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January 2013 1 Swim Alberta MEET MANAGER CLINIC. January 2013 How to Work the presentation  Clicking the left mouse button will advance to the next statement.

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1 January 2013 1 Swim Alberta MEET MANAGER CLINIC

2 January 2013 How to Work the presentation  Clicking the left mouse button will advance to the next statement or slide.  To start this Presentation Press ‘F5’  To Quit Press ESC  Swimming Rule Book extracts have letters and numbers preceding SW is a FINA rule and CSW is S/NC rule 2

3 January 2013 Swim Alberta Code of Conduct  Swim Alberta values the work that officials provide on deck during meets.  The officials code of conduct documents the relationship that Swim Alberta has with officials and also the expected relationship that officials have back to Swim Alberta.  Please take a moment to review the Code of Conduct. 3

4 January 2013 Swim Alberta Code of Conduct  If you have any questions on Code of Conduct, please direct it to a member of the Alberta Officials Committee (AOC).  I have read and agree to abide by the Alberta Officials Code of Conduct Alberta Officials Code of Conduct Alberta Officials Code of Conduct 4

5 January 2013 5 The clinics should be taken in the following order: – Level 1 – Stroke and Turn – Chief Timekeeper – Clerk of Course – Chief Finish Judge – Recorder Scorer – Starter – Meet Manager May be taken in any order

6 January 2013 The clinics should be taken in the following order:  Level 1  Stroke and Turn 6 Level 1 clinic, mentoring, and deck evaluations should be completed before other clinics, followed by Stroke and Turn.

7 January 2013 The clinics should be taken in the following order:  Chief Timekeeper  Clerk of Course  Chief Finish Judge  Recorder Scorer 7 These clinics may be taken in any order

8 January 2013 The clinics should be taken in the following order:  Meet Manager  Starter 8 These clinic may be taken in any order but should be taken after the officials gains experience

9 January 2013 9 List of Handouts Sanction Form Scratch Sheet Warm-up Procedures Official Report of the Jury of Appeal Record of Official Protest National, Provincial and IPC Record Form Checking Physical Set-Up of Meet Entry Form National Officials Travel Expense Claim Form

10 January 2013 10 List of Abbreviations used AFC - Aquatic Federation of Canada ASSA-Alberta Summer Swimming Ass. CIS - Canadian Intercollegiate Sports FINA - Federation International de Natation FISU - World University Games Organization - e.g. In New York City 1998 IPC - International Paralympic Committee

11 January 2013 11 List of Abbreviations used LC - Long Course Para- Swimmers With A Disability PS- Provincial Section SC - Short Course S/NC - Swimming/Natation Canada TF - Time Final PSO - Provincial Section Office CofC- Clerk of Course

12 January 2013 12 Decision to Host a Meet Decision to host a swim meet should be made at least one year in advance. Club executive in concert with Head Coach should discuss & agree on the type of meet & start planning immediately. Become familiar with the Swim Alberta Competition Guidelines (SACG) Swim Alberta Competition GuidelinesSwim Alberta Competition Guidelines New clubs, with inexperienced officials, consider hosting a developmental meet first, – Move to more complex meets e.g. - invitational or provincial meets as the club gains experience.

13 January 2013 13 Decision to Host a Meet Have the ability to supply at least 50% of officials Get information about meet calendar for the area. This will affect your ability to attract swimmers, & availability of officials. Year Around Clubs ASSA Year Around Clubs ASSA Year Around Clubs ASSA Complete the S/NC or ASSA online meet application at the S/NC or ASSA Event Database.

14 January 2013 14 Meet Options Sanctioned/Approved/Time Trial Is the meet open to Para swimmers Closed Meet - a pre-selected (restricted) number of clubs are invited Circuit/Developmental Meets - ½ day Invitational - 2 ½ days or 3 full days. – May be run as time final events, preliminaries & finals, time final for distance events, etc..

15 January 2013 15 Meet Options SA Provincial Championships – Generally, Provincial Championships are 3 ½ day meets with preliminaries & finals. Guidelines set by PS. – An official application must be made in writing to Provincial Section in advance. ASSA Chapter 7, 8, and 9 ASSA Chapter 7, 8, and 9 Time Standard or No Time Standard. Short Course/long course - single/double ended. Refer to Page 2-4 of SACG for additional information.

