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SHADOWING WORKSHOP Presented by the Creighton Career Center and the PMED Seminar Program.

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1 SHADOWING WORKSHOP Presented by the Creighton Career Center and the PMED Seminar Program

2 SHADOWING WORKSHOP Presented by: Lisa Brockhoff and Linda Dunn Creighton Career Center

3 Shadowing…What Does it Really Mean? Beyond just looking it up online…It is actually watching someone do a job for a few hours, days or whatever time is necessary. It is the only way to really find out what you may like or not like about a specific profession or clinical specialty! You will ALWAYS learn something- both positive and negative Will come away either more excited or less excited – never neutral

4 Why do I need to shadow? “But I already KNOW what doctors do –” –Your experience as a patient (or TV fan) does NOT give you a real picture of what it takes day in and day out –You need to be sure –Medical Schools want to KNOW that you have truly explored being a doc! –The focus should be to have exposure to many different practices and specialties

5 What is an “ideal” shadowing experience? How many times do I need to shadow? How many hours of shadowing do I need? How many different doctors do I need to shadow?

6 The Rule of 4-3-2-1 At a minimum –4 - different doctors –3 - different visits to each doc –2 - hours at each visit –1 - no more than one doc you already know The best shadowing experiences will occur over several years Not a checklist Learning process

7 What are the “logistics” of shadowing? Find a physician to shadow Use of Reference USA –Physicians all over the US who graduated from CU’s Medical School –Demonstration CU Physician Experience Database (available to sophomores) Networking Shadowing Guidelines handout

8 Before you Shadow… HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) –Patient Confidentiality is PRIMARY! –Physicians will prefer those already HIPAA proficient PMED students received certification, so refer to this. RESUME –If you have one, use it. –PMED 201 students will attend Resume Development workshop in the Fall

9 Shadowing Etiquette Have a good reason for your choice of doctor Contact the appropriate person Be flexible in scheduling Dress professionally and wear comfortable shoes Have at least 5 questions –Inquire about referrals for other physicians Always write a Thank You note Remember that shadowing is not a not a group project

10 While you are there What is the scope of a shadowing visit? –To watch, listen and learn –Observing only BE SENSITIVE to patients Be on time Be polite, sensitive and considerate of office staff, nurses and other docs Remember that you are there to learn, not teach!

11 A database of more than 850,000 US doctors and dentists Can select by geography, medical specialty, size of practice, medical school attended, etc. Examples: CU medical school alums in Des Moines; Nebraska med school alums in Denver; Pediatricians practicing in Omaha from Creighton’s medical school, etc., etc.

12 Other Suggestions for Getting Clinical Experience: Start shadowing with your own physician and their colleagues Volunteer at local hospital and long-term care facilities Get trained to be a Certified, Nursing Assistant, Emergency Medical Tech, Phlebotomist, etc. Information about local CNA, EMT and Phlebotomy programs available through Career Center Summer months – good time to do this…. Could then get paid for clinical experience

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