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Twin City Swim Conference Swim Meet Manager Training.

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1 Twin City Swim Conference Swim Meet Manager Training

2 Training items Meet setup – 4 lane pool Athlete entry Event entry Relay entry Seeding Exporting Entries Importing Entries Meet Preparation Running the meet

3 Meet setup First, lets start with setting up a meet at work pool. 1.Open Meet Manager 2.Restore the Meet template or open a meet from last year. 3.Click File/Click Save as – Pick name – I recommend (home team) vs (away team) xx-xx-xx (date) example: BNSC vs NP

4 Meet setup 1.Click Setup/Click Meet setup 2.Change Meet name 3.Change Facility name 4.Change City 5.Change Start Date 6.Change End Date 7.Age-up Date 6/1/13 8.Change Entry Deadline 9.Change Meet Style if you are doing a 3 team dual 10.Change Course – if at BP pool

5 Meet setup 1.Click Team 2.Click Edit on Home or Away (your role at the meet) or 2.Click Add and create you own team if you do this step then delete Home or Away

6 Meet Setup 1.Click Setup/Click Seeding Preferences 2.Click on Dual Meets 3.If you edited the team on the Team Page verify that your team is on this page in the appropriate lanes. 4.If you added our team drag your team into the empty lanes

7 Meet Setup 1.Click Setup/Click Report Preferences 2.Click on Report Headers 3.Type teams in Header 1:

8 Meet Setup – 4 lane pool 1.Click Setup/Click Options 2.Check Change number of lanes for all Final Rounds 3.Type – 4 in the box 4.Click ok 5.Confirm Change 6.Click on Close 7.Click Entries 8.Verify lanes column is 4

9 Athlete entry/Event entry 1.Click Athletes/Add 2.Enter names 3.Enter Birthdate 4.Accept the RegID 5.Pick Team 6.Enter Gender 7.Events will appear – I don’t recommend entry at this time

10 Event entry 1.Click on athlete name 2.Click check box Show Swim-up if this swimmer is swimming up 3.Check the event 4.Enter time if you need 5.Click on Exh column if this is an exhibition for this swimmer.

11 Relay Entry – Page 1 1.Click Relays 2.Click on Event 3.Double click on your team – A popup will appear assigning a letter.

12 Relay Entry – Page 2 4.Click Swim-ups if you need to see more swimmers 5.Click on Swimmers names to add them relay

13 Seeding 1.Click on Seeding 2.Uncheck Preview each Event 3.Click on Select All 4.Click on Start Seeding 5.Click on Reports/ Meet Program 6.Click on Select All 7.Review report to verify seeding

14 Exporting Entries Home teams can skip exporting and go to importing steps It is a good time for all teams to review the exporting steps since half of your meets will use them.

15 Exporting Entries 1.Click on File/Export/Entries for Meet Manager Merge to same meet 2.Choose your team in the drop down. 3.Check Include Heat and Lane 4.Click OK 5.It will show a summary report 6.Click OK 7.Write down path (usually C:\Swmeets3)

16 Exporting Entries 1.Open your client 2.Create an to the home team coach. 3.Attach the file created in the last step. It will be located in location you wrote down in the last step. The file name should start with “Meet Entries-” 4.Send it to the Home team Coach. – I’m not sure on the agreed time, but I would recommend by noon on meet day.

17 Importing Entries Away teams are done with their step except to bring scratches to the meet. It is a good time for all teams to review the Importing steps since half of your meets will use them.

18 Preparing to Importing Entries 1.Open your client 2.Read the from the away coach. 3.Save the attached file. Be sure to record the location of the file and the file name it should start with “Meet Entries-”. These step will allow you to recover if you make a mistake when importing. 1.Open Meet Manage. 2.Click on File\Backup 3.Write down the location 4.Click OK

19 Importing Entries – Page 1 1.Click on File/Import/Merge Entries (MM to MM) 2.It will open to a choose file screen navigate to the location that you saved the attachment. 3.Choose the file. 4.Click open 5.You will see an informational screen click OK

20 Importing Entries – Page 2 6.Next you will see a screen with Hfile001 file click on it. 7.Click Open 8.It will show a informational screen. 9.Check the file name it should match the file you choose in step Click OK

21 Importing Entries – Page 3 11.Click No on the Copy Competitor numbers screen. 12.Click Yes on continue merge of entries.

22 Importing Entries – Page 4 13.Click OK on Import File Progress screen. 14.We will use the step in Meet Preparation to verify that everything imported correctly.

23 Meet Preparation – Page 1 1.Click Run 2.Click on an event 3.Check that there are both teams in the Lane assignments Note: not all events have both teams, so you may need to click 7- 8 or 9-10 events to find both teams.

24 Meet Preparation – Page 2 4.Click on an event with more then 1 heat. 5.Check if there are any empty lanes in the first heat. If there are then click on adjust.

25 Meet Preparation – Page 2 6.Using your mouse (it turns into a shark) to move swimmers from later heat to earlier heats. When combining heats do not leave one in a heat by themselves. Looking at the screen shot: You would drag Justin from heat 3 into heat 2 and then save time at the meet.

26 Meet Preparation – Page 3 7.Another item that you can do is combine events if there are less then 5 swimmer/relay in 2 events of the same age or same distance. See the screen shots showing how to combined event. You can move swimmer/relay by dragging them on the run screen to the lane you want. This allowed events 1- 3 to be swam as one event.

27 Meet Preparation – Page 3 8.Click Reports/Meet Program 9.Click Select All 10.Click on Triple 11.Click on None 12.Click on Date and Time 13.Click on include in Meet Program tab 14.Check entry time 15.Click on Psych List – Sort order 16.Click on Fast to slow. 17.Click Create Report.

