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Commodore Mark B. Watson

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1 Commodore Mark B. Watson
Morale and Welfare Presentation to VAC Senior Management Committee 5 September 2013 Commodore Mark B. Watson DGMWS 1

2 Agenda Role Scale of Operations ARAs for Veterans Services to Veterans

3 CFMWS Role Military Family Services (MFS) Outreach Program
Support our Troops program Casualty Support Management (DCSM) Canadian Forces Appreciation Program SISIP Financial Services (SISIP FS) Defence Community Banking (CDCB) Retail Services (CANEX) Personnel Support Programs (PSP)

4 Organizational View

5 Defence Team – Morale & Welfare
Approximately 5,600 “Staff of the Non-Public Funds, Canadian Forces” Number varies due to casual employment, esp. in summer 2,125 full time, 1,066 part time, 2,395 casual 40% CAF affiliation (Retired and/or Family) 253 Canadian Armed Forces members 153 National Defence public servants 375 at MFRCs (locally employed) Plus many, many volunteers

6 Scale of Operations NPP net worth / publicly funded expenditures FY Public Funds CANEX Sales: $132M SISIP FS Revenues: $90M

7 One Community, One Million Strong
My Vision Make CFMWS one of the strongest military Morale and Welfare organizations in the Western world by providing programs that provide widest possible benefits to the greatest number of serving and former service personnel and their families: One Community, One Million Strong

8 One Community, One Million Strong
Serving Members (Reg. & Res.) 130K Spouses 69K Family Members 75K Former Members 595K Dependents of Former Members 350K Other authorized patrons 150K 1 MILLION ONE COMMUNITY >

9 DGMWS – Veterans Focus Authority / Responsibility / Accountability
VAC Liaison Officer CAF/VAC Program Continuity Manager Director Casualty Support Management (DCSM) Director Military Family Services (DMFS) Outreach Program “One dog to kick”

10 PSP Sports Recreation Deployed Ops Speciality Interest Activities

11 Commercial Services SISIP Financial Services
Term Life Insurance (OGTI, RTIP, IRM…) Financial Planning Canadian Forces Group Retirement Service Plan (CFGroupRSP) Financial Counselling (preventive advice / assistance in the resolution of serious financial distress – access to CFPAF) Financial Management Education (courses for recruits and officer Cadets) CANEX / NATEX The Personal Home & Auto Insurance Home Heating Oil Rebate Program Retail (No Interest Credit Plan, Club XTra Loyalty Program)

12 SISIP Vocational Rehabilitation Program (VRP)
SISIP-VRP, administered by Manulife Financial, is available to all clients eligible for LTD.* Objective is to prepare clients for a Return to the Work Force through: Counselling (determining transferable skills; establish educational plan, etc.) Employment Search Assistance Financial Support (tuition and books; travel, internet, childcare and other allowances to offset expenses while retraining) Vocational Retraining (to enhance/upgrade existing skills) * Eligible personnel who are released from the CF for medical reasons are offered an initial maximum period of 30 months VRP; up to 6 consecutive months before effective date of release and 24 consecutive months post-release. Group insurance policy underwritten by Manulife, close to 100k serving Regular Force and Reserve members are covered The VRP is completely voluntary and clients are encouraged to maximize their opportunities under the program in order to help facilitate a rapid return to work (RTW) by either utilizing or enhancing their existing skills. There is a 95% participation rate; 70% of VRP clients returned to work, or were capable of returning to work within 24 months 15% chose to participate in activities beyond VRP parameters 15% were medically incapable of engaging in VRP The primary role of the Counsellors is to assist Clients by facilitating a timely return to employment through identification and co-ordination of necessary services. The SISIP VRP is not responsible to provide employment for a Client; The VRP will provide assistance with dignity to CF Clients making the transition from Military to Civilian Life through the promotion of a Return to Work plan; If a need exists, enhancement of existing skill sets will be provided and if no viable skills exist, then marketable skills will be developed. The Counsellor must consider the regional job market, the Client medical condition and existing skills as well as available resources, including local educational policies and financial support as a vocational plan is developed. Financial Support: Tuition and Books = $25,000 Internet Allowance $30 per month = $360 per year Supply Allowance $40 per month = $480 per year Travel Allowance 20 cents per km with monthly maximum of $500 = $6,000 per year Dual Residency $500 per month = $6,000 per year Total support allowances equal $12,840 per year Tuition and allowances amounts would provide: a 12 month sum of $37,840 a 24 month sum of $50,680 a 36 month sum of $63,520 a 48 month sum of $76,360

