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1 Manually advance slides – use Cursor keys or Page Up/Down 1

2 User has Microsoft Excel © software installed on their computer. Microsoft Excel © - Windows based (not Mac) Version 2007 or 2010 2

3 Each E/M Coding Template includes : 1995 General Exam along with one 1997 Exam Template has same CMS 1997 Documentation Guidelines as shown on website of 3

4 E/M Coding template Optional Note Area provided in all areas Automatically adds your items, saving time All entries are at users input, abbreviations etc. allowed Users information is Posted Forward and appear by chart for further decision making Save to unique file name on your computer, using Excel or PDF formats Open Excel file - start where you left off to allow for interruptions and when user needs further information. 4

5 Template Tables gather the users input. All the decision making is your own. Decision making charts embedded in template. User provides their own RISK chart. All areas are optional. If coding by time = complete tool with only what pertains. Links to next steps and key areas throughout template to navigate quickly. 5

6 ................................................................... Next slides are Examples of the HISTORY section HPI ROS PFSH 6

7 7

8 8

9 9

10 10

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12 12

13 Chart below becomes populated as your previous decisions are brought forward. 13 HISTORY LEVEL decision needed - Refer to chart provided for quick reference

14 Users input is carried forward throughout the template to decision making charts 14 Template includes 3 Sections

15 Users input is transferred to top of template Template has great flexibility as input can vary with each user. Drop down menus and required fields are non-existent. Save in Excel or PDF format using filename of your choice. 15

16 16 Web: Email : sales@em - coding.comsales@em - Call 701-552-0728 This E/M Coding template has numerous benefits for you Tool is created to be flexible and meet E&M CPT Coding needs Will also customize these templates. Coding Template, Fargo ND

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