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1 Parents and Family Newsletter March/April/May 2014 Penn State Mont Alto Apply for 2014-2015 Financial Aid The Office of Student Aid encourages all students to apply for financial aid. The 2014-2015 FAFSA is available now. To ensure full consideration for aid, we recommend you apply online at by the following dates: New students: March 1, 2014 Current students: April 15, 2014 We recommend the student and parent complete their 2013 Federal Income Tax Returns as soon as possible. However, it is okay to estimate your earnings if you will not have your taxes completed by the above dates. It is better to use estimated figures than to apply late for financial aid. Please be as accurate as possible if you choose to use estimated figures. To release the FAFSA to Penn State, use Penn State’s Federal Code 003329. By completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, students are automatically considered for grants from the Federal Government, grants from the State of Pennsylvania, if the student is a Pennsylvania resident, as well as aid from the University, including loans. Remember, you must complete the FAFSA each year. The FAFSA is free and does not obligate the student or parent to anything. However, this application does open all doors for financial aid. For assistance, contact: Antonia Spedden Financial Aid Coordinator 1-717-749-6133 Click here to view Penn State’s official Parents and Family website. Penn State is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity, and the diversity of its workforce. U.Ed. MAO 14-16

2 Career Services Parents and Family Newsletter March/April/May2014 Career Services at Penn State Mont Alto assists students and alumni with all aspects of career planning. Students are welcome to schedule individual appointments with the Career Counselor or attend any of the various events and workshops sponsored by Career Services. ETIQUETTE WEEK This spring, Penn State Mont Alto will host an entire week of events dedicated to business etiquette. During the week of March 24-28, Career Services and Housing and Food Services will present three different Etiquette Dinners at The Mill on campus. To help prepare students for professional settings, these dinners will answer such questions as, “Which fork do I use?” to “What do I do with that napkin?” Tuesday, March 25 Etiquette Dinner 5:00–7:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 26 Etiquette Luncheon 11:00 a.m.–1 p.m. Thursday, March 27 Etiquette Dinner5:00–7:00 p.m. The cost is $5 per student. The remainder of the cost of the event is funded by the Student Activity Fee. CAREER SERVICES WORKSHOPS & CAREER FAIRS Every semester, Career Services provides a series of workshops covering topics that include: resume writing, interview preparation, job and internship searching, and using social media to network, among others. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these workshops throughout their time at Penn State, not just during their final semester, so that they are fully prepared upon graduation. University Park hosts dozens of opportunities for students to connect with employers at various career fairs. Some fairs are specific to certain majors or programs, while others are general and target a wide range of majors and industries. Penn State Mont Alto also hosts employers on our campus for information sessions, on-campus recruiting and interviews, and classroom presentations. For a full schedule of workshops and career fairs that are offered each semester, visit the Career Services webpage at and click on the “Upcoming Career Events” calendar on the right side of the QUESTIONS? Contact Adrianne Lindeman, Career Services Coordinator, at 717-749-6104 or Penn State Mont Alto


4 Things To Know Who’s WhoNews The Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) programs (associate and baccalaureate degrees) both require internships. The associate degree program requires 240 hours (6 credits) and the baccalaureate degree program requires 480 hours (8 credits). Students complete internships in a variety of locations, including: nursing homes, child-care centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and so on. Internships are valuable because they allow students to use their classroom knowledge in an applied setting. More importantly, internships give students the opportunity to try a type of agency or set of tasks before committing to employment in that area. Internships also give students the necessary work experience needed to build their resumes and help them get their first post- graduation job. A question many of our students and families ask: “What can I do with a degree in HDFS?” My favorite answer is, “You can become a human resource manager.” I had the opportunity to do my internship at F&M Trust, where I am currently employed. Through the help of Christina Yoder, Training and Development Officer at F&M Trust, and my faculty superviser, at PSMA, I explored different aspects of the bank, including human resources, which is what I am most interested in doing to further my career. I was able to accomplish many things over the course of my internship that opened my eyes as to what I want to do in my career. I explored different options throughout the bank and really saw how it all comes together. I gained so much knowledge and experience through my internship that I now feel prepared for any challenge that may come my way. I feel blessed to have worked with so many great people and do my internship with such a great company. I would definitely recommend doing an internship in banking to anyone who hasn’t considered it as a career to really help consider the many opportunities of working in a bank. I like this answer, because I believe this career is of great interest to some of our students and because it can also be surprising to them. When students are interested in this type of career, I recommend they complete a minor in business or take courses in the business program so they can become conversant with the issues in this field. Emily Anderson completed her internship at F&M Bank in Chambersburg during fall 2013. Here is what she has to say about her experience: Emily Anderson (left) with her internship superviser, Christina Yoder, Training and Development Officer at F&M Trust.

