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Metropolitan Local Government Reform July 2013 Tony Simpson Minister for Local Government.

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1 Metropolitan Local Government Reform July 2013 Tony Simpson Minister for Local Government

2 Four years ago, Government asked local governments to consider voluntary amalgamations Little change in local government boundaries or structure for more than 100 years. New boundaries take into account population growth to 2026. Background

3 Robson report Too many councils (30) in metro Perth Duplication and wasted resources Different approaches to planning Different councils offer different levels of service

4 Actions since March Department of Local Government reviewed feedback to Robson report Minister met with Mayors/CEOs in groups Minister met individually with Mayors/CEOs Met with WALGA, LGMA and other groups Met with Ministerial colleagues Now ready to announce preferred model

5 Why 14? – Stronger financially sustainable model – Cope with population growth – Communities of interest – Built and natural features

6 Our preferred model Wanneroo, Joondalup and Rockingham remain unchanged Boundary changes for City of Perth, and City of Stirling Vincent residents become ratepayers of either Stirling or Perth Nine new local governments are formed through amalgamations.

7 Expanded City of Perth All the iconic attractions into City of Perth o New stadiumThe University of WA o Crown complexQEII Hospital o Kings ParkLeederville café strip Grows from 782 hectares to 1893 hectares Focus on commercial rather than residential

8 City of Perth map

9 City of Stirling Adds residential part of Vincent (Mt Hawthorn and North Perth) Population 205,000 (225,000 by 2026) Already financially strong and sustainable No longer includes Churchlands or Wembley Downs

10 City of Stirling

11 City of Vincent Vincent remains the same until July 2015, then the residential part goes to Stirling and commercial part to City of Perth. Our capital city is growing to the north and it makes sense to include the commercial areas of Vincent into the City of Perth. Commend staff of Vincent for the great work they have done and reassure them that jobs will be found for them at Stirling and Perth. No reflection on their dedication.

12 A new western suburbs council Commercial focus on Claremont and Subiaco Population 113,000 (124,000 by 2026) Swan River, Stirling Highway, coast – CambridgeNedlands – SubiacoClaremont – CottesloeMosman Park – Peppermint Grove Addition of Churchlands, Wembley Downs, part of Woodlands and residential part of North Fremantle

13 Western suburbs

14 Merge Mundaring and Swan Create eastern hills local government based on the strategic centre of Midland Population 157,000 (218,000 by 2026) Swan Valley, Guildford, Mundaring

15 Mundaring Swan

16 Merge Armadale with Serpentine Jarrahdale South eastern council Armadale plus Serpentine Jarrahdale Population 89,000 (132,000 by 2026) High growth area, need for infrastructure Coordinated approach to bushfire management

17 Armadale Serpentine Jarrahdale

18 Merge Cockburn and Kwinana Population 132,000 (183,000 by 2026) Western Trade Coast Kwinana Industrial Area Australian Marine Complex Jandakot Airport Coast and environs

19 Cockburn Kwinana

20 Merge Melville, Fremantle, East Fremantle Population 157,000 (164,000 by 2026) – FremantleMelville – East FremantleRottnest Island Focus on port city and Swan/Canning Rivers Strengthen the local government to cater for international and national visitors to Fremantle Preserve its history Expanded east to add Rossmoyne, Shelley and parts of Riverton and Willeton Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch Uni, Garden City

21 Melville, Fremantle, East Fremantle

22 Merge Canning Gosnells Some boundary adjustments Population 184,000 (215,000 by 2026) Focus on Cannington Industrial areas Canning Vale, Welshpool Housing stock, commercial development

23 Canning Gosnells

24 Merge Bassendean Bayswater Population 109,000 (110,000 by 2026) Focus on Morley Addition of areas of the City of Stirling Logical boundaries – Alexander Drive to the west Reid Highway to the north All of Noranda into new local government area from Swan

25 Bassendean Bayswater

26 Merge Belmont Kalamunda City of Belmont, plus Shire of Kalamunda Population 97,000 (104,000) All of Perth Airport New boundary of Orrong Rd

27 Belmont Kalamunda

28 Merge South Perth Victoria Park Merge City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park Population 88,000 (100,000) Residential areas of Burswood peninsula Parts of St James and Bentley from Canning

29 South Perth Victoria Park

30 Poll provisions Suspend poll provisions for metro reform This means they cannot be used in metropolitan Perth

31 Where to from here? Digest this news. Big changes for you, your organisation, your people Brief your staff and Councillors. Use A copy of this powerpoint and other information will be on the web very shortly

32 Invitation to view large maps Morning tea Premier and Minister to brief the media quickly. This will inform your staff and communities. Premier on tight time schedule, needs to leave soon Minister will return to explain roll-out of reform process

33 Morning tea

34 Response to Robson report Supported: – Councils take leadership role – State Government support – Improved coordination – Best practice community engagement – Periodic boundary reviews – Elected member training and allowances

35 Other Robson recommendations Supported for future action: – Waste management – Shared vision for Perth – Forum of Mayors

36 Other Robson recommendations Not supported: – Any changes to elections, selection of Mayor, voting or length of terms for elected members – A Local Government Commission – Changes to rating payments, or disallowing UV rating

37 Legislation LGAB – Add two more members to widen representation – New powers to consider multiple proposals in a strategic context Local Government Standards Panel – not having to deal with trivial complaints about Councillors

38 Dates 26 Aug to 4 Oct – you lodge merger proposals with LGAB – Contact Department for advice at any time, including minor boundary changes. – Department officers to visit you during August After 4 Oct, if you have not lodged a merger proposal, Minister will do so. – If your merger proposal does not fit with Government’s preferred model, Minister may put forward a counter proposal to LGAB

39 Funding $200,000 upfront to: each merging group » Collect data » Develop proposal to LGAB » Form a governance and management structure Further funding to be announced later

40 Metropolitan Reform Implementation Committee A committee set up to drive the implementation and monitor progress. Chaired by Jennifer Mathews, from Department of Local Government and Communities Minister to invite one Mayor or Councillor from each of the amalgamating groups of local governments to join WALGA and LGMA representatives too. Local governments to set up their own Local Implementation Committees to oversee the detail of amalgamation planning and implementation


42 1 July 2015 New local governments come into being Commissioners in place from this date Merging local governments can elect to install Commissioner earlier to guide process Minister can appoint Commissioners earlier in certain areas if no progress being made Elections in October 2015

43 Staff guarantee Council staff have a two-year guarantee of jobs from July 2015. It’s up to the new councils to decide how many people they will want long-term. Some staff may be eligible for a payout. This will be capped to 12 months.

44 Any questions? Department of Local Government Tel: 08 6551 8700 Web:

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