16 January 2013 16 Meet Considerations Made in concert with Coach –Consistency with training/development schedules. –Timing - Meet Calendar - Pool Schedule. Officials Requires level 4 & 5 as Advisory Referee

17 January 2013 17 Meet Considerations Availability & training sufficient number of volunteers for positions e.g. - Safety Marshall, Timers, Stroke & Turn, Clerk of Course, Marshalling, CFJ, RS Availability of Senior officials from other clubs, for mentoring, training, & positions e.g. Starter, Session Referee

18 January 2013 18 Bid Meets Advanced Meets Regional, Provincial Championship meets awarded by bid. Available meets announced on PSO or Regional web sites, by Email Terms subject to Provincial/Regional policies, usually set out in bid information National Meets usually awarded to Provincial “team”, in conjunction with local Meet Committee Information for Provincial Championships are supplied by mail out by the PSO

19 January 2013 19 Meet Manager Duties The Meet Manager is the general manager of the competition: The Meet Manager is the general manager of the competition: His/Her skills are crucial to the success of the meet. It is advisable for the Meet Manager to have an understanding of the various positions of the officials on the pool deck. There is an enormous challenge to the position & satisfaction is achieved when the job is well done.

20 January 2013 20 Pre-meet Preparation plan well in advance delegate work to volunteers allocate sufficient time for your work organize the work you have to do Meet office & results

21 January 2013 21 Initial assignments of officials (in conjunction with Officials chairperson & Advisory Referee) Eligibility of swimmers Chairperson - Jury of Appeal Chairperson - coaches technical meeting Pre-meet Preparation

22 January 2013 22 Refer to S/NC Rules S/NC RulesS/NC Rules CSW…………………..Meet Manager CGR 9.3.1. ……………………..Jury of Appeal CGR 9.3.1. ……………………..Jury of Appeal CSW 3.4…………………………...Time Finals CSW 3.4…………………………...Time Finals CSW 3.6.5 ………………………. Deck Entries CSW 3.6.5 ………………………. Deck Entries SW 2.1.6 ………Reporting of Disqualifications SW 2.1.6 ………Reporting of Disqualifications CSW …………………Safety Marshal CSW …………………Safety Marshal APPENDIX D………..Warm-up Procedures APPENDIX D………..Warm-up Procedures APPENDIX C ……………..Masters Swimming APPENDIX C ……………..Masters Swimming

23 January 2013 23 Refer to the IPC Swimming Rules The latest IPC Swimming rules are the rules to be used to judge Para swimmers. IPC Swimming rules IPC Swimming rules Technical Official (TO/TA) will be present at S/NC Designated Meets which include Para swimmers

24 January 2013 24 When no TO/TA, the Referee is responsible to download rule exceptions for the swimmers with a disability from S/NC Classification or PS website. Classification Classification Function Disabilities FCS - S1 to S10, Blind S11 to S13, Mentally Handicapped S14. The higher the number the less disabled the swimmer has. Refer to the IPC Swimming Rules

25 January 2013 25 Fill key positions as early as possible, Referee & individuals in charge of office, OfficialsConcessionsAwards Sponsors etc. Refer to page 11 -15 of SACG. Establish Your Meet Committee

26 January 2013 26 TYPICAL MEET ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Meet ManagerMeet Office Chairperson Meet ManagerMeet Office Chairperson Advisory Referee Officials Chairperson Advisory Referee Officials Chairperson AwardsChairperson Concession Chairperson Publicity Head Coach Sponsors Chairperson

27 January 2013 27 Activities of Committee Organize meeting 6 months before meet Assign responsibilities. Team building Reporting procedures Confirm facilities & services (electronics) Budget – Sponsorship possibilities Contribution to Club Finances Prepare Meet Package – Event listing – Qualifying standards – Specific information to that meet

28 January 2013 28 Consult Meet Manager Checklist Meet Manager ChecklistMeet Manager Checklist Coordinate with Head Coach Prepare and submit online sanction application, attach copy of complete meet package to application located at etition-guidelines.htm (Refer to page 5-7 of SACG). etition-guidelines.htm etition-guidelines.htm The following information needs to be included in your meet package when you are sanctioning your meet with S/NC. Activities of Committee

29 January 2013 29 Rules - Timed Final Competitions Para Swimming Meet 1.All Para Swimmers (S1-S14) must be licensed by IPC Swimming and have a minimum Provincial Classification designation to be eligible to compete in the meet. Licensing and Classification information is available at mingClassification mingClassification mingClassification Activities of Committee

