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3 Studies indicate 77 per cent of people believe offsite meetings are a necessity not a luxury; 85 per cent believe face-to-face meetings are more likely to result in breakthrough thinking; and 82 per cent believe that meetings bring out the best in people.

4 An overwhelming majority of meeting attendees (92 per cent) value meetings as providing an opportunity to contribute, suggesting that successful meetings may be a contributing factor to employee job satisfaction. SOURCE:

5 Face-to-face business meetings help to: Bond teams together Result in people feeling more inspired Bring out the best in people Results in breakthrough thinking Build stronger business relationships The Hilton Report on Business Communications

6 Allowing people to be interrupted or diverting their attention lowers the value of the meeting From Psychology Today – guidelines for good meetings

7 PLANNING GUIDE PART ONE Plan and Execute an Effective Business Meeting Focused on Results Planning and staying organized is the key to hosting a successful business meeting or event. Document the following when starting to plan for your meeting: Set clear, concise & measureable meeting objectives Ensure your meeting objective is tied to business objectives and that the meeting is necessary Consider a meeting location – the size of the room, number of attendees, shape of meeting room Understand what your meeting facilities offers, contractual obligations and inclusions Determine an invite list – invite only necessary attendees Include relevant contact detail in your list Create (and follow) a meeting agenda Following the meeting, evaluate its effectiveness, tie back to your meeting objectives

8 PLANNING GUIDE PART TWO Basic Responsibilities of Meeting and Event Planning What tasks do you need to take care of when planning a meeting? While it may differ from meeting type to industry, you are likely responsible for the following aspects: Location and site selection Overnight accommodations Travel arrangements Catering Invitations and agenda Audiovisual equipment Speakers and entertainment Recreational activities Decorations Printing Gifts and awards

9 PLANNING GUIDE PART THREE Event Budgeting: Control Costs for Your Meeting Make your boss happy by knowing your budget before you start planning your business meeting or event, and then stick to it. Follow these tips to help you control costs: Carefully review contracts and avoid surprises when renting a facility Ask every vendor to provide an agreement in writing Accommodate unexpected expenses by including a 10 per cent contingency into your budget Carefully review all invoices and question any charges that don’t align with your estimate Manage expectations with participants and limit the number of people authorized on the facility’s master account Monitor accommodation charges daily Watch for hidden expenses such as overnight shipping, taxes, or overtime charges

10 “Don’t let the venue overwhelm the occasion. Fancy venues are cool. Unusual venues are fun. They’re also distracting… Pick a venue that allows your employees to focus on the meeting, not the venue.” Jeff Haden, OWNERS' MANUAL

11 Select a venue that will match your needs. Look for a venue that reflects the energy you are trying to generate with your attendees. Ask for destination highlights, such as video or PowerPoint, and incorporate them into your collateral.

12 The best way to get what you want, need and desire for a successful meeting is to do your research and compose a specific Request for Proposal (RFP) that details all relevant information about your group and your meeting needs.

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