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EM-PAY The WINNING STRATEGY Journey to Success Venture Internationally.

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2 EM-PAY The WINNING STRATEGY Journey to Success Venture Internationally

3 An International Trading Opportunity Platform A Global Consumers Strategy

4 2006 EM-PAY IPC SHOPPING & Proudly Present A Profitable Strategy Plan

5 A Whole New 21st Century Networking Concept

6 Prosperity within the Network In this modern era, efficiency, accessibility and breeze of purchasing are the most important criteria for online business

7 In this economic vibrant & developing era, Substantial & influential entrepreneurs background and modern concepts are essential

8 Online business is potentially equipped with opportunities! It has attracted many small & medium entrepreneurs interests - providing competitive products and services

9 EM-PAY is an online trading firm, providing various online strategy planning assisting in developing, establishing your business

10 Integration of electronic business services EM-PAY.COM Function through online platform

11 EM-PAY.COM propose a Simple yet Synamic & Potential strategy The more consumed, the more accumulation of points, leading to ultimate fulfilling rebates & incentives Ability to attract and integrate into extravagant group of consumers

12 EM-PAY.COM joint-venture with reputable business partners, providing diversified valuable products Rebating its profits to loyal consumers Upon saving on Spending, consumers are given the opportunity to Gain Income and to secure Career Opportunity

13 Our Concept Basic necessities in our lives are in a cycle chain Today you are a supplier Tomorrow you are a consumer Within these changing in position, there are also difference in superiority Only the STRONG survive! Clothes Food HouseCar

14 Our Concept EM-PAY.COM had joint-venture with IPC SHOPPING, which are established with the success of 26 countries market Every members will enjoy the chance of venturing into our e-business platform to attract potential buyers globally Resolving the market superiority issue

15 Why do we choose online concept? Potential and development statistically proven Global Consumers Population Table World RegionPopulation Population % of World Internet Usage, Latest Data % Population Usage Growth 2000-2005 Africa915,210,92814.1 %23,649,0002.3 %423.9 % Asia3,667,774,06656.4 %364,270,71335.6 %218.7 % Europe807,289,02012.4 %291,600,89828.5 %177.5 % Middle East190,084,1612.9 %18,203,5001.8454.2 % North America331,473,2765.1 %227,303,68022.2 %110.3 % Latin America/Caribbean 553,908,6328.5 %79,962,8097.8 %342.5 % Oceania/Australia33,956,9770.5 %17,872,7071.7 %134.6 % World Total6,499,697,060100.0 %1,022,863,307100.0 %183.4 %

16 Our Concept We realized that every country has their own loyalty plan Consumer loyalty plan on E-Business is rarely established The potential of E-Business is Boundless!


18 EM-PAY & IPC SHOPPING secured global market Uniting loyal consumer groups from different countries Rebating to consumers even if they are shopping online

19 Our Strategy will stimulate the consumers interest Our Program will be Explosive! Our Concept will be recognised globally Our Plan had established supportive relationship with entrepreneurs, diversified businesses and the finance sector

20 Our Concept In year 2006, EM-PAY's partner - IPCSH0PPING, had been awarded with "The 5th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2006"

21 Our Strategy Spending Rebate Plan International bonus and incentives rebate plan obtainable through EM-PAYs Platinum Membership

22 Our Strategy A Worldwide Coverage Marketing Strategy Plan

23 MalaysiaChinaIndonesia SingaporeBruneiThailand VietnamPhilippine 26,000,000 1,306,313,812 260,000,000 65,444,371 4,425,720 372,361 83,535,576 87,857,473 1,095,351,995 India Our Strategy Market Coverage in the following countries

24 2,908,857,223 Population

25 Purchase or Invest via EM-PAY today, and enjoy a Worldwide rolling return YOU Malaysia China SingaporeThailandIndia Malaysia Auto placement system is operating internationally, for every downline placed below you, you'll enjoy 4mp. Early bird catches best the worm!" Reaching 15 levels = 262,136 mP 1 15 4mP4mP 4mP 4mP4mP4mP

26 Auto Placement System Even if you do not have time to sponsor new people, the Auto Placement System will also include international members / downlines into your network. Without much sweat, your income will hike up to an amazing 5 FIGURES amount! Plan B Bonus Forecast : LevelLeftRightTotalLoyaltyIncentive Total Level 11124.008.00 Level 22244.0016.0024.00 Level 34484.0032.0056.00 Level 488164.0064.00120.00 Level 516 324.00128.00248.00 Level 632 644.00256.00504.00 Level 764 1284.00512.001,016.00 Level 8128 2564.001,024.002,040.00 Level 9256 5124.002,048.004,088.00 Level 10512 1,0244.004,096.008,184.00 Level 111,024 2,0484.008,192.0016,376.00 Level 122,048 4,0964.0016,384.0032,760.00 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15 4,096 8,192 16,384 4,096 8,192 16,384 8,192 16,384 32,768 4.00 32,768.00 65,536.00 131,072.00 65,528.00 131,064.00 262,136.00

27 Condition : Purchase at least 1 unit 1 Unit = RM 168--- Plan A and Plan B (Auto Placement from all around the world) Benefits: Direct Sponsor Bonus Matching Bonus Auto Placement Bonus World Pool Bonus Lucky Draw Auto Placement Program – Get downlines automatically Investment Plan

28 A B Maximum 20 pairs / day 20 Units / day20 Unit / d d d day Left Group Right Group A + B = 10mP Direct Sponsor = 15mP Maximum Matching Bonus = 10mP x 20 Pairs = 200mP / day U Plan A Matching

29 Eg: A B U E F Sponsor A: 15mP Sponsor B: 15mP Matching Bonus A+B: 10mP A Sponsor E, B Sponsor F, E+F: 10mP Total Bonus: 50mP Daily Maximum Matching Bonus: 200mP Monthly Maximum Matching Bonus: 6000mP Plan APlan B A B EF Auto Placement in Plan B U

30 Can obtain international downlines without SPONSORS? Yes! In the EM-PAY system, it provides a wonderful Auto-Placement system that enables you to Sponsor new people without having to run around like the conventional MLM. EM-PAY system will venture into the international market! Auto Placement System: 1 Without sponsoring a single person, your group will also venture into international market. 2 Not necessary to run around to sponsor new people. 3 Incentives & Bonus guaranteed! Everyone enjoys the chance of international point-accumulation bonus!

31 World Pool Bonus Every New Registration Unit will contribute 4mP to the World Pool. Eg: 10,000 new E-Merchant = 40000mP World Pool Total Fund. How do you qualify for the World Pool Bonus? U If you register 3 units, you will be entitled for 1 point, if you sponsor A who register 3 units, you will get 1 more point, if you sponsor B who register 3 units you get 1 point for it. Calculation of the World Pool: Eg: Assuming the World Pool Fund is 200,000mP, it will be divided by the total points of the month (example 2000 points) So you can get: 200,000mP / 2,000 * 3 = 300mP B-01 B-02 B-03 1 Point A-01 A-02A-03 1 Point

32 Join our Trend NOW International Market Existing Everywhere! Start Investing now! Enjoy Auto Placement System & Auto Maintenance Click here to enter website Every Second Count!

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