cisco/Linksys PLE200) –Wired –Combination –Internet and RealTime Results Facility Rules, Wireless Broadband….

9 Meet Operations Planning Timing Systems for the meet? ScoreboardsPrinters Supplies (paper, batteries…) Where are we going to post results Heating 8 & Unders Clerk of Course

10 Meet Operations Planning Is there an Administrative Referee? Phone numbers and Email Addresses Call the Meet Ref and Admin Ref to be proactive and find out any special requests

11 The Meet Project Sanction Aoolication Sent1d?Mon 4/30/07Mon 4/30/07 Set Up Meet1d?Mon 4/30/07Mon 4/30/07 Approval Process7dMon 4/30/07Tue 5/8/07 Sanction Approval Received1d?Wed 5/9/07Wed 5/9/07 Send Meet Info and Template1d?Thu 5/10/07Thu 5/10/07 Entry Period45dThu 5/10/07Wed 7/11/07 Registration Check20mThu 7/12/07Thu 7/12/07 All Entries In0dThu 7/12/07Thu 7/12/07

12 The Meet Project Seed Meet or Psych Sheets20mThu 7/12/07Thu 7/12/07 "Run Timeline, email to Meet Ref."20mThu 7/12/07 Thu 7/12/07 Run Financials and check against money received1h Thu 7/12/07Thu 7/12/07 Print Meet Program30mThu 7/12/07Thu 7/12/07

13 The Meet Project Off to the printer3dThu 7/12/07Tue 7/17/07 Time to Relax and answer Meet Refs Questions 3dTue 7/17/07Fri 7/20/07 Meet Setup2hFri 7/20/07Fri 7/20/07 Run the Meet2dFri 7/20/07Tue 7/24/07 Financial Reports and Mail Results2hTue 7/24/07Tue 7/24/07

14 Meet Database Remember the Meet Information is your Guide What information is required by your LSC What information is required by SWIMS

15 What Other Things can Help Time Standard Files Record Files Call the Meet Referee and introduce yourself If there is a Admin Ref call them as well, you will be a team through the meet completion

16 Meet Database Naming Depends on LSC Requirements Should start with year or date After Year should be LSC code Example: 2006 AD Hurricane Inv.mdb Example: 2006 AD Kingston Hurricanes Invite.mdb Example: 061023_AD_HURR.mdb

17 What to get from Meet Info Meet Dates Scoring Format (TF, Prelim/Finals,…) EventsSessions Entry Fees Slow-Fast, Fast-Slow, Alternating

18 Name the DB

19 Basic Information

20 Report Headers

21 Completing the setup Go through each item of the Setup Menu Verify your events and sessions Verify the Entry Time Standards Verify Entry Limits and Fees Export the Events for Team Manager Have them posted to your club Website Have them posted to the LSC web site Email them to clubs invited if an Invitational

22 Post Entries Note CSI expects entry deadline to be at least 10 days prior to the beginning of the meet. Export data for Registration Check Clean up Entries from Exception Reports Run Exception Reports and POT Reports if required Notify Clubs with remaining exceptions

23 Pre-Meet Assuming Clean data…. Psych Sheets published In a Pre-seeded meet - meet program Session Reports for meet Referee How fast are we going to go? How fast are we going to go? Who is running the console? –Enlighten them on Reset is not required and asking timers to hit the pads will mess things up.

24 Before Meet Deck Setup Post scratch deadline – seed session Lane Timers Sheets Any last minute reports for Admin or Meet Ref Any Forms Required (Positive Check-In, Scratch, No-Show, Relay Take Off, …)

25 Deck Setup Network Setup Set up/load systems and check communications and Printing Where are the tools? If Using Dolphin, theft prevention Test Timing system Bells, Pencils, Clipboards, Counters….

26 Running the Meet Backing Up Feeding times from Console and/or Dolphin Watch Times and Meet Manager Timing Corrections as per the rules and reports (Timing System Corrections must be done, no if’s and’s or but’s, NO EXCEPTIONS) Heat Malfunctions for late starts.

27 Running the Meet Moving Swimmers - Dealing with Combined Events or use the combine events in seeding menu Swimoff’s Clerk of Course and the Announcer reports plus posting.

28 Running the Meet cont. Fixing Mistakes and who needs to be notified to authorize the correction. Make sure there are no Flags All Relays must have Athletes Declared Scoring Events Scratching from Finals Finals Seeding if needed and Finals Program.

29 Meet Completion Meet is Over Referee and Official Results Team Scores, High Point Reports Records Report Financial Reports Electronic Reporting for Swims and Meet Backup

30 Final Notes Why and what we publish –Meet Backup –TM Results –Paper Results USA Swimming and Privacy –Be sure that no ID’s, Birthdates or any other information deemed by National is printed

31 Meet Operations Discussion and Questions

32 Clinic Materials The Clinic Documents and Data along with extra manuals are available on the CSI website ( Always keep your Hy-Tek Software up to date.

33 Thank You Thank you for the opportunity to share. John Lorimer

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