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Medical School of Strasbourg and University of Strasbourg

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1 Medical School of Strasbourg and University of Strasbourg

2 Tumultuous history at the crossroads of the Rhine
1540 : Medicine is taught at the Lutheran College founded by Jean Sturm 1566 : Maximilian II raises the college to the rank of an academy 1621 : Ferdinand II converts the academy into a university 1681 : Louis XIV confirms the university 1794 : changes into a school for studying health by the convention 1802 : transformation into a school of medicine 1808 : rebirth of the faculty under Napoleon

3 History (II) 1870 : Annexation of Alsace by Germany and from we had a free medical school in French but in 1872 it was transferred to Nancy. 1918 : the Faculty becomes French once again 1939 : the Faculty moves to Clermont-Ferrand and came back in 1945 1969 : integration of the Faculty in the University Louis Pasteur 2009 : creation of the University of Strasbourg from the three former universities (scientific and medical; human sciences; law school)

4 University of Strasbourg (1/01/09)
Set up from the former universities University Louis Pasteur (scientific and medical university) Marc Bloch University ( human sciences university) Robert Schuman University (law school)


6 Aims of the new university
the development of the basic missions of the university i.e. research, training, professional integration based on interdisciplinary collaboration and a synergy interactions of all the fields the major availability of the teaching/research staff, the administrative staff and the students to allow the best possible studies and the work opportunities. the development of the leadership to face international competition with better assets and more visibility.

7 The UdS is hosting 42 000 students (21% foreign students),
11 423 trainees in continuous education, 5 230 members of staff (of which 1500 come from national research institutions) It is constituted of 37 components i.e. training units, faculties, schools, institutes and 86 research units (Institute National de la Santé et de la Recherche Medical [INSERM] and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique [CNR]) covering a surface of sqm with 110 buildings.


9 All the fields in higher education are covered
50 Master programs 26 Bachelor programs 34 Professional bachelor programs 9 doctoral schools 2535 doctoral students (380 defenses/year) A European Doctoral College

10 Medicine studies First cycle : 2 years preclinical studies ( competitive examination at the end of the first year with a fixed numerous clausus) Second cycle : 4 years clinical studies and hospital training periods Compulsory national ranking tests for access into the 3rd cycle Third cycle – specialization general medicine 3 years other specialized studies 4 to 5 years

11 Research Master’s Biological imaging Neuroscience Cellular and molecular physiopathology Public health and environment Ethics : life, norms and societies, medical ethics and bioethics

12 Departments Evaluation committee for the theoretical and clinical teaching of the faculty Department of pedagogy Multimedia department – TICE University and hospital department of ethics Department of history and philosophy of life and health science-heritage and museum conservation Department of general medicine Department of human and social sciences Research commission

13 Research activities 7 INSERM units (national label)
4 University units (UdS label) Main fields : neurosciences Physiopathology of inflammation and cancer Immunity Microbiology Cancer Biomaterials : biological processes and interface biophysics

14 Teachers and Students 139 Professors 100 Associate Professors
134 university hospital assistants and university clinic managers-hospital assistants 5500 registered students (1800 1styear) 24% foreign students

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