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Live the Medicine! 4 Strategies for Practicing Òrìsà Lifestyle.

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1 Live the Medicine! 4 Strategies for Practicing Òrìsà Lifestyle


3 Would you… Live in West Africa?Live in West Africa? Spend more time with your family?Spend more time with your family? Develop healthier habits?Develop healthier habits? Become more financially stable?Become more financially stable? Build an Òrìsà Temple?Build an Òrìsà Temple?

4 I want to help!

5 Live the Medicine with These Four Practices

6 Quality: The BEST way to Live the Medicine is to consistently deliver high quality performance, relative to your natural gifts and talents. Once you have become consistent, the people you serve will trust you. Then, your name alone will be enough to win confidence and you won't have to worry about trying to fit in by following cookie cutter appearances.

7 Innovation: Being innovative is one of the most universal human values. It was Buckminster Fuller who said that the best way to overcome adversity is not by fighting against it. Instead, the BEST thing to do is to make it obsolete. In other words, be a creative problem solver. Help people to get good results in a better way without compromising the integrity of your tradition and your practice.

8 Serve: We don't talk about it openly enough, perhaps, but loyalty is extremely important in Òrìsà Lifestyle. The BEST way to win loyalty is not through control, however. If you want people to remain loyal to you and your spiritual community, you have to demonstrate real concern for the people you serve. Tricks and stunts will hold people's attention for a little while. But if you can communicate your philosophy of service to the people you serve, your people will feel that you care for them. Think about it: It is a lot easier to like someone who likes you. :

9 Ecosystems Approach: I am amazed at how few priests and practitioners have taken on local issues. I mean, just through a casual survey of my clients over the years, the social trends are pretty obvious. Youth development, ancestral societies, environmental sustainability, economic empowerment and family management are just a few of the recurring themes that crop up year after year. When you integrate these concerns into your practice, it provides a way for you to connect to the substantial group of others in your community who care about the same issues - are might be doing something about it.

10 Discover Your Destiny By Living the By Living the Medicine that will Heal Your Life and Heal the Lives of Those You Were Born to Serve

11 Òrìsà Lifestyle Academy Living the

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