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Comedy, characters, structure, and themes

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1 Comedy, characters, structure, and themes
As You Like It Comedy, characters, structure, and themes

2 As You Like It a romantic comedy
Hero in everyday situations reveals foibles and follies of man Comedy ends in inclusion, marriage satiric Romance Hero on quest Hero leaves home Hero grows, works toward becoming full characters moralistic

3 As You Like It Micro/macrocosm
Disorder on political level Duke Frederick has ousted Duke Senior Law of Primogenitor overturned Disorder on family level A brother has banished his older brother Another brother has cheated his younger brother out of his inheritance a split between father and child physical separation emotional distance

4 As You Like It two worlds
Court place of corruption wrestling (of Charles) is “sport for ladies” Love is a game to pass the time Forest of Arden ideal, golden world wrestling (of lion) is necessary to save human life love provides lessons

5 As You Like It Four Couples
realistic Rosalind and Orlando romantic Celia and Oliver pastoral Silvius and Phebe sexual Touchstone and Audrey

6 As You Like It Plot/subplot structure
main plot 3.2 Rosalind/Orlando subplots Celia/Oliver Silvius/Phebe 2.4 3.4 3.5 Touchstone/Audrey 3.3

7 As You Like It Foiling Character foiling Similar scenes
two Dukes, one men willing go with, one men fly from Duke Senior the idealist and Jaques the melancholy Touchstone as court fool, Jaques as fool in forest Similar scenes wrestling of Charles and of lion, 1.2 and 4.3 fake marriages: Touchstone/Audrey, Rosalind/Orlando

8 As You Like It -- Act I Scene 1 Orlando sad Charles and Oliver Scene 2
Rosalind sad wrestling Scene 3 Rosalind banished Celia plans trip to Forest of Arden

9 As You Like It -- Act II Scene 1 Duke Senior “Sermons in Stone”
Duke Frederick sends for Oliver Scene 3 Adams warns Orlando to flee Scene 4 Rosalind and Celia arrive, see Corin Scene 5 Jaques’ melancholy Scene 6 Orlando to help Adam in forest Scene 7 Duke Senior and Orlando “All the World’s a Stage”

10 As You Like It -- Act III Scene 1 Duke Frederick seizes Oliver’s lands
Orlando’s poems Corin/Touchstone Jaques/Orlando Rosalind as Ganymede will teach Orlando Scene 3 Touchstone and Audrey Scene 4 Rosalind and Celia Scene 5 Silvius and Phebe

11 As You Like It -- Act IV Scene 1 Jaques Rosalind and Orlando
“Men have died from time to time, but not for love” Scene 2 Jaques Scene 3 Rosalind and Celia w/ Silvius Oliver tells of rescue by Orlando

12 As You Like It -- Act V Scene 1 Touchstone and Audrey “marriage”
Orlando and Oliver reconcile Rosalind promised to solve all Scene 3 Touchstone and Audrey Scene 4 Marriages Rosalind the Epiloque

13 As You Like It themes Comic and Satiric view vs. Romantic ideal
Nature of love Nature vs. Nurture Nature vs. Fortune Responsibility of brothers to each other Melancholy Court vs. Nature

14 As You Like It Rosalind as ideal character
Duke Senior romantic ideal Jaques satiric melancholy Rosalind romantic and satiric

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