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1 Live@edu Implementation, Launch & Future Integration
Richard Schumacher, Manager, Technology Initiatives Mark Doering, Manager, Systems and Programming St. Louis Community College

2 About STLCC Largest community college system in Missouri serving an area of about 700 square miles; created by area voters in 1962 League for Innovation institution Four campuses, three education centers Transfer, career and developmental programs Non-credit continuing education courses Various workforce development initiatives

3 Numbers (FY07) 25,000 credit students each semester 40,000 non-credit each year 31,000 workforce development students 90 credit programs 57 workforce development programs 1,800 faculty (420 FT) 3,500 employees

4 STLCC Infrastructure SunGardHE Banner ERP system Single forest, single domain Active Directory All administrative, and most student/library workstations are running Windows XP – 8,000+ desktops All employees login through AD accounts All employees have Exchange mailboxes Growing use of Blackboard (Enterprise ) Goal is to eventually authenticate all students through individual AD accounts

5 Student E-mail Issues Students Faculty and Community Relations
Many do not have an account Many do not update their Banner (student ERP) information when they change accounts Want .edu address Faculty and Community Relations Want a standard, reliable student address Administration STLCC OneCard ID requires an account College wants a way to build an ongoing relationship with, and a means to contact, alumni

6 Technology Considerations
Limited IT server support staffing Limited capital for student / data storage Banner is the trusted source for all student info Already have Exchange infrastructure in place, sized only for employee accounts (200MB/1GB) Already have district-wide AD authentication in place, DCs were sized for multiple years of student accounts Already plan to use Microsoft ILM (MIIS) for student AD account provisioning Limited help desk support staffing

7 Student E-mail Decisions
Accounts are for current, registered, credit students Accounts are created when students register Account ID created by Banner (3rd Party ID) Windows Live account displayed in Banner Self-Service (along with other addresses) Accounts are marked as “Alumni” when student has not registered for three (Fall or Spring) terms Accounts will be optional (personal use) at first, becoming the official address for Fall 2008 Students may forward

8 Other E-mail Decisions
All Windows Live individual accounts will use domain name Windows Live accounts will also be provisioned for all faculty and employees Employee accounts would be part of the disaster recovery plan – used for communication in the event of the loss of our primary data center and Exchange system The official employee address will remain the College hosted Exchange server one

9 Data Processing Plan Banner process runs in batch after COB
Create 3rd Party ID in Banner This becomes the AD samAccountName This becomes the Windows Live account prefix Create Windows Live address in Banner Import Banner information into Microsoft ILM ILM provisions AD account and imports changes to metaverse ILM provisions Windows Live account

10 Initial Startup Preparations
Add PIDM (Banner unique record identifier) to existing employee AD accounts Verify AD PIDM entry and display name against Banner student and employee records, make corrections Load Banner 3rd Party ID with existing AD samAccountName, matched up by PIDM Have Banner generate 3rd Party IDs for all other person records Add MX record

11 Processing Implementation
Banner Active Directory Exchange Extract Data MA Identity Lifecycle Manager CSV File MA MA Metaverse

12 Identity Management CSV Object=Person Display Name Name Given Name
Initials CN samAccountName PIDM Birthdate Student ID Status Indicator Metaverse UID Windows Live ID “A” number TempPassword Active Directory Object=User ExtAttribute PIDM ExtAttribute BD ExtAttribute AID ExtAttribute Status Windows Live Object=PassportUser SignInName TempPassword OfferID

13 Project Status Provisioning student AD and Windows Live accounts since January 12, 2008 – the initial run processed 26,089 student accounts Existing employee AD records were updated to allow Windows Live provisioning Daily batch updates of deltas As of last week, over 47,200 Windows Live accounts have been provisioned Student overview and help information is at

14 Promotion and Marketing
Website with: Overview Getting Started FAQs Documentation Signs and Posters Flyers Ads in printed schedule Faculty communications and training sessions

15 Overview

16 Getting Started

17 Printable Getting Started

18 FAQs

19 Awareness and Promotion

20 Challenges Getting the word out to the students
Students address in Banner Getting the word out to employees / faculty “Overwhelming” vs. “not enough” content Faculty training options Individual face-to-face Live (service week) Webinar / On-Demand Campus Training Coordinators for Control on use of addresses

21 Future Plans account will be the official communications channel with students starting with the Fall 2008 semester Sungard Banner UDC will provide student and employee updates to ILM in near real-time ILM will provision Active Directory and Windows Live accounts in near real-time from the Banner UDC data stream Banner / Blackboard will be LDAP enabled for AD authentication ILM “2” provides self-service password reset capability for AD and Windows Live accounts

22 Account Lifecycle Management
Create Provision user (prospect/student/alumni/employee) Provision credentials Provision resources Policy Management Policy authoring Policy enforcement Approvals and notifications Audit trails Update Retire User Role changes Password reset Resource requests Deprovision identities Revoke credentials Deprovision resources

23 Self-Service Password Reset

24 Future Integration Luminus Data Integration Technology Blackboard
SunGardHE UDC Adapter e-Learning Bb Web Service Authentication Banner Active Directory Exchange Authentication Unified Digital Campus (UDC) Identity and Provisioning MA Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” SunGardHE ILM Adapter ILM Web Service MA Metaverse

25 Lessons Learned Communications, communications, communications With ILM, it was just as easy to simultaneously provision AD and Windows Live accounts as it would be to just do Windows Live Determine one source point for account information No hyphens (-) or apostrophes (‘) in Windows Live user names / AD samAccountNames Multiple support groups at Microsoft

26 Questions? Mark Doering (Banner / Blackboard) Richard Schumacher (ILM /

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