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1 Superior Economic Model for Small and Midsize Enterprise Networking.

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1 1 Superior Economic Model for Small and Midsize Enterprise Networking

2 2 Agenda Networking Needs to Match Virtualization’s Impact, Flexibility Attributes of a Superior Economic Model for Networking Matching Solutions to Requirements Good, Better, Best Approaches to Wireless Including the Cloud Case Studies Q&A 2

3 Server Virtualization = Economic Flexibility Virtualization is an example of a better economic model for computing Flexibility Lower TCO Better leverage of IT budget The leading networking vendors once had a better model going for them 3

4 Now Networking Vendors Tie Your Hands Myth of single vendor Proprietary approaches Vendor lock-in Ongoing maintenance Server and costs down, but networking’s share of budget is unchanged despite tech advances “Network architects and CIOs must consider alternative network vendors to ensure that they deliver a functional network solution at an appropriate cost point.” -- Gartner 4

5 Network Vendors Aim to Lock-in Servers Too Consolidating servers, storage, networking and software HP calls its proprietary effort “Converged Infrastructure” Cisco calls its effort “Borderless Networks” D-Link won’t offer solutions in this space until standards emerge and benefits are proven “The notion that a single converged data center network makes for fewer switches and ports, resulting in a simpler network consuming less power and cooling, is flawed.” -- Gartner 5 5

6 FLEXIBILITY / Good, better, best Choose “good enough” for the requirement: it will interoperate and scale SIMPLICITY / Ease and self-healing End-to-end solutions, automation, straightforward pricing SECURITY / Network, information, people, assets End-to-end expertise for network threats, IP cameras for physical security RELIABILITY / Highly available Quality, resilience, 24x7 lifetime warranty SUPERIOR ECONOMIC MODEL / Innovation for lower TCO In engineering and business policies Why D-Link? Dare to Compare our Superior Economic Model 6

7 Why D-Link? No More SockItToMeNet 7

8 Gartner’s Definition of New Model Easy to install, configure and manage Simple to use and requires minimal customization Don’t increase demand on already limited IT resources Easy to integrate Straightforward pricing Can be consumed in modular components, then extended when required 8 8

9 Emerging Economies and D-Link Popularity in fastest growing economies drive D-Link to a virtual tie for 2nd globally 1 D-Link’s range of standards-based solutions match requirements, scale as companies experience rapid growth Internet is critical to all parts of their global business D-Link is a kindred spirit to progressive companies, cited by Gartner for practicing the new economic model we preach 2 D-Link’s North American enterprise customers favor the same characteristics 1. D-Link in a virtual tie for second, source: Gartner, Market Share: Enterprise Ethernet Switches, Worldwide, 10 March 2010 2. “D-Link—Agility, risk management, cost and business process management benefits of the cloud, ” Gartner, March 2011 9 9

10 Matching Products to Requirements Web Smart Switches DES 1200 Series 10/100 8/16/24/48 port DGS 1200 Series Gigabit 8/16/24/48 port Unmanaged Switches 8-port Desktop PoE 16-port 10/100 and GigE 24-port 10/100 and GigE Standalone APs DWL-8500AP g DWL-8200AP g DWL-7700 Outdoor AP/Bridge g DWL-7100 AP Dual Band g DWL-2700AP Outdoor AP/Bridge g Network Attached Storage DNS-100 Series DNS-200 Series 2-bay DNS-300 Series 4-bay iSCSI Arrays DSN-1100 Series xStack Layer 3 Managed Switches DES-3800 Series 10/100 24/48 port xStack Layer 2 Managed Switches DES-3100 Series 10/100 24/48 port DGS-3100 Series Gigabit 24/48 port DES-3500 Series 10/100 24/48 port Standalone APs DWL-8600AP 802.11 n DAP-3520 Dual Band Exterior PoE n DAP-2590 Dual Band Plenum-rated n DWL-3200 Managed AP 802.11 g Standalone iSCSI Arrays DSN-2100 DSN-3000 DSN-5000 single controller Cloud-managed Solutions CloudCommand Wi-Fi Fuzion Bandwidth Aggregation WebSmart III Insight Net and Client Security WishFi Browser Site Network Management DV-6005 Chassis Switches DGS-8010 10-slot DGS-8006 6-slot xStack Layer 3 Managed Switches DES-3600 Series 10/100 24/48 port DGS-3600 Series Gigabit 24/48 port DGS-3800 Series Gigabit 24/48 port xStack Layer 2 Managed Switches DES-3200 Series 10/100 24/48 port DGS-3200 Series Gigabit 24/48 port DES-3400 Series 10/100 24/48 port DGS-3400 Series Gigabit 24/48 port Unified Wireless Switches DWS-3024 w DWL-8500 APs DWS-4026 w DWL-8600 APs High-Availability iSCSI Arrays DSN-5110 DSN-5210 DSN-5410 Network Management D-View 6.0P Unified Services VPN Routers DIR-330 DSP-500N DSR-1000N NetDefend UTM Firewalls DTL-260 DTL-860 DTL-1660 DTL-2660 Surveillance Cameras Fixed Network Wireless Day/Night Pan/Tilt/Zoom PoE Pan/Tilt/Zoom Fixed Dome 2-way audio options Network Video Recorders Good: For value-conscious customers seeking reliable and easy-to-use connectivity solutions. Better: For customers seeking proven technology that’s easy-to- use, affordable and future-proof. Best: For customers with larger, more demanding deployments seeking the most capable technology to drive competitive advantage with lower TCO. Security Good Better Best 10

