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Life in Lower Canada:1815-1838.

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1 Life in Lower Canada:

2 Outline Groups in Lower Canada Government in Lower Canada
Unrest in Lower Canada

3 1) Groups in Lower Canada
Habitants Merchants Professional Men

4 Habitants French speaking tenant farmers Paid rent to a Seigneur
Worked long narrow farms

5 Habitants Changes occurring
Lifestyle might be threatened by English newcomers French language R/C religion Agricultural way of life Anxious over scarcity of land and poor economic conditions

6 Habitant Concerns Population growth was filling up available farm land
Rows being split along the St. Lawrence R./Richelieu R./ Ottawa R. With less land available many looked for work in towns and lumber camps or went to the U.S.

7 Merchants English New to the area in comparison to the Habitants
Rich and Powerful (exporting furs & timber + wheat the Habitants provided)

8 Merchants Desires Focused on area improvements
Harbors Canals Roads All of which they wanted to be paid for by the govt. through taxes

9 Professional Men The newest of the 3 groups
Educated people (doctors & lawyers)

10 Professional Men Goals
Wanted to be the leaders of Lower Canada Took it upon themselves to speak up for French- Speaking Lower Canada Dreamt of a separate French Cdn Nation wherein they could then preserve the French Cdn way of life The French language R/C religion Traditional agricultural lifestyle

11 2. Government in Lower Canada
Chateau Clique Parti Canadien

12 Chateau Clique Held most the power in Lower Canada
Mostly business people British background or wealthy French Cdns Supported the R/C church and the R/C church supported them in return Favored British system of government & views Wanted more English to join the current population

13 Parti Canadien (Parti Patriote 1826)
Almost exclusively French Viewed change as a threat They appealed to the professional elite Louis-Joseph Papineau (lawyer) was their leader From their political position (the legislative assembly) they were able to block the Merchants from their plans (Harbors/Canals/Roads)

14 Canadien Sentiment “Not only did the British cast their beggars on the Canadian shore, they must do still more; they must send us, as the final outrage, pestilence and death.” -Parti Patriote-

15 3. Unrest in Lower Canada Points of view Appeal to Great Britain
Armed rebellion in Lower Canada

16 Points of View Frustration from the Legislative Assembly
Difficulty passing laws Reason  Legislative Council & Executive Council had different goals and values

17 Appeal to Great Britain
1834-The Legislative Assembly put forth a proposal Ninety-Two Resolutions Voted no for taxes until their concerns were addressed

18 Appeal to Great Britain
Lord Gosford came from Great Britain to investigate Papineau & the Patriotes saw Gosford as a puppet The merchants were unimpressed with Gosford trying to please the Patriotes Gosford sent a report to Great Britain responding to the 92 Resolutions

19 Appeal to Great Britain
Great Britain responded with 10 Resolutions Papineau & Patriotes not happy as Great Britain refused to give the Legislative Assembly power British immigration still coming in Even if the Legislative Assembly refused to vote for taxes the Governor would take money to pay his officials anyways

20 Appeal to Great Britain
Shortly after economic depression struck United States Great Britain British North America Additionally that further infuriated the Canadiens Armed conflict to come

21 Armed Rebellion in Lower Canada
Papineau & his Canadiens ready to fight Battle at St. Denis—November 23, 1837—Success Battle at St. Charles unsuccessful Papineau fled to the United States & if he was ever to return he would be executed

22 Armed Rebellions in Lower Canada
St. Eustache (biggest battle) 1000 Patriotes Fought from a church & a couple buildings Bombarded with canon fire British lit churches and buildings on fire 70 Patriotes died The Rebellions proved to be unsuccessful

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