30 January 2013 30 2.All S14 Para Swimmers must have a National Classification prior to the first day of competition. 3.The Para Swimmers will be judged using the most current version of the IPC Swimming Rules. 4.Classes eligible for competition are S1- S10; S11-13 and S14. Activities of Committee

31 January 2013 31 5.All Para Swimmer entries must include the swimmers classification numbers (i.e. S4SB3SM5). 6.The most current S/NC Performance Points Charts will be used to determine ranking in all multi-disability events. Ranking will be from highest to lowest point score. Activities of Committee

32 January 2013 32 Prepare A Meet Budget A sample budget (slide 83) is included in this clinic If sponsors are to be major component of meet, appoint coordinator to handle this component. You do not want to sacrifice meet management time to find sponsors.

33 January 2013 33 Prepare Meet Package Work closely with head coach & committee. Coach to establish qualifying times/de- qualifying times (if they exist), events & order of events Components of the Meet Package will vary depending on the type of meet – One/ two pages for developmental meet – several pages for invitational meet

34 January 2013 34 Make certain you have current email addresses of swim clubs you intend to invite. A current list is available at Year Around clubs/index.htm clubs/index.htm clubs/index.htm ASSA (Alberta Summer Swimming Associate) ectory.php ectory.php ectory.php All information for the Provincial Championships supplied by email by PSO. Prepare Meet Package

35 January 2013 35 Upload Meet Package to the SNC website. – This can be done without a sanction and can be updated once the meet is sanctioned – The information can be updated with the sanction number later Distribute Meet Packages at least 8 weeks before meet. Prepare Meet Package

36 January 2013 36 Contents of Meet Package Some of the following may not be required for a development meet. Sanction # Meet classification Meet classification –open/closed invitational, developmental, championship, etc. –Dates of the meet Sessions starting times for heats & finals, warm-up times, actual start time Facility name, location and helpful information (parking, access, hotels)

37 January 2013 37 Entry Limit (if any) Entry deadline (Refer to page 8 of SACG) Qualifying times, de-qualifying times Format: time finals, heats and finals Deck entries Entry Fees (Refer to page 8 of SACG) S/NC Safety Rules Contact information Meet Rules Contents of Meet Package

38 January 2013 38 Age Groups Scoring Pool details Awards Scratch Deadline Results Distance events – specifics (i.e. 2 swimmers per lane ?) Accommodation information Coaches' Meeting Contents of Meet Package

39 January 2013 39 Event Schedule Hytek computer entries Responsibility for swimmers – each individual club is responsible for their swimmers; during and between meet sessions Para information (Swimmers with a disability) Contents of Meet Package

40 January 2013 40 Entry Procedures If possible, make the entry deadline to have two weekends to process information prior to meet. Not always possible, e.g. - provincial/national meets where entry deadline (10 days) stipulated by Provincial/National Section. You should receive: – Hytek file - email, or hard copy of entry grid sheets – Entry fee cheque

41 January 2013 41 Entry Procedures Prepare check-off sheet, to keep record of information enclosed, e.g. cheque amount & number, Hytek file and/or grids. – Keep all entry information in a file easily transportable. – Take file with you to meet. You have a record to cross-reference with a coach when questions arise re: entries of their swimmers. Insure all Swimmers are registered with their sanctioning body (S/NC or ASSA).

42 January 2013 42 Entry Procedures Hytek file and/or entry grids – Emailed, couriered, special delivery to home, club office – If receiving grids by FAX, Hytek, or e-mail, ensure clubs send hard copy in mail as well. – Some clubs are lax about entry deadlines. – If you are expecting a club to participate in your meet & do not have entries by deadline, call the club & inquire about entries.

43 January 2013 43 Copies of Hytek entry information should be given to Meet Office Chairperson. Good communication between Meet Manager & Office manager vital. – Once entries complete, Office Manager can communicate queries re: entries to Meet Manager e.g. too many entries for a swimmer, incorrect entry times - too fast or too slow, etc.. – Meet Manager can then contact club re: such entries. Sorting out questions before the meet starts saves time & confusion at the beginning of the meet. Entry Procedures

44 January 2013 44 Timing a Meet Meet Managers work closely with Organizing Committee particularly Advisory Referee to ensure length of each session no longer than 4 hours in duration. Sometimes it may be necessary to limit size of some events to fit all events in time allocated. Heats should be controlled in length to approximately 3 - 4 hours, if possible (See page 10 of SACG). ASSA meet sessions could be longer.

