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Committing to Recommendations

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1 Committing to Recommendations
Eric Colson | Stitch Fix







8 Data

9 a11 a12 a13 … a1n a21 a22 a23 … a2n : am1 am2 am3 … amn
BRAND: Callaise-Cole NECKLINE: 11 inches LENGTH: 37 inches WAISTLINE: 26”, cinched. FABRICATION: Jersey TOP CUT: loose WEATHER: Moderate, warm SPENDINESS: moderate BODY TYPE: Body type 1 affinity: High Body type 2 affinity: Medium Body type 3affinity: High HEMLINE: folsom OPACITY: medium SHOULDER CUT: Hawethorn SIZE: 6 COLOR: Cobalt PRICE: $108.00 a11 a12 a13 … a1n a21 a22 a23 … a2n : am1 am2 am3 … amn

HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 125 SHOULDERS: broad MOM: true AGE: 31 CITY: Nashville PROFESSION: marketing CUP SIZE: B b11 b12 b13 … b1n b21 b22 b23 … b2n : bm1 bm2 bm3 … bmn SHOULDERS: 17 inches WAIST: 28 HIPS: 35 ARM LENGTH: 18 INSEAM: 30 FEMUR : 14 TORSO : FOREARM 2 :1 FAVORITE COLORS: blue, black, tan BODY SHAPE : athletic FAVORITE FABRICS: cotton, jersey SIZE: 7-8, M, 27 ins SPENDINESS PREFERENCE: moderate

11 Algorithms

12 f (:) w1(trendiness) + w2(personalized) λ1 λ2 a11 a12 a13 … a1n
preppy edgy glam boho casual classic romantic bar top a11 a12 a13 … a1n a21 a22 a23 … a2n : am1 am2 am3 … amn b11 b12 b13 … b1n b21 b22 b23 … b2n : bm1 bm2 bm3 … bmn λ1 λ2 f (:) w1(trendiness) + w2(personalized)

13 Human Judgment

14 “I am 3 months pregnant so please be generous on size!”
1. Leveraging unstructured data 2. Curation 3. Fostering a relationship

15 Complementary Reinforcing
Algorithms Human Judgment HCI Complementary Reinforcing

16 Thoughtful Consideration

17 “I love trying on new items that I never would have picked out for myself!”
Loved this! I probably wouldn't have even tried it on because of the fear of horizontal stripes, but it was actually very flattering. “it pushed me out of my comfot zone, and I love it” “I saw something like this at the store but didn’t even think to pick it up. But you sent it to me and I tried it on and loved it!” “I didn’t think something can feel so soft!” “I am starting to realize just how adventurous I really am with clothing.” “I hated it when I saw it, but then I tried it on and LOVED it!” “I never would have even picked any of the clothes up had I been out shopping, so it was a fun experiment to try on styles and fabrics I’d never have chosen.”

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