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How to Find and Select an International Medical Elective

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1 How to Find and Select an International Medical Elective
Stephen A. Huffman, MD

2 Steve Huffman, MD 862 Buckeye Court Tipp City, Ohio 45371
Phone (937)

3 Places I have practiced:
San Juan Medical Clinic, Dominican Republic Spanishtown Hospital, Jamaica Regency Rainbow, Regency Cruise Line, Inside Passage, Alaska/Canada St. Jude’s Hospital, St. Lucia, West Indies Tully Hospital, Queensland, Australia

4 Places I have practiced:
Chubu Hospital, Okinawa, Japan, Visiting Professor Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital, St. Croix, US Virgin Island St. Elizabeth/ St. Martin de Porre Hospital, Cameron Africa King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Hamilton, Bermuda

5 Places I have practiced:
University of Guadalaraja School of Medicine - Visiting Professor Cat Cay Island, Bahamas Private Island Physician Where to next: Roy L. Schneider Hospital – St. Thomas St. George’s Medical School, Grenada

6 Questions to Answer Who? How? When? Why? What? Where?

7 Who/When? Residents/Students First year Second Year Third Year
Fourth Year Resident

8 What is the Big ‘M’ Today?
Mission Money Me

9 Why? Prepare for service after Medical School/Residency Educational
Service to others Evangelistic Change of life style Adventure Find one’s self See the world

10 Why? Great Experience – no Residents or other medical students
Tropical Medicine Different presentations of disease states Different medical environment/culture

11 Web Sites
Child Family Health International International Medical Volunteer Association American Medical Student Association International Federation of Medical Student Associations International Health Medical Education Consortium World Health Organization

12 Web Sites
International Federation of Medical Students Association Disney Cruise Ship Physician American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene www. University of Wisconsin- Department of Family Practice University of Colorado School of Medicine

13 Where? Third World Under-served areas Caribbean/Latin America
Africa, Eastern Europe Cruise Ship/ Resort Medicine Public Health Service Indian Health Service

14 Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So, throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Mark Twain

15 International Health in the Developing World: Clinical and Community Care
University of Arizona summer course 2 weeks every summer, optional 2 weeks abroad Contact: The University of Arizona, College of Medicine Dept. of Family and Community Medicine PO Box Tucson, AZ 85724

16 What? Primary Care Surgical Research

17 Elective Credit Research what department will give you credit for your experience at your school Requirements Goals Objective Research Case Studies Written Report Presentation

18 Additional Reading Jesus, MD A Doctor Examines the Great Physician; by David Stevens, 2001 JAMA, August 7, 2002, Vol 288, No. 5 pages Where There is No Doctor; by Dr. David Werner, 1992

19 Funding creative/creative.cfm
Local church Medical School Organizations School Loans

20 What? Things to Consider
Credit from Medical School/Residency Visa Travel Plans Immunizations/Malaria prophylactic Personal/Family Safety/Political Situation

21 What? Things to Consider
Accommodations Cost/Fund Raising Language Duty/Responsibility Communications Insurance Experience of Others

22 Unique Requirements Singapore - record temperature
Bermuda – nose culture for MSRSA South Africa – Student Visa $250US Jamaica – Gov. Employee – Preceptor Australia - Immunizations

23 International Residency Programs
Family Practice University of Cincinnati Case Western Reserve/University Hospitals Marshall University School of Medicine University of Arizona Baylor College of Medicine St. Joseph’s Family Prac. Residency, South Bend, Indiana

24 International Residency Programs
Emergency Medicine Brown University John Hopkins University Loma Linda University University of Illinois at Chicago Medical College of Georgia

25 International Residency Programs
Internal Medicine Brown University Case Western Reserve University Duke University Indiana University Yale Internal Medicine/Primary Care Medicine Tulane University

26 International Residency Programs
Pediatrics Case Western Reserve University

27 It is good plan, every now and then, to go away and have a little relaxation; for when you come back to work your judgment will be surer; since to remain constantly at work will cause you to lose the power of judgment. Leonardo da Vinci

28 International Medical Opportunity Time Sheet
One to three year before departure Letters of inquire for need or current program in place to area, country, or organization you are interested in Identify and engage funding sources Identify available time and duration

29 International Medical Opportunity Time Sheet
8 months before departure Learn about medical needs, specific disease processes Identify and start to collect needed medical and pharmaceutical supplies Clearance for customs by host for supplies Apply for CME/CUE Approval from appropriate person at the medical school

30 International Medical Opportunity Time Sheet
6 months before departure Identify housing, food services, and travel arrangements Immunizations including HBV, HAV, Tetanus, MMR, Polio, country specific Passport and Visa application

31 International Medical Opportunity Time Sheet
3 months before departure Fundraiser Language skills Contingency plan for last minute changes Identify specific role, daily schedule

32 International Medical Opportunity Time Sheet
2 weeks before departure Confirm all travel plans, accommodations, in country travel Final packing Give family/friends communication information Start malaria prophylactic if needed

33 International Medical Opportunity Time Sheet
One month after return Confirm all necessary requirements for credit Write thank you and follow up letters to your host Thank you letter and a note outlining your trip to the medical school and to everyone that donated supplies, money, or assisted in any way Start making plan for next trip

34 Questions Steve Huffman, MD 862 Buckeye Court Tipp City, Ohio 45371

35 To purchase the book “How to Find and Select an International Medical Elective” Send $17.50 made out to Steve Huffman ($ for Postage and Handling) Book Elective 862 Buckeye Court Tipp City, Ohio 45371

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