45 January 2013 45 Timing a Meet Finals usually require 2 - 3 hours to complete. For a short course (25m) preliminaries meet, swim double ended, if possible. Use two watches per timekeeper reduces time between heats. Recording done after next heat in the water As you will notice, a long course meet with 2000 swims will require more pool time to complete.

46 January 2013 46 Calculating Timing Look for the slowest time for each heat in each event & allow another 40 seconds for each heat. Timing out the meet is essential & if done correctly you can usually be within 15 minutes of the actual time it takes. Hytek will provide a timed printout for each session. Inputting 40 seconds between heats provides extra time to deal with unexpected delays e.g. electronic malfunctioning, pad changes, disqualifications, etc..

47 January 2013 47 Calculating Timing Double ended meets - short course as well as long course. Senior Seed 800/1500 Free - fastest to slowest. Age groups may be separated out for results If you are swimming two/lane - starts must be staggered entry for safety reasons. Provides each swimmer opportunity to start from blocks & avoids collisions that could potentially occur from simultaneous starts.

48 January 2013 48 Calculating Timing Some ways to speed-up a meet – Consider Time Finals for longer events, particularly younger age groups, e.g. 400 IM, 800/1500 Free. – Limit number of entries in longer events – Start over heads of swimmers in water. – Use good Referee, Starter & Marshall – Swim two/lane in longer events, e.g. 400/800/1500 Free. – Combine all ages then separate out for results.

49 January 2013 49 Producing Heat Sheets Once entries inputted, corrections made you will have approximately 5 days to prepare heat sheets for copying. Hytek will automatically pre-seed events. −When using this program encourage coaches to submit scratches when received from their swimmers. −This will give you opportunity to delete swimmers from events in which they are entered. −Do this prior to copying heat sheets.

50 January 2013 50 Producing Heat Sheets Providing you have photocopying capabilities, it may be easier to - Copy session 1 prior to start of meet. Receive any changes during the meet from CofC before printing subsequent sessions. You will find less confusion with coaches, swimmers & spectators if you incorporate changes. You have fewer empty lanes & may speed-up the meet. With sponsors & advertising, you will likely want a well presented book to sell to competitors.

51 January 2013 51 Producing Heat Sheets Try to find major sponsor to cover copying/collating costs. – They can place an ad in program. Programs may sell for $2.00 - $10.00 & should cover copying costs. – If you choose to print programs for each session, you can still incorporate ads into each program. Arrange to have someone sell programs Officials require approx. 40 copies of heat sheets/pool.

52 January 2013 52 Producing Heat Sheets Label heat sheets, place in clipboards prior to warm-ups. Coaches require approx. 1 heat sheet/10 swimmers entered in meet e.g. team entered 27 swimmers supply 3 heat sheets. Organize package for each club. – Include: heat sheets, deck entry forms, scratch sheets, relay entry cards, information specific to meet.

53 January 2013 53 Producing Heat Sheets File folder on pool deck, organized in alphabetical order provides easy access to coaches & allows Meet Manager to place additional information there during the meet. Arrange volunteer to copy heat sheets, final's sheets. – Print out list of clubs & indicate number of copies of heat/final sheets per club. About 1/10 swimmers in the meet. Post list by photocopier.

54 January 2013 54 Producing Heat Sheets Also need about 40 for officials & maybe 75 to sell. Keep record of number of heat sheets sold - it will help plan future meets. Does Meet Manager want covers for Heat Sheets, Finals, and/or results?

55 January 2013 55 Concession and Hospitality Supply coffee, cold drinks, veggies, cheese & crackers etc.. for officials, coaches etc.. will keep teams coming back to future meets. Food sponsors can be found for small ad in program.

56 January 2013 56 Concession and Hospitality Your concession chairperson should have a team of reliable assistants to help during sessions. – A visit to pool deck during sessions is a good gesture appreciated by officials. – Depending on pool facility, it may be possible to have food available, purchased or donated, that can be sold to swimmers, parents, etc.. – Some pools do not permit food to be sold to visitors. These pools may have their own concession available.

57 January 2013 57Billeting Clubs that wish to provide billeting for the meet, will need to ensure that they comply with the current Swim Alberta policy. Swim Alberta policySwim Alberta policy

58 January 2013 58 Officiating Ask for help in your meet package & have clubs send their list of officials, phone numbers & qualifications along with entries. Host clubs responsible for supplying at least 50% level 1 & 2 officials Divide responsibility between senior & local Officials Chairperson arranges Officials. Post roster on club website ASAP so officials can check their position. Have majority of positions filled prior to start of meet.

