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7th Grade Social Studies Woodmont Middle School

2 SC STATE STANDARDS 7-2.1 When we are done with this lesson you should be able to…. Explain the difference between Limited Governments (England) and Unlimited Governments (France and Russia). Explain what limits can be put on the powers of monarchs in a Limited Government. Explain how the Unlimited Governments worked.

3 Limited and Unlimited Government in Europe.
Understand that there were many different ____ and _____ in many different countries in Europe during the Middle Ages. NO TWO OF THEM HAD THE SAME AMOUNT OF POWER.

4 ABSOLUTE MONARCHS To put it simply an absolute monarch is a ruler with _______ powers. England France Russia Russia Queen Elizabeth I King Louis XIV Ivan the Terrible Peter the Great

5 ABSOLUTISM Absolutism – a system in which a ruler holds _______ power.
Absolute Monarchs held power to do everything that an entire government does today all by ________. _______ Monarchs made their countries laws, set their taxes, controlled the nobility, even administered justice and commanded their own armies.

The Divine Right of Kings was the belief that monarchs were allowed to have all of these powers because they had been “CHOSEN BY ____ TO RULE”.

7 King Louis XIV One of the best examples of absolutism is King Louis ____ of France. King of France during the 17th century Louis XIV called himself “_________” because everything should revolve around him. He had so much power that he was even able to pass laws on religion making it illegal for anyone to be any religion other than ______. He forced France to become _______ by abolishing the EDICT of NANTES which had given French people freedom of religion.

8 Absolutism In Russia Ivan IV, better known as Ivan the ______, was the first Czar of Russia. Czar is a Russian word for _______ which is what the ancient Romans called their leaders. Peter the ______ followed Ivan IV as Czar and worked to prepare his country to compete with those of Western Europe. He built a strong _____ He imported new ______ to Westernize his country He even made himself head of the Russian Orthodox Church

9 Limited Government in England
The last absolute monarch of England was Queen Elizabeth __who died without heirs. Before she died she named her _____ James I to become the King after her death. James I was not supported by Parliament and he wasn’t strong enough to be an _______ monarch like Elizabeth I was. James was not a very good King.

10 Limited Government in England Continued.
James I son, Charles I, became King after his fathers death. Charles I was so bad at trying to restore absolute power to the throne that England fell into _____. A civil war is a war between people who live in the ____ country. Charles I ____ that civil war and was tried and executed by Parliament

11 Limited Government in England Continued.
The leader of Parliaments forces, Oliver Cromwell, became ruler of England. Oliver Cromwell made a _____ king than James I and Charles I did because he was so uptight and religious that it was _____ to have fun. When Cromwell died Parliament went back to a monarchy and invited Charles II, son of Charles I, to become King, this invitation was called __________.

12 Limited Government in England Continued. (Yet Again)
Charles II got along with Parliament but his brother James II, who took over after Charles II died, fought with Parliament so much he had to Leave the country. His daughter ____ and her husband William became rulers of England and signed the English Bill of Rights which made England a ________ Monarchy. A Constitutional Monarchy is a government where the power of the King or Queen is _____by the legislature.

13 --------REVIEW--------
French Monarch who called himself the “Sun King”? Who was the last absolute monarch of England? Who was Russia’s first Czar? What do you call a monarch who has all of the power of government for themselves?


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