11 Fitting Requirements at Dallas Zoo With privatization, new budget constraints SmartNet, network complexity, Cisco premium pricing seen in a new light Needed unusually capable low port-count switch for 40 barns and buildings Multiple SFPs for up to 6 fiber lines per building PoE to power phones Cisco compatibility including QoS and VLAN D-Link 24x7 Lifetime Warranty! “We moved the Zoo to a 21st century technology infrastructure.” -- Norman Piwonka, Technology Manager, Dallas Zoo 11

12 Lowering Costs with Standards Competitor’s Custom ASICs: Drive up R&D costs Are the only way to support proprietary functions Vendors accept and even embrace the resulting lock-in D-Link’s merchant silicon: Lower part cost, higher yield, often higher performance on standard functions Leverages the economy of scale of Ethernet standard Lets D-Link focus R&D on software that fortifies, simplifies and automates networking 12

13 Examples of Automation’s Role Not to put IT out of work, but to help IT handle increasing demands Absorbing the loss of a switch transparently High availability via load- sharing switch fabrics that double bandwidth and failover should one fabric fail Shutting down offending port when security threat detected on firewall, alert admin about action taken 13

14 Why D-Link Stresses Automation Gartner pegs labor as 43 percent of network TCO IDC says unifying wired and wireless cuts costs as much as 70 percent Thus purchase price is only the beginning of the value D-Link delivers

15 Quality Manufacturing = Uptime Building reliability in through our full supply chain ISO 9000 Business switches backed by industry- best 24x7 lifetime warranty Award-winning, press kudos, customer testimonials 15

16 16 Better Security = Lower TCO End-to-End Security Firewalls and switches work together to work prevent disruption and downtime from internal and external threats Unified Threat Management Simple, all-in-one solution Cloud-managed Security Coming in Web Smart III switches Alerts on out-of-policy client or switch for proactive protection No agents, self-configuring, site security can be managed remotely by you or 3 rd party 5 “For example, midsize businesses have always preferred the bundling of functionality to create higher-value security solutions.” -- Jack Browning, Gartner

17 We Give You What You Need to Succeed D-Link engineers come onsite for projects too small for larger vendors to go to the trouble of sending anyone Our local team goes further to support our customers - 24x7 Lifetime Warranty for switches Examples of our business practices designed to maximize value: No support contracts required Network storage supports the latest generation of drives purchased at street prices (not proprietary branded drives) Solutions team continuity to take care of you as you grow No overly complex “solutions” Full array of network support and services 17

18 Fulfilling 21 st Century Learning Tight budgets and shrinking staff Needed to image computers at all schools within its geographically dispersed district Sheer volume of information was too much for network Needed to build out their requirements, but it was a challenge financially Committed to providing students with the tools to succeed in our connected world eLearning, SmartBoard connectivity Required all 1 Gigabit ports Needed 10 Gigabit backbones, redundancy “Based on the cost, the fact that they understood our business challenges and the incredible customer service protocol, there was no other option but to choose D-Link.” -- Kelly Jacques, ISM, New Brunswick SD 16 18

19 Meeting your Business Requirements Wireless is Typical of D-Link’s Solution Range Good: Standalone Access Points Manage APs by group Update firmware automatically Better: Cloud-managed Wireless Load balancing Simple deployment Remotely manage multiple sites Two-factor security by individual across all sites managed Best: Unified Wireless Load balancing Seamless roaming IDC says unified management of wired and wireless can cut costs as much as 70 percent 19

20 Unified Wireless Gets Business for Menger Menger Hotel Had Style and the Alamo But Needed Robust Wireless for Densely Packed Ballrooms to Win Conferences Cisco bid was “pricey” Ruckus bid lacked strong local partner D-Link and partner Beacon had superior wireless solution for less Unified wireless “controller” switches doubled as network core Room and Conference Projections Up! “The project went off smoothly while the technology portion was seamless. We’re very happy with the results and are using Beacon and D-Link for similar projects at other 1859 Historic Hotels properties.” -- Daniel P. Dick, IT Manager, 1859 Historic Hotels, Inc. 20

21 You won’t find another way to spend less than 90 minutes and $3,000 to… 1.Set-up a secure wireless network; 2.Deploy APs; 3.Connect and secure 50 end-user devices; 4.Configure SMS alerts and performance reports; 5.Provide safe Internet guest access Cost-Effective Cloud-managed Wi-Fi 21

22 Testimonials for D-Link’s Superior Economic Model “We could be buying Cisco or something else more expensive, but I don’t think we could buy anything more reliable.” -- Arthur Eller, Director of Technology, Fountain Lake, Arkansas. “We compared D-Link’s products with others in the industry, and the difference in cost between D-Link and a comparable solution was amazing – they were 40-50% of the cost, for the same quality and level of support. Plus, they offer great value – there’s no additional function that I want in a switch that is not delivered by D-Link” -- Kelly Jacques, Information Systems Manager, New Brunswick School District 16 “We were looking at a 10-Gig Network with D-Link; other districts were getting a 1-Gig backbone at four times the cost.” — Kevin O’Neill, IT Director, Gretna School District, Nebraska

23 Q&A: How Can We Help You? 23

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