59 January 2013 59 Arrange 2-5 spare Timekeepers, Stroke & Turn officials in case if sickness, no-shows. Organize the Officials room. Officials' Chairperson/designate, should greet & sign-in officials as they arrive. Direct them to heat sheets & equipment needed for their position. Post positions in Official’s Room. – If openings for other sessions, officials can sign-up for empty positions. – All officials working a session must be recorded. Officiating

60 January 2013 60 After meet, officials chairperson must send copy of roster to club official’s database controller and Swim Alberta’s Registrar of Officials. Have signed copies of the ‘National Officials Travel Expense Claim Form’ for Senior and Master Officials. National Officials Travel Expense Claim FormNational Officials Travel Expense Claim Form Officiating

61 January 2013 61 Awards A committee of 2-3 people will be needed to handle awards. Order awards approximately 3 months prior to meet. Some preparation prior to meet will make life easier during the meet. Decide if you will be presenting medals during the meet.

62 January 2013 62 If presenting on deck, who will do presenting, when? Hytek will produce result tags for events once they have been finalized. These can then be attached to ribbon/medal once printed. If not using Hytek, Name/event tags should be arranged before meet. Once event completed, volunteers can hand write winning information on ribbon/medal. Awards

63 January 2013 63 Use large envelopes to organize ribbons/medals by club. Remind clubs to pick-up awards at conclusion of meet. Very costly to mail awards. Make sure awards not picked up, get sent in a timely manner. Awards

64 January 2013 64 Facility Check with pool administration at least 1 month prior to meet. – Ensure all arrangements are in place. – Get to know pool staff you will be working with during meet. – It will make things go smoother. A few days before meet, check again to ensure tables, chairs, starters podium etc.. available.

65 January 2013 65 Facility Some pools want deck passes issued to all coaches, swimmers, chaperones, officials, etc.. – Have passes available for coach’s packages. Access rules for photography. Electronics equipment set-up, operation & maintenance/repair

66 January 2013 66Equipment Lap Counters Pens/pencils Paper clips Whistle Arrange to have all necessary equipment together before meet starts. Office equipment very important. - reliable photocopier is important Clip boards Staplers Elastic bands Watches Extra entry cards

67 January 2013 67Equipment White board for marshalling or posting results Signage for result posting Masking Tape Calculator Duck tape Clerk of Course and electronics (Score) Kits A reliable photocopier Computer equipment, including printer, with supply of paper and printer cartridges

68 January 2013 68 Before and at Start of Meet Make sure you're at the pool, 1½ hours before start of warm-ups, first session. Gives you opportunity to ensure all equipment is in place for meet. Arrange someone to give out coaches packages or have coach’s file folders on deck where coaches can get their packages. Ensure Safety Marshal is in place to control warm-up with sprint & pace lanes.

69 January 2013 69 Warm-up procedures are in effect at ALL Canadian meets. – Warm-up procedures should be posted on pool deck during warm-up. Warm-up procedures Warm-up procedures Before and at Start of Meet

70 January 2013 70 Meet the Referee to discuss specifics of meet e.g. program changes, heats going directly to finals, handling of distance events, etc.. Do the heat sheets have the Classification and Exception of the swimmers with a disability on them? Maintain official’s sign-up, including late additions (insurance regulations) Before and at Start of Meet

71 January 2013 71 During the Meet Coaches Meeting Jury of appeal Refer to swimming rules for details role of chairperson of jury Office Manager & responsibilities

72 January 2013 72 Coaches' Meeting Schedule for just prior to start of warm- ups. Discuss any changes to meet as well as highlights can be addressed & questions answered. Discuss scratch procedures. Define the working deck. Good communication prior to meet could eliminate this meeting. IPC rules will apply to Para swimmers

73 January 2013 73 Jury Of Appeal Meet Manager acts as Chairperson of the Jury should there be any written protests Refer to Swimming Rules for details Select 3 – 5 most senior officials to serve as members of jury (odd number). – Members should not be involved in protest. – Deal only with matters being protested – Interview all involved officials and/or coaches to make an objective decision – Be decisive i.e. make objective decisions as expediently as possible

