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SETTING THE SCENE…… Video talking about desktop and problems companies have HP Confidential 25 March 2017.

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1 SETTING THE SCENE…… Video talking about desktop and problems companies have HP Confidential 25 March 2017

Scott Maynard Technical Consultant Jonathan Glenister PreSales Technical Consultant Was NGD now CVAS – global rebrand ? NOTE TO SELF  - Command listening, talk excitement, put everyone into thinking mode. Does your I.T. Department need to be dynamic and responsive to the needs of the business? Do you need to spend less on maintaining your corporate I.T. systems and invest more time in innovation? Do you maintain more than 1 system, perhaps on different network segments or at different campuses? Do you have a requirement to secure applications and services based on person and location? __________________________________________________________________________ more than just the traditional approach repeating SOE rollout etc - not agile etc NGD is the way to provide what your business wants flexible etc... Driving up user satisfaction Differentiators - ties it together , advanced access control Printing - eg from 2 disperate environments isnt easy to do today. HPs solution through its use of access domain means we can deliver end to end functions like printing (common print network, pooled printeres, HP smarts to push jobs to right printer, one way trusts to print network) Access doesnt trust other environments - just where users live, provisioning desktops (tiles) and security to resources. Back end credentials are used to access apps or resources in Environment A, via gateway etc.. Use of different authentication mechanisms for different environments - smart cards etc Tiles configurable in Active Directory Classification = combination of Machine, User and Location Widgets - RSS feeds, Cooperate customizations Xen Desktop, Xen App and AppV - for delivery into Virtual Desktops VIDEOS <from SCOTT MS angle – patching end to end for entire solution Citrix angle – enterprise Leader in the space Leverage CAGs which many companies have today already Security classifications don’t need to be shown - or just have internal / external Refs Centrelink I Australia seat – social services org New features – secure by location eg by IP, support for WebOS Questions Will it work on VSphere – Yes not so well integrated (patching) , hypervisor commodity Will it work on my ipad (2 hop into solution – Xenapp and then into HP solution), Webos – same experience as Windows Timeline Nov for WebOS client Why HP over just citrix – consistent way for user (don’t have to care about access) , secure, printing etc. With just Citrix - currently people going via token, web, citrix reciever Lync over this solution / Video and Audi conf _____________________________________ Turning Point Digested version The sell Play up the partnership, introduce who we are Microsoft, Citrix and HP believe something special here Excited as it’s about much more than vdi Low cost solution Citrix have only ever shared source code with Nato and HP Developed in UK and built out in OZ now going global Pilot for a Hospital in Canberra Development changes can be done quickly - we are close to the dev. source team in the UK Cost - you may have a lot of this already (consulting services, HP protect component) Not very complex and backed by HP/MS and Citrix Problem today is ? Tech Savvy users, more with less, remote access , security, expensive to manage NGD - functionality, simplicity, low cost Demo scenarios Clinician logging into a thin client Principal at a school Remote working complex dev, test environments (presenting multiple environments from one solution) Demo features rich user experience (dynamically build the desktop / the shell) tiles - resize, order etc. widget bar - coop info - announcements, rss, buttons (.net api) running off backend infrastructure, appv, etc.. HTX over ICA (eg running video over wireless on a thin client) moving between devices  (thought > a camera to show this on screen) - emphasis change to tiles by device (who, app, device, and soon location) Time to be productive for user , switch between users easily Leverage Citrix password manager under the tiles to minimize number of times users log in (mart card possible too) Customise GUI / look and feel customised per department/group/user from a centralised , easy to configure way (AD group policies) AppV streaming the app into Citrix Xen App Application 16 bit apps Tiles  can link to apps from multiple locations, different sources (e.g cloud , my organisation, shared services organisation, dev./test/prod) Different networks to access different resources - HP pull it all together Speed of running things virtually over locally (with low end pcs / thin clients etc.). Behind the demo Components solutions is built on > talk about the blocks required - what they are and why  needed What you just saw - relate it to the demo - logging on  (auth) connecting to a desktop / connecting to an app (IE6) , server running apps, AppV etc... Value for managing multiple business departments all from the same core architecture and gold builds with dynamic shell  and apps for each type of user Secure access network - plug into VDI and bring it all together (leverages a gateway per environment) Printing architecture -pooled printing, smart card printing (similar process to access network) Tech foundations from HP/MS and Citrix - equal commitment to make this happen Making lync work in this scenario - very cost effective Profiling users and designing a delivery mechanism that gives you right functionality at the right cost - customized to you with our consulting Apps are a big problem with any SOE project (eg IE6) - HP app transformation services fast  track you (what can be migrated, what needs to be kept etc.) Benefits and other stuff WAN down scenario - on the roadmap to integrate HP tile based shell with XenClient (local virtualisation cache concept) We can reuse your existing technology stacks (eg gateways, system centre etc.) We are using the individual products leveraged in the way they are designed COTS - against reference architectures (COTS) Secure , auditable , policy based file transfer tool (HP) between environments - can be part of the solution (files and clipboard - can be linked to a workflow engine if needed). QUESTIONS Will it run on an ipad ? - Yes issue is security (double hop - citrix xen app - into HP solution) 1000s of users ? understanding what users do scale solution to fit, concurrent sessions being designed for in OZ now Mergers and Acquisitions ? -another great use case, can be done quickly in a number of ways - especially if they both have vdi components already On-going maintenance - 40% reductions are achievable, thin clients 5yrs, easier to execute change Supportability - can be managed services, or you manage - remember its off the shelf stuff under the hood Use case around providing this from outside of the organisations HP hosts , minimal local infrastructure required HP Confidential 25 March 2017

