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The New Republic and the May Fourth Movement.

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1 The New Republic and the May Fourth Movement




5 The 1911 Revolution Mutiny by the modern army Provinces declare independence from the Qing Establishment of The Republic of China –Sun Yatsen the first president Power taken over by Yuan Shikai –Former Qing official 1916 Beijing loses control of the rest of the country

6 The May Fourth Movement 1) A political movement Imperialist pressure on China from 19 th C –Pressure from Japan 1894 Japan defeats China in war to control Korea 1904 Japan defeats Russia in war to control Manchuria 1914 Outbreak of war in Europe –Japan joins Allies and captures the German concession of Qingdao


8 1918 Treaty of Versailles gave Qingdao to Japan → Fury in China → Student demonstrations in Beijing →arrests → Protests spread to other cities



11 A Social and Cultural Movement Political change has failed → need to change the way people think → attack Confucianism, especially Arranged marriages Position of women New literature –To teach the new ideas to the people

12 Chen Duxiu and Hu Shi

13 Lu Xun

14 Political Change New political ideas enter China –Student study groups –Interest in political ideologies and scientific thinking Founding of the Chinese Communist Party

15 The May Fourth Movement in Chinese History Inspired a new generation of leaders Frequent commemoration History still problematic in China

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