28 Meet Preparation – Page 4 18.Click on the Printer Icon and print 10 copies to take to the meet. This give all coaches a set of sheets to work from. They will change at the meet due to late scratches and no shows. Now you are ready for the meet.

29 Running the meet Late Scratches: 1.Click Run 2.Click on Athletes 3.Check Show Swim-ups and Show Relays 4.Write down events. Coach should give them to you, but this will double check for them. 5.Uncheck each event or use Scratch All 6.Click X in the upper corner to close Athletes and return to the Run Screen

30 Running the meet Replacing Scratches in Non- Relay Events: 1.Click on the Event 2.Click on Adjust 3.Select Eligible Athletes + Swim-ups 4.Find the Athlete that the coach wants as replacement and move then by dragging them with your mouse to empty lane. Note: They can be in the other heats or not entered. 5.Click Save – click X and save.

31 Running the meet Replacing Scratches in Non-Relay Events: continued 6.Click on the Exh check box if they were in an exhibition heat. Repeat until you have taken care of all the scratches.

32 Running the meet Adding a Missing Athlete: 1.Click Athletes/Add 2.Enter names 3.Enter Birthdate 4.Accept the RegID 5.Pick Team 6.Enter Gender 7.Events will appear – I don’t recommend entry at this time

33 Running the meet Adding a Missing Athlete: continued 8.Click on athlete name 9.Click check box Show Swim-up if this swimmer is swimming up 10.Check the event 11.Enter heat/lane based space on the meet program. 12.Click on Exh column if this is an exhibition for this swimmer.

34 Running the meet Exception report: 1.Click Reports/Exceptions Report 2.Max entries…: 5 3.Max individual…: 3 4.Max relay entries: 2 5.Click Create Report 6.Results should be “No data…” if a report appears then print & contact the coach. 7.Click ok & close window.

35 Running the meet Print Lane /Timer Sheets: There are many ways to print lane/timer sheets each has it’s place, so I will give directions for the 2 most popular way. 1.Click Reports/Lane Timer Sheets 2.Click Select All (or an even number of events) 3.2 Events or Lanes Per Page 4.Lane then Event 5.Cut pages in half and sort by lane or 4.Lanes: 1-2, 3-4, and Event then Lane 6.Cut pages in half – no sorting.

36 Running the meet Setup Scoring: 1.Exit Run 2.Click Setup/Entry Seeding Preference 3.Click 2 or 3+ Double Dual 4.Click Select Teams 5.Check Combined 6.Click Save 7.Click OK 8.Click Run 9.Click Preference/Team Scores.. 10.Click Show Combined

37 Running the meet Entering Time: I recommend 2 volunteers for this job – one to enter and one to read/check. 1.Click on the Event 2.Enter times in Backup 1 and backup 2 – Check that the times are closed – Check order of finish if times are not close – Check order of finish if get only one time for a lane 3.Enter DQcode

38 Running the meet Entering Time: continued 4.Click on the Calc: 5.Click on Accept Adjusted

39 Running the meet Entering Time: continued 6.Once you have entered all the time in an event the status will change to Done

40 Running the meet Entering DQs: When you get a DQ slip you will need to enter it. It can be entered before or after times, but usually times come in first. 1.Click in the DQcode field 2.Start typing the code or 2.Click on the down arrow that appears and pick it. Note: For Relays you may need to enter swimmer and DQ code.

41 Running the meet Scoring: When you have entered the Times and DQs you are ready to score the event 1.Click on Score 2.Next you will see a score report – print 3 copies

42 Running the meet Scoring: continued 3.Review the Relay report: check times, swimmer names, DQ, and that one team did not place 1, 2, 3 – see Judges decision for next steps 4.Post and give to awards team

43 Running the meet Scoring: continued 5.Review the Individual report: check times, swimmer names, and DQ 6.Post and give to awards team

44 Running the meet Judges Decision: This is only used if one team has 3 relay team go 1, 2, 3 or when the Meet Ref asked you to change finish order due to timing error. 1.Click on JD 2.Put the new order in the JD PL column. 3.Click ok 4.Click on Score – note Rescore erases JD 5.New report should show new order with J in front of time for the changed swimmers.

45 Running the meet Award Labels: Top 6 finishers – usually run this after every 5 events (30 labels per page) 1.Click Label/ Award Labels 2.Individual Places: Relay Places: Standard Award Label 5.Select Events 6.Click Create labels

46 Running the meet Award Labels: Exhibition swimmers– usually run this right after the Top 6 1.Click Label/ Award Labels 2.Exhibition Swims 3.Select Events 4.Sort By: Team/ Event 5.Click Create labels 6.Use the Printed check bow to keep track of what you have printed.

47 Running the meet DQ Slip items to watch for since you are the last person to verify that a swimmer should or should not be DQed. Make sure the swimmer name and event/lane/heat match the timer sheet 6 and under DQ – No False Starts 6 and under DQ – Three or more complete cycles of the wrong stroke 8 and under DQ – No False Starts 8 and under DQ – Two or more complete cycles of the wrong stroke

48 Running the meet Scoring: You can see a running score on the screen, but I recommend that you run this report at the end of the meet. 1.Click Reports/ Scores 2.Select All 3.Click Team 4.Check Combined 5.Click No Age Criteria 6.Click Std Pts. 7.Click Create Report

49 Running the meet Results: There are many options on the screen for the results reports. The Ones that you see Checked here are the ones I use. 1.Click Reports/ Results 2.Select All 3.Click Create Report

50 Running the meet Backup: 1.Click on File\Backup 2.Click on the Drive box and pick the coaches USB drive 3.Click OK

51 Question Send any questions or corrections to Stewart at If you have problems at a meet call at and I will help you thru them.

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