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Social Media Presented by: Keystone Computer Concepts.

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1 Social Media Presented by: Keystone Computer Concepts

2 What is Social Media? Social Media is software and/or websites which allow you to easily communicate with friends, relatives, neighbors and others.

3 Examples Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn MySpace FourSquare

4 Examples Facebook: Started as a way of keeping college friends in contact with each other – for sharing photos, videos, comments, etc.

5 Examples Twitter: is a service which is based on speedy comments and conversations rather than on a webpage. People « follow » other people. Messages are limited to 140 characters. Messages are called « Tweets » and there are regular tweets, replies @ and direct messages.

6 Examples Google+ is a service similar to Facebook but with some special features. You can create « circles » and send messages to just a particular circle.

7 Examples LinkedIn: This is a social media site geared towards businesses.

8 Examples MySpace: the first of the major social media sites, this was/is a place for musicians to share their work.

9 Examples FourSquare: is a location-based social media program.

10 Ways to Access Social Media Web browser Smart Phone Specialized Software

11 Positive Aspects of Social Media Find old friends. Keep in touch with distant relatives and friends. Share information with a lot of friends at once.

12 Positive Aspects of Social Media See what others are doing. Communicate with businesses.

13 Negative Aspects of Social Media Default settings for a new account may allow access to information you’d really prefer was private. People from your past, whom you prefer to leave in your past, may find you. Social networking is time consuming.


15 Dos and Don’ts Do set your privacy settings as soon as you set up your account. (If you already have a social media account, go back and check your settings.) Don’t skip the initial profile set up.

16 Demos

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