13 DCSM / JPSU JPSU Mission
Through an integrated and individual-centric service delivery model, to ensure the coordination and facilitation of standardized, high quality, consistent personal and administrative support during all phases of recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration on return to service or transition following release, for all injured and ill Canadian Armed Forces personnel and former personnel, their families and the families of the deceased.

14 DCSM / JPSU Integrated Personnel Support Centres and Satellites
33 locations across Canada Personnel support through multi-disciplinary staff and linkages to VAC, SISIP, PSP, MFRC and Base/Wing agencies Responsive to Commanding Officers 14 14

15 DCSM / JPSU Services Return to Work Program
In 2012, 1,974 personnel participated in the Return To Work program 26% of them returned to full-time duty, while 47% moved to transition. 27% remained on RTW. Casualty Administration and Advocacy Home adaptations/special needs equipment, Vehicle adaptations, Home assistance Assistance through Funds 15 15

16 DCSM / JPSU Services Peer Support Outreach & Education
Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) Soldier On Injured Soldier Network Helping Others by Providing Empathy (HOPE) Outreach & Education Average 100 briefings a month across the country Training of approx 1,100 Designated Assistants per year 16 16

17 Supported by JPSU (but not posted)
DCSM / JPSU Personnel currently being tracked by JPSU Posted to JPSU 1,800 Supported by JPSU (but not posted) 3,500 Total 5,300 17

18 DCSM Transition Activities & Initiatives
National Coordination of all SCAN activities: Second Career Assistance Network seminars, Medical seminars, Transition support and programs specific to ill & injured, Publications/tools that support transition counselling. Liaise with other organizations: VAC, HRSDC, PS Commission, SISIP-LTD & VRP, Industry, Academia, Accreditation bodies and others. VAC Liaison Officer Canada Company – Military Employment Transition Program (METP) A self-serve, "one stop" website of all things “transition” for serving and retired military members. This includes Corporate Canada employers, Entrepreneurship, Franchising and Education opportunities. 73 Military friendly employers, such as Amazon, BMO Financial Group, CN, Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Shell Canada, Sobeys Inc., Suncor Energy, Etc.

19 DCSM Transition Initiatives and Services
Prince’s Charities-Operation Entrepreneur: Based In Business (BIB) with Memorial University and Canadian Youth Business Foundation Prospect: Work: Sustainable Job Placement Pilot Project H2H: Helmets to Hardhats Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) NEW Transition Initiatives: Veterans Canada Franchise Network in partnership with the Canadian Franchise Association (under development) Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) In addition to previously mentioned programs and services, the following are specifically for ill and injured members of the Reg and Res force: Vocational Rehabilitation Program-Serving Members (VRPSM) Priority Hiring-Public Service Integrated Transition Plan

20 Military Family Services
Enabling a mission-ready Force by addressing the issues faced by CAF members and their families that result from military service. Military Family Services manages: Military Family Services Program, including funding and oversight of Military Family Resource Centres Dependant Education Management, who manages the education compensation and benefits requirements of military members with dependant children. Quality of Life issues that arise and affect military families as a result of conditions of service of serving CAF personnel

21 Military Family Services
24/7 ACCESS TO SERVICES: Military Family Resource Centres – On Base, In Person 32 in Canada, 7 sites in the United States, 4 in Europe Third party, independent organization located on Bases/Wings or through outreach programs Provide services in both official languages in accordance with the need of the local community. Family Information Line – Informed, Connected and Supported Bilingual, information and supportive counselling – For and about Canadian military families A portal to all MFRCs for local information Useful general information of interest to all Canadian military families