74 January 2013 74 To be held (no later then) immediately following the session. Chairperson does not have a vote. Chairperson does not express his/her opinion. He/she should direct jurors to consider all pertinent facts & then make a decision. Chairperson completes report of Jury of Appeals & gives copy to protester & session referee. Jury Of Appeal

75 January 2013 Advisory Referee The Advisory Referee shall have jurisdiction over all matters not assigned by the rulebook to the referee, judges, or other officials and give directions consistent with rules adopted for the conduct of any event. Advisory Referee could be used to brief session referees to assist in provide consistency between sessions at a two day meets 75

76 January 2013 Advisory Referee Responsibilities include: – The inspection and control of all pool and technical equipment and all technical installations prior to and during the event. – Warm-up Marshalls briefings – The conduct of the competition itself. – Finalizing and approving rosters for senior positions at the competition – To investigate cases of protest in preparation for the Jury of Appeal. 76

77 January 2013 77 Office Manager And Responsibilities Skilled office staff can make the meet. Office Manager should have experience in office from other meets. Arrangements for computers, paper, etc.. to be done well in advance of meet. Meet Manager should give Office Manager copy of Meet Package, when first sent out to clubs. Office Manager should review meet package to learn details of meet e.g. time final events/heats & finals, scoring meet, order of events etc.. Team needed to help in meet office.

78 January 2013 78 Office Manager And Responsibilities Official’s Chairperson to assign 1 -2 people/per end as recorder scorer/session. They are responsible for checking results with computer-generated results (Refer to page 12 of SACG). Make list of shifts - those covering with phone numbers & post meet office wall. Results should include: sanction number, pool size - short course/long course, location & date of meet, team/individual points, event results with splits.

79 January 2013 79 Order supplies: – paper (have plenty of paper on hand). If using photocopier - extra toner – Computers (at least one on line, two manual input for double ended pool) – Garbage bags, paper towels – Extra toner cartages, power bars, file folders for results & prelims results. – Masking tape for posting, elastic bands, paper clips, scotch tape, white out for mistakes, scissors. Office Manager And Responsibilities

80 January 2013 80 Order supplies: – Pencils, pens, computer disks, electrical extension cords – Masking tape for posting, elastic bands, paper clips, scotch tape, white out for mistakes, scissors. Arrive at meet early to deposit equipment. If able, set up equipment night prior to start of meet Make sure office is set up with chairs, tables, extension cords, paper, computer & photocopier. Office Manager And Responsibilities

81 January 2013 81 Plug in all equipment & make sure it works - Ensure computers are working. – As very few repairmen work weekends, NOW is the time to call in a repairman, not when you are desperate for equipment. Evaluation- keep records of what happens during the meet, complaints, compliments, length of sessions, scratches, event/program changes that need attention. Office Manager And Responsibilities

82 January 2013 82 After the Meet Prepare meet report cuments/swim_alberta_competition_guidelin es_17_july_2012.pdf (Refer to page 10 of SACG). cuments/swim_alberta_competition_guidelin es_17_july_2012.pdf cuments/swim_alberta_competition_guidelin es_17_july_2012.pdf Appropriate forms to be completed at end of meet to cover records established during meet. Done by Recorder Scorer andFiles (Refer to page 9 of SACG). andFiles andFiles

83 January 2013 83 After the Meet Results to be signed by Referee & Chief Timekeeper & emailed to PSO. See rule book for details Results uploaded to Year Around swimming SNC site, Summer swimming to ASSA database (Refer to page 8-9 of SACG).

84 January 2013 84 Swimmers With A Disability results to if AB and Para meet Complete the form ‘Swimming Results template’ located at http://www.ipc- http://www.ipc- Complete Meet Manager Report (Refer to page 10 of SACG). After the Meet

85 January 2013 85 Sample Budget Sample Budget Revenue Revenue Entry Fees (2½ day Meet) Individual events2000 @ $4.50 =$9000.00 Relays120 @ $8.00 =$ 860.00 Concession$ 25.00 Advertising$ 500.00 Sale of heat sheets$ 650.00 Preliminaries95 @ $5.00 =$ 475.00 Finals150 @ $1.00 =$ 150.00 Total revenue$11,035.00 Expenses Pool rental and Meeting Rooms $4,500.00 Awards $1,000.00 Meet package (postage, paper etc..) $ 200.00 $ 200.00 Refreshments for officials & coaches $ 300.00 Meet office expenses (paper, photocopying) $1,000.00 Mailing results $ 100.00 Miscellaneous $ 200.00 Total Expenses $ 7300.00 Total revenue $11,035.00 Total Expenses $ 7,300.00 Total Profit $ 3,735.00

86 January 2013 86 MEET MANAGER QUESTIONNAIRE If the answers are correct they will turn RED There may be more than one true statement for each question.

