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ONE® Mail Training Presentation North York General Hospital North York General Hospital.

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1 ONE® Mail Training Presentation North York General Hospital North York General Hospital

2 2 ONE Mail Training  This presentation illustrates: The differences between regular e-mail and ONE Mail. The security features of ONE Mail. How to safely send e-mail through the ONE Mail service. What’s in it for me?

3 3 How does basic E-mail work?  Basic e-mail - such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Sympatico accounts are unprotected e-mail accounts. Mail can be intercepted and read by others as it moves across the public Internet. Think of basic e-mail as you would a postcard – your information could be available to prying eyes. You should never send personal information in an unsecured e-mail.

4 4 How does basic E-mail work?

5 5 How does ONE Mail work?  ONE Mail provides additional layers of security designed to allow healthcare providers to securely and reliably send health and patient information.  ONE Mail satisfies government regulations regarding the protection of information privacy and confidentiality that apply to personal health information.  Users access ONE Mail using secure connection protocols over a managed private network.  When followed, policies and procedures ensure privacy, security, and acceptable use.

6 6 How does ONE Mail work?

7 7 ONE Mail also includes ONE Pages  ONE Pages is a searchable directory of all ONE Mail subscribers to whom you can securely send e-mail through ONE Mail.  Depending on your organization’s configuration of ONE Mail and acceptable security practices, ONE Pages can be accessed: Through your web browser at (if you have an eHealth Ontario ONE Network Circuit) Through your ONE Pages address book in your desktop e-mail client  Contact information in ONE Pages includes the first and last name of the ONE Mail subscriber, organization to which they belong, and their ONE Mail e-mail address. Remember that ONE Mail is secure among participating organizations. ONE Pages is the authoritative list of subscribers within participating organizations.

8 8 ONE Pages through Outlook  Create new email  Click the address book

9 9  Click the drop down list and select ONE Pages This Address list holds a complete listing of secure email addresses that are part of the provincial ONE Mail network.

10 10  Select from the contact list, click file and create new message

11 11  To search for email addresses by company, click on Advanced Find

12 12  Type the Company Name, click ok  Please note, some organizations may choose not to publish all internal addresses in ONE pages

13 13 ONE Pages through Web Mail You can also access ONE Pages through outlook web access Go to Type your username and password

14 14  Click on the address book icon to open the address list window.  Click on “Show other address list”

15 15  Select ONE Pages

16 16  Select and right click from the contact list to create new message  You can also search by name.  Note: Search by company is not available in webmail

17 17 How will ONE Mail help me?  Share personal health information with other ONE Mail users, knowing the information is fully protected. Access management Faster transport Cost effective  It gives you the confidence that the person to whom you send a message is actually the person listed – and nobody else.  It lets you send personal health information electronically, allowing faster access to information to make clinical decisions.  Reduced costs of alternative forms of communication such as faxing and couriering.

18 18 Collaborate securely anywhere and anytime  ONE Mail is a communication tool providing the ability to transfer patient information to other healthcare partners (providing they are also participating in ONE Mail) in cases where faxes or couriers had previously been used.  Now is a perfect time to think through current information flow processes for ways to become more efficient and secure through the use of ONE Mail.

19 19 Security Tip  It is your responsibility to protect saved copies with sensitive content as you would protect paper records.  Follow all privacy and security guidelines and legislation when sending personal health information by e-mail, just as you would when faxing or couriering paper documents. Copies of e-mails or attachments saved on your computer are outside of the ONE Mail system. Therefore:

20 20 Summary of ONE Mail  ONE Mail provides secure e-mail to you and other participating partners.  You must ensure that the recipient’s e- mail address is listed in the ONE Pages (Global Address Book) when sending sensitive information.  You are responsible for the security/ privacy of personal health information.  Any messages/attachments saved on your computer are your responsibility. Treat electronic records as you would paper records.

21 For Blackberry users:  Emails sent to you from a secure source (ONE mail) can be securely opened and viewed using your device.  You can send secure emails from your device to ONE mail accounts.  You can add ONE mail accounts to your device directory in the same way you would add any email address. However, you are not able to search the ONE pages address list as this functionality is not supported by the device

22 22 Who do I contact for support or information?  Email:  Phone: :(416)756-6000 Ext. 6074

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