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Teacher Leaders are Crucial to your PLC school Presented by Susan Bell & Chris Watkins 2011 Powerful Learning Conference.

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1 Teacher Leaders are Crucial to your PLC school Presented by Susan Bell & Chris Watkins 2011 Powerful Learning Conference

2 Talking Points Culture of your building? Building (v.) / Building(n.) Culture What are the responsibilities of a Principal? 3 Big As and Committed Sardines Teacher to Teacher Strategies to develop Teacher Leaders Most Important words Cant have one without the other

3 We Believe Each Learner is unique, with special gifts and talents. When given the opportunity to use them, they can make their little corner of the world a better place. We Believe Learning is a continuous opportunity that allows each of us to enrich our lives. This journey should be filled with enthusiasm, adventure, and time to reflect. We Believe Teaching should inspire tolerance, compassion and a sense of community. We Believe Teachers must first and foremost care about children, realizing that each day we experience the miracles that result from sharing our hearts, minds, knowledge, and enthusiasm, with a child. At Claude Brown Intermediate ……

4 Building (verb) & Building (noun) CULTURE Play Teams Mission Statement Celebrations Objectives outside classroom doors Re-structuring SPED department PAC – Parent Advisory Council Family Trivia Night Scheduling – daily, SPED, testing, Elective

5 What kind of activities are you doing in your school to develop your culture? Share your ideas with a neighbor

6 Leading the Way – Developing the next generation of Leaders principals responsibility Developing People Provide individualized support and consideration Offer intellectual stimulation Modeling appropriate values and practices The primary aim of developing your teacher leaders is Capacity Building … They need the knowledge and skills to do a job well AND the encouragement and support to persist in applying their knowledge and skills. All the way back in 1986, Bandura wrote People are motivated by what they are good at and mastery experiences are the most powerful forces of efficacy. Building capacity that leads to a sense of mastery is therefore highly motivational.

7 Principals responsibility Setting direction Creating a shared vision Fostering the acceptance of group goals Creating High Performance expectations Communicating the Direction

8 Principals responsibility Re-designing your program Creating a collaborative culture Re-structuring your building/staff to support collaboration Building productive relationships with families & communities Connecting the school to the wider community

9 Principals Responsibility Managing the instructional program Staffing the program Providing Instructional support Monitoring school activities Buffering staff from distracters of their work Aligning resources

10 How are some of the responsibilities, typically assigned to the principal, shared by other staff members in your school? SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH A NEIGHBOR

11 Your Teacher Leaders are Committed Sardines

12 Creating & Finding Your Committed Sardines The 3 Big As A sk them to be part of a committee or to serve as a chairperson of a special event – its amazing how many teachers wait to be asked. A llow – often times these are the teachers who come to you privately with great ideas theyd like to try. A cknowledge their ideas in front of their peers.

13 PD days Gallery Walks Educational Leadership magazine articles Book Studies Trophies and Recognitions CSI Tech savvy Choosing committee work Collaboration time Teacher to Teacher Leadership

14 C.S.I. Classroom Scene Investigation Name of teacher ______________________________ Time _____________ Subject Area _____________________________ What did you see ? _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ What did you like?________________________________________________ What do you want to know more about from this classroom? _______________________________________________________________ Any other comments? ____________________________________________

15 M ost I mportant W ords Courtesy of 4 most important words: What do you think? 2 most important words: Thank you 2 most important words: All yours 3 most important words: Try it again 4 most important words: How are we doing? 1 most important word: Yes 1 most important word: No 2 most important words: Good try 4 most important words: How was Marys recital 1 most important word: Wow 2 most important words: Lets celebrate 1 most important words: Excellent Add your own:

16 Lets Strategize! Budgeting PLC Leadership Team – stable group SMART goals – report as a team Data Day Restructure teams Teacher awards, recognition, support Expand the use of paraprofessionals Observe, observe, observe

17 Cant have one without the Other ….

18 Leadership ….Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing. Albert Schweitzer

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