87 January 2013 87 1.Some of the responsibilities of the Meet manager are to: a.o rganize and plan the meet b.e nsure the pool is available and booked c.a cquire necessary equipment such as computers, copiers d.e xtra timing systems e.e nsure that the meet is staffed properly f.o perate the automatic placing and timing system g.p repare and distribute the meet invitation

88 January 2013 88 h.provide the Clerk of Course with necessary time cards i.prepare entry lists or heat sheets j.ensure each race is conducted fairly k.issue complete lists of results l.ensure disqualified swimmers are listed at the end of the event m.process record applications n.serve as Chairperson of any Jury of Appeal awards p.arrange provision of food for officials q.organize warm-up conditions r.publish safety rules for warm-ups s.obtain approval/sanction for the meet t.keep financial books for the meet

89 January 2013 89 2. An "Open" meet is: a.available only to those who are not age-group swimmers b.available to all swimmers registered with S/NC and IPC c.available to all age groups but restricted to one province d.held outdoors as an open water long distance event 3. A "Senior" event is an event for which: a.there are NO age restrictions b.swimmers must be at least 18 years old c.only Masters swimmers are eligible

90 January 2013 90 4. 4.The following Age Groups are Nationally recognized for records, etc.. a.10 years and under b.11-12 years c.13 years d.14-15 years e.15-17 years f.13-14 years g.15 years and over h.8 years and under.

91 January 2013 91 5.In order for the results of a swim meet to be officially recognized for S/NC records or for future qualifying times, the Meet must: a.b e conducted as an "Open" meet b.b e approved by the provincial section c.u se an approved automatic placing and timing system 6.Applications for meet sanctions are normally sent to the: a.S /NC national office b.P rovincial Section office c.P rovincial Officials' Chairperson d.P rovincial Sanction Officer so designated by the section

92 January 2013 92 8. Mixed competition (males & females competing with another) shall be permitted: a. an age group meet b. a novelty event c. a Senior meet d. time trials 7. An Application for Meet Approval: a.shall be submitted for each individual meet b.shall be accompanied by a copy of the meet invitation needed for Class Two Time Trials

93 January 2013 93 9.In pre-seeded meets, primary responsibility for seeding each event lies with the: a.Referee b.Meet Manager c.Clerk of Course d.Marshall 10. The term "Short Course" refers to: a.a 25 yard pool b.a meet in a 25 yard pool c.a meet in a 50 meter pool d.a 25 meter pool e.a pool that is shorter than regulation length

94 January 2013 94 11. Non-regulation length pools may be used for S/NC approved competitions: no time the local or PS level only c.during the summer break. EQUIPMENT/POOL SETUP 12. When standing at the starting end of the pool, facing the course, you will find lane number one (1) to be: a.on your far left b.on your far right c.immediately to the right of the centre lane.

95 January 2013 95 13. The following pool and equipment conditions are correct if: a.the end walls of the pool are parallel and vertical b.both end walls or bulkhead walls extend at least 0.80 meters below the water surface movement of officials is provided along the length of the bulkhead if the pool is more than 9m wide d.each lane is not less than 2.0 meters wide and unobstructed e.the top surface of the starting blocks is at least 0.5m x 0.5m f.backstroke grips protrude beyond the vertical plane of the end-wall, over the water surface g.the false start recall rope is 15 meters from the starting end h.a marker visible to swimmers is placed 15m from the start for backstroke

96 January 2013 96 MEET INVITATION 14. The meet package shall contain the following: of meet and starting times of each session b.a list of Senior officials working the meet c.a list of events and qualifying times times (if appropriate) e.disqualifying times f.entry fees and procedures g.accommodation and travel information h.recommendations for rule changes i.pool details (length, number of lanes, etc..)