3 “HP’s CVAS solution is the best example I have seen for articulating the power and potential of desktop virtualisation technologies in delivering a truly user centric, secure, device and location independent solution that provides access to desktop and applications where ever the user needs them.” Ozman Mohiuddin Director of WW Desktop Virtualization, Microsoft Enterprise and Partner Group February 1, 2011 What we have found when demonstrating our capability People are extremely excited at the prospect of what CVAS offers HP Confidential 25 March 2017

An user-centric access based architecture that provides: Security Portability Simplicity Efficiency Flexibility Power to the user What we have set out to provide is a solution to Reduce Costs Make I.T. more effective Drive up user satisfaction HP Confidential 25 March 2017

5 LET’s See it in action HP Confidential 25 March 2017

6 HP Confidential 25 March 2017

7 Secure Printing Architecture Secure Access Architecture
What you JUST SAW Presentation XenApp XenDesktop App-V Services Technical Consulting Consulting Authentication Active Directory Access Control Secure Solutions Architectures Secure Printing Architecture Secure Access Architecture SSL VPN NetScaler Management System Center Operating Systems Windows 7 Windows Server Hyper-V Server What I have just shown you is an environment based on Citrix/Microsoft and HP technologies that will: Reduce Costs Make I.T. more effective Drive up user satisfaction HP Confidential 25 March 2017

8 User is presented with a secure desktop or application
SSL SSL Server 2008 R2 SSL XenApp Access Windows 7 NetScaler NetScaler Hyper-V R2 SP1 XenDesktop

9 Utilising microsoft Simplified patch management to all endpoints
Using Microsoft Windows means: Windows 7 Embedded Providing a well-known interface Simplifying patch management Comfort of local support Retraining is minimised System works with more devices natively Windows 7 Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V R2 Providing a well-known interface to both users and administrators Simplified patch management to all endpoints hypervisor to applications Local support is available right across the solution Retraining is minimised as users know the interface System works with more devices natively HP Confidential 25 March 2017

10 Leveraging citrix Using these best-of-breed technologies
Using Citrix means: Citrix Access Gateway Industry leading server based desktops Industry leading virtual desktop infrastructure Industry leading remote access solutions Well known administrative interface Hypervisor agnostic Scalable SSL and load balancing network Citrix NetScaler Citrix XenApp Citrix XenDesktop Citrix XenClient Citrix has been around for a long time partnering strongly with HP and Microsoft Using these best-of-breed technologies comprehensive access based platform HP Confidential 25 March 2017

11 Future Environment / Cloud / Managed Service
HP knows How it works Defining an Access Platform Facilitates users and devices connecting to disparate systems Fundamentally generates new possibilities for connectivity Unleashes potential from multiple technologies Also provide a common set of shared printers across all networks Printer Network Environment “A” Environment “B” Future Environment / Cloud / Managed Service Gateway Gateway Gateway Access Network New Access network common infrastructure machines and users HP Confidential 25 March 2017

12 HP can Tie it all together
Secure Printing Architecture Secure Access Architecture ARCHITECTURES Technical Consulting SERVICES Consulting What we have shown you is a solution to Reduce Costs Make I.T. more effective Drive up user satisfaction HP Confidential 25 March 2017

13 Key features Avoids Rip and Replace Optimises Citrix and Microsoft
Utilise existing infrastructure Integrated seamlessly with Citrix and Microsoft solutions end-to-end Progressive move Desktop Reuse Centralises Your Desktop Computing The Sum of COTS Products Save physical space at the desk Combines best of breed technologies from HP, Citrix and Microsoft Significant reduction in carbon footprint More control of your assets Highly Flexible Architecture Improved security, flexibility & extensibility Highly Compatible Componentised infrastructure means maximum flexibility IE6, VB6, 16-bit, Terminal Emulators through a consistent access interface Delivers Multi-Level Security Access multiple domains from a single desktop Multi-factor authentication Your existing investment is a priority Solution Utilises COTS products In a flexible architecture Complies with differing security requirements across your organisation Maximises application Compatibility HP Confidential 25 March 2017

14 Maximum flexibility Integration With Microsoft OCS / Lync
Allows Voice and Video Conferencing across the SSL tunnel Secure Follow-Me Printing Secure Pooled Printers from any attached network Save space, consumables and power Drive to Virtualise Uses virtualisation wherever possible Limits virtualisation vendor lock-in Rapid integration with your partners Instantly capable of connecting to Citrix remote solutions in Partner Agencies at their desired security level meeting individual requirements Smartcard or token integration Rapid Migration to Windows 7 Migrate people to the new platform quickly Mitigate migration risks by running legacy applications in their native environment while required. Lower Risk Developer Environments Securely connect to isolated development environments without fear of contamination of the production system Easy Cloud Integration Connect securely with Public or Private Cloud services Useful for online training, staff on-boarding and managed environment services

15 Questions?

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