22 Military Family Services
BY THE NUMBERS: FamilyForce In 2012, 328,062 visits to the FamilyForce site, and there were 196,832 total unique visitors. Family Information Line (FIL) In 2012, 1620 calls were made to the FIL (as well as 4760 calls to the automated system that has deployment information). FIL Stats (1 Jan to 30 June 2013)  Total contacts: 713 355 calls and 358 s (follow up calls/ s to each contact not included) Contacts per issue type:    CAF family related: 21% Military related: 16% Veteran related: 14% MFRC:  6% Mental health: 5%

23 Support Our Troops Program
Support Our Troops Fund is an umbrella for the following: Military Families Fund − linked to conditions of service $4M dispersed to >1,000 members/families $5K per incident at local level Soldier On Fund − contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle $1.1M dispersed to 630 members/families Funded a wide range of programs Hospital Comforts Fund − basic amenities for hospitalized members $85K dispersed annually to >300 members Op Santa Claus − gift for deployed members over holidays Gifts delivered to 1,600 members $13M has been received since 2006 from: Personal contributions to SOT Fund Proceeds from third party events Contributions from external charities/foundations

24 Support Our Troops Program
Examples: Army Run: Generated almost $500K in funds for the MFF and Soldier On during the past 2 years. Graham Group Charity Golf Tournament: Golf tournament held in 2011 and 2012, generated almost $100K for the MFF Royal Canadian Mint – Highway of Heroes Collector Coin: Operated two coin Campaigns to highlight the CAF and the sacrifices of military members and their families, collectively generated $200K for the MFF.   Honourable PM Stephen Harper – History of Hockey book: To be released Fall 2013, all proceeds to MFF. Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation: Will donate $75K to the MFF/Soldier On yearly for the next 10 years. Sears: 7 year relationship, annual donation of $10K to the Hospital Comforts Fund (under the SOT Fund umbrella).

25 Soldier On Fund Supports former and currently serving members with a visible or non-visible injury/illness to adopt an active lifestyle through sport and recreation Over $1.1M has been disbursed to provide access to equipment, training and events allowing participants to: learn a new sport such as skiing, horseback riding, fly fishing, and kayaking; train with and compete against soldiers with similar injuries and illnesses from other nations; and push their physical and mental limits through participation in regional and national sporting events.  $2.4M has been raised by donations from Canadians, corporations and other organizations

26 Soldier On Participation
630 Total members supported by Soldier On As of 1 Apr 13

27 Soldier On Demographics
86% Serving 14% Retired Region Officer NCM Retired Total NS/NFLD NB/PEI QC S ON E ON Prairies AB/NC Pacific Total As of 1 Apr 13

28 Soldier On Aquatics Camp
As of 01 July 2013 Canada Army Run Ottawa, ON 20-23 Sep 13 Soldier On Golf St. Andrew’s, Scotland 16-19 Jul 13 Soldier On Aquatics Camp Ottawa, ON 21-27 Jul 13 RCN 10K Halifax, NS 18 Aug 13 Soldier On Golf Camp Victoria, BC 08-14 Sep 13 Nijmegen Marches Netherlands 16-19 Jul 13 Saddle Up Soldier On V Toronto, ON 7-11 Oct 13 CISM Athletics Germany 9-16 Sep 13 News: Five Soldier On members successfully participated in the UK Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Bike Ride in UK/France Eight Soldier On members will participate in the Nijmegen Marches for the second consecutive year Maj Shelley Colter finished 8th in the World Powerlifting Championships finishing in 8th place. Capt Christian Maranda will represent Canada at the World ParaCanoe/Kayak Championship in Poland, August 2013.