97 January 2013 97 15. 15.The meet package shall contain the following: a.scoring rules for prizes and awards b.admission price for spectators c.procedures for scratches, deck entries, etc.. d.a list of all invited clubs; e.rules about Finals (A) and Consolation (B) Finals procedure approved (signed) sanction form h.notification of starting procedures for the meet (one or two starts)

98 January 2013 98 DURING THE MEET 16. Responsibility for ensuring that a list of current records and TAG times is available to the Recorder/Scorer lies with: a.Meet Manager b. Clerk of Course c. Referee d. Provincial Officials Chairperson e. Provincial Section office

99 January 2013 99 17. Responsibility for recruiting and initially assigning senior officials lies with the: a.Chief Timer b.Meet Manager c.Referee d.Chairperson of Officials e.Provincial Section office

100 January 2013 100 18. Responsibility for approving the final assignment of all officials for a session lies with the: Clerk of Course Session Referee Meet Manager Official on duty with the highest level badge

101 January 2013 101 19. In a meet with Preliminaries and Finals in an 8-lane pool, if there are 7 swimmers entered in an event the Meet Manager may: a.schedule a Preliminary heat to determine Final seeding b.schedule the event as a Final during Preliminaries c.consult all affected coaches to determine their wishes d.schedule the event for the Finals session at night

102 January 2013 102 20. In the format of a meet, Consolation (B) Finals: a.may be included along with Finals b.must be included along with Finals c.Can be swum BEFORE or AFTER the ‘A’ Final of each event 21. A "Swim-off'” shall be held: a.whenever there is a tie break a tie for last qualifying position(s) or alternate position(s) in a Final or Consolation Final c.whenever there is a tie for a medal

103 January 2013 103 22. A "Swim-off'” is normally arranged by the Meet Manager: a. after consultation with affected coaches or swimmers b. after consultation with the Referee c. after consultation with the Chief Timer d. after consultation with the pool manager e. to take place not less than 1 hour after all involved swimmers have completed their heat 23. An S/NC record may be established in: a. any S/NC sanctioned meet b. a Class Two Time Trial c. any high school swim meet

104 January 2013 104 24. The following swimmers may score team points in a sanctioned swim meet: a.age group swimmers in a Senior event b.disqualified swimmers c.unattached swimmers d.swimmers who fail to equal or better the qualifying times e.the first alternate to a Final if a finalist is disqualified during the race

105 January 2013 105 25. The following swimmers are eligible for Canadian records: a.age groups swimmers in a Senior event b.swimmers with good automatic times but no back- up times c.swimmers with an official time derived from two watches d.swimmers with record splits from the start of a race 50, 100, 200, etc. e.a swimmer in the first leg of a relay if the 3rd swimmer is disqualified f.a swimmer breaking a breaststroke record in a freestyle event g.a swimmer with a record split from the start who subsequently fails to make the qualifying time for the event

106 January 2013 106 26. The Jury of Appeal: shall be chaired by the Meet Manager or designate shall be composed of an odd number of members shall have the Referee as a voting member may be attended by any interested official shall be held during or immediately following the session shall hear evidence from the protestor, the Referee and the person whose decision is in dispute shall make a written formal record of its proceedings shall reach a decision on the day of the protest shall make the final decision

107 January 2013 107 27. The Meet Manager's responsibilities regarding safety procedures during warm- up shall be to: a. assign teams to lanes b.increase the number of sprint lanes when the situation requires it c. limit the number of swimmers in the pool d. check the pool deck for unsafe areas e. assign Marshals during warm-up f. provide signs for each lane at both ends of the pool indicating designated use during warm up g. post warm-up procedures prominently on deck

108 January 2013 108 POST MEET DUTIES 28. The results of a local meet shall contain: a.times of all swimmers in Preliminaries and Finals b.identification of records apparently broken c.disqualified swimmers' times d.the age of all Age Group swimmers e.individual and team point scores (if the meet is scored) f.names and codes of participating clubs g.jury of Appeal results (Jury Records) h.names of all Senior officials i.names of the organizing committee

109 January 2013 109 29. The results of a local meet shall contain: a.a line marking de-qualifying standard for each event b.addresses of visiting clubs c.the number of swimmers from each club d.results which are listed in order of freestyle (50, 100, 200, etc..), backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, I.M., and relays e.names of swimmers in relays in order of swimming f.lead-off swimmer's time in a relay where the 3rd swimmer is DQ'd

110 January 2013 110 30. Meet results shall be sent to: a.the meet approval/authority (Provincial Section, S/NC, and IPC if Para swimmers) b.the National Rules Chairperson c.each participating club d.all clubs in the host province e.provincial sections of out-of-province clubs

111 January 2013 111 Thank you.

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