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Finding the Right Major

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1 Finding the Right Major
Decision-making for effective Career Development HPU Career Services Center

2 Being uncertain is okay
…It’s all part of the process! No matter where you are in the process of determining your major, this presentation will show you resources that can help you narrow your options.

3 Identify Your Interests & Skills
Step One Research Potential Majors Step Two Narrow Your Options Step Three

4 Identify your Interests & Skills
Step One Identify your Interests & Skills

5 Answer the following questions…
Tips: Write everything on paper Don’t judge or censor yourself!

6 Find your likes and dislikes
What are your hobbies? What activities are you drawn to? What do you dislike? What are your favorite subjects? What topics do you like to read and learn about?

7 Take stock of your abilities
What were your best subjects in high school? What are your best subjects in college? What talents have you used in your past jobs? What skills do you bring to extracurricular activities? What abilities help you to do a good job with community service projects? What skills would you like to develop?

8 Explore what’s important to you
Keep your interests in mind as you explore your values: What classes have you felt most worthwhile to you so far? Why did you place that value on them? What are the key values you hope to have in the workplace? Leadership? Wealth? Fame?

9 Research Potential Majors
Step Two Research Potential Majors

10 Look for clues in your classes
If your schedule allows, explore your interests in your core classes. What do you enjoy in each subject area? Topics that challenge you Class projects you look forward to Subjects you like to spend time with Ideas that inspire you Tasks that speak to your interests and abilities The kind of work you’ll be proud to do

11 Research the major(s) …So you know what you’re getting into.
List your top 5 majors What are the requirements of the major? Do you need a certain GPA? What are the prerequisite courses? What are some possible career options of each major? Check out our “Majors Cards” at

12 Step Three Narrow your Options

13 As you narrow your choices…
Watch out for “should” advice, as in “you really should go into nursing.” Don’t let others be your only influence – It’s your decision! Gather the facts, work through the thoughts and emotions and make your decision. Trust yourself!

14 Which major is best for you?
Talk to your Academic Advisor Do you qualify for the program? How long would it take for you to complete the degree? Ask Faculty and Department Chairs They know their majors inside and out Meet with a Career Counselor to determine if your interests and abilities match the major Career Exploration and Development is a multi-year process -- Counselors can assist you throughout your studies Ask yourself, Am I prepared to put in the necessary time to complete the coursework?

15 Keep in mind… After choosing a major, you can use this same process to refine your decisions within the major. Career Development is a process of making informed decisions throughout your studies. The skills you develop in research, self-assessment, and decision-making will serve you well: Studies show that the average professional changes careers six to ten times.

16 Additional Resources HPU Academic Catalog: Read about courses you could take Student Life & First-Year Programs: Get involved and further explore your interests Connect with upperclassmen who chose the major: Ask what they like and dislike about their courses

17 We hope this presentation was helpful to you
We hope this presentation was helpful to you! If you have any questions about your degree plan, contact your Academic Advisor. For assistance in exploring your career options, or for further career development, meet with a Career Counselor at the…

18 HPU Career Services Center
We offer free career counseling, self-assessments, employer information sessions, and job fairs Call or visit us to make an appointment FH 502 (808) Thank you! This presentation was adapted from “Choosing Your Major, Discovering Your True Fit” by Paperclip Communications, 2007

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