29 Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund
Offers financial assistance in the form of low interest loans and/or grants through the following programs: Minor Disbursement Program ($33K to 194 members)* Grants up to $200 (on a once per lifetime basis) to relieve temporary distress or to promote well-being.  Accessed through a helping agent such as:  the Chaplain, Social Work Officer, Military Family Resource Centre personnel, SISIP Financial Counselor, Veteran Affairs Canada. Education Assistance Loan Program ($1.9M to 476 members)* Established to assist eligible serving members, former members and their recognized independents to obtain a post-secondary education (full-time studies).  Loans range from $1,200 to $4,000 per year to a lifetime maximum of $16,000 per student are available. *data based on calendar year 2012

30 Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund
Self Improvement Loan Program ($7.5M to 2,208 members)* Financial assistance through small loans to assist in emergency situations such as: compassionate travel, urgent home and car repairs, minor renovation projects, prevent financial distress situations, household purchases, education, etc. Loans are available from $1,000 to $5,000 in increments of $500. The maximum Financial Distress Program ($1.1M to 154 members)* Grants and loans when warranted by distress or other qualifying circumstances. The lifetime maximum for assistance is $5,000 for a grant and $25,000 for a loan. Access to the fund is normally through an agent of the fund, Veteran Affairs Canada, SISIP Financial Counsellors or designated Base/Wing Program Administrators Eligibility to make an application does not guarantee approval Each request adjudicated against specific criteria before a decision is rendered *data based on calendar year 2012

31 Vacations for Veterans Program
Launched in January 2012 Program is available to CAF members (former and currently serving) who have sustained an injury or illness while serving in a Special Duty Area/Operation and who are in receipt of a VAC benefit as a result Eligible members may apply for 1-week of accommodation at one of Shell Vacations Club’s 26 properties in Canada, the US and Mexico More than 100 CAF members/families have benefited from this program

32 NPP Outreach SOT programs / funds attracting significant contributions from Canadians Individual donations of dollars and products / services Proceeds from third party events Contributions from events / campaigns held by charitable organizations e.g.: True Patriot Love, Canada Company and Wounded Warrior As number and complexity of events increases There are greater demands for DND/CF Support There is little adherence to policy provisions and There are diminishing efforts to align with CF priorities Some external organizations competing with internal NPP “charities”

33 TPL Conference in London
Two-day conference at Canada House in London, England (Sep 2013) Unique forum to discuss veteran transition on an international stage amongst thought leaders from Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Netherlands, and France. Key Symposium Objectives: To facilitate the exchange of information between leaders from the government, corporate, academic and philanthropic sectors To raise awareness for veteran transition opportunities and challenges amongst the participating nations To provide a forum where unique private-public partnerships can materialize To develop an accountability network amongst allies to ensure we each maintain our commitment to accomplishing the objectives we discuss.

34 CF Appreciation Program
Official discount program of the CF Over 40,000 CF Appreciation Program cards issued Members can save at more than 26,000 locations locally, nationally and worldwide Categories: Accommodations, Attractions, Entertainment, Dining, Recreation, Services, Shops, Travel & Transportation Two new features coming: On-line registration Secure login Visit:

35 CF Appreciation Program
CF R&R Club: linked to US Armed Forces Vacation Club linked to Gov Rewards and International Cruise Excursions Access to 3,500 accommodations in 80 Countries starting at $369 USD per week Access to cruise lines, airlines, and 3,000 US Golf Courses at guaranteed low prices.

36 CF Appreciation Program
CF R&R Club – Examples: Visit: Silver Lake Resort, Kissimmee, Florida 7 nights/$369 USD Barnsdale Country Club Rutland, England 7 nights/$369 USD Wyndham Ka'eo Kai Kauai, Hawaii 7 nights/$369 USD

37 CFOne Card Multi-phased approach
Confirms that an individual is a member of our One Community – One Million Strong Provides access to MW programs, services and facilities Multi-phased approach Phase 1: (Fall 2013) will launch with access to the CANEX Loyalty Program and CF Appreciation Program Future Phases: expanded to include access to PSP recreation services; administration of Mess fees, access to clubs and activities, as well as other MW services.

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