5 Harrisburg Transportation Travel Don’t Forget!News Academic Calendar March 8–16 Spring break May 2 Classes end May 3– 4 Study days May 5– 9 Final exams May 10 Commencement The Office of Campus Life offers transportation to the Harrisburg train and bus station as well as the Harrisburg airport. The cost is $15 each way. Students may sign up for “one way” if needed. Only the student may sign himself/herself up for transportation. A Penn State ID and cash or check is required at the time of sign-up. Please note the departure and return times when making ticket arrangements. Students should arrive at the designated location 15 minutes prior to departure from campus or stations. Because there is a limited number of seats, students should sign up as soon as possible in the Office of Campus Life (Conklin Hall, Room 207). Bags are limited to one carry on (lap) and one average-size suitcase. Any questions? Please visit the Office of Campus Life. These dates are currently scheduled for transportation: March 7 – March 16 April 18– April 20 May 9 Please encourage students to read their emails for trip information (times, deadlines, etc.). Students should verify when signing up, which location we will arrive at first. The bus/van will depart the Harrisburg Train/Bus station at 7:00 p.m. sharp! *Students are responsible to purchase their own bus/train/plane tickets. *Please remember that we cannot hold the vans/buses because your student is running late. *Please keep in mind that because of costs we may need to consolidate students onto a particular trip. We try to run each of the van trips but a trip may be cancelled due to lack of sign-ups. Taxi service is available by calling: Capital City Taxi @ 717-939-6363 or American Taxi (Greg) @ 717-283-7490 (This service is not affiliated with Penn State. Information for this service has been requested by students and family members.) Penn State Mont Alto Academic and Leadership Awards Ceremony April 6 at 3:00 p.m. Students who are receiving awards will be notified around February 19 and will need to RSVP with the number of family and friends attending the ceremony.

6 Health News Health Greetings from Health Services Since we all are very eager to usher in the spring, here are a few tips to ensure your student has a safe, healthy and enjoyable spring semester as well as a great spring break! ALSO be on the lookout for all of our upcoming fun and informative programs and check out our activity calendar Spring break will be here before you know it and there are several ways you can help your student have a safe and memorable break. As always, “care packages” from home are a GREAT idea. Even the little things, such as a first-aid kit with basic supplies like Ibuprofen/Tylenol/Aspirin, bandages, cold medicine, and antiseptic can come in handy. In the event that the student does become ill and needs to visit Health Services, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND…IF YOUR STUDENT IS UNDER 18 AND HAS NOT GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL AS AN EARLY TO COLLEGE STUDENT, PERMISSION FROM A PARENT/GUARDIAN IS REQURED FOR TREATMENT. You can request the form by emailing ALSO: PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING REGARDING CLASS EXCUSES: / As always, we are committed to promoting the physical and emotional well-being of all Penn State Mont Alto students through health education, preventative health strategies and, most of all, quality health care. Please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions and concerns. Danielle Werner, R.N. Call 717-749-6160 or email (Office and physician hours are subject to change.)

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