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E XPERIENCE SIERRA: UCSC E XPERIENCE. 5 campuses  Milano, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona, Roma, Campobasso 1 unique catalogue 2,000,000+ Items 32,000+ Printed.

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Presentation on theme: "E XPERIENCE SIERRA: UCSC E XPERIENCE. 5 campuses  Milano, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona, Roma, Campobasso 1 unique catalogue 2,000,000+ Items 32,000+ Printed."— Presentation transcript:


2 5 campuses  Milano, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona, Roma, Campobasso 1 unique catalogue 2,000,000+ Items 32,000+ Printed serials 12,000+ Ejournals 120,000+ Ebooks UCSC Library System - Numbers

3 Global Stewardship and Preservation Australian National University * Australia Humboldt University – Berlin * Germany Indiana University * USA National Institute of Informatics * Japan OCLC * USA Rice University * USA Stanford University * USA Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore * Italy University of Alberta * Canada University of Edinburgh * United Kingdom University of Hong Kong * Hong Kong University of Virginia * USA CLOCKSS – Archive Nodes

4 Current version : Sierra 1.1.1 Application-Database Servers III hosting solution VMware Virtual Machines Red Hat Linux Sierra

5 1 main DB + 2 ref DB Theses and Historical Ordering (running on Millennium) 120 simultaneous staff Sierra users Unlimited web OPAC users 2 languages ita/eng 12 Scopes 5 additional acquisitions units 1 additional Associated Library (Collegio S. Carlo) Sierra

6 Acquisitions Extended Approval plan Interface, Electronic Ordering Cataloging Circulation SIP2 Circulation Interface, Patron partitioning Serials ILL Management Reports Patron Services WebPAC PRO, AirPAC, RSS Feed, My Record Feed, Spell Check Sierra Software Products (1/2)

7 Discovery Encore Synergy eProducts ERM (+ SerialsSolutions), WebBridge LR Digital Asset Management Media Mgmt. Campus Computing Web Access Mgmt. Adm Load Scheduler Sierra Software Products (2/2)

8 Sierra - Step #1: Millennium Hosting 2012

9 Oct 2011 Signed Up as Early Implementer Jun 2012 Project Start-Up Access to the Sierra partner test environment (“Grizzly Uni”) Nov 2013 local Millennium upgraded to a hosted server Dec 2013 Sierra Basecamp project Sierra Servers preparation (III) Jan 2013 Preview Mode UCSC staff could login, search, look at all the functions, but not complete transactions in the system Feb 2013 UCSC went live Millennium used for 2 Ref DB’s only Sierra – Road Map

10 Overnight implementation Staff worked on Sierra from day 1 No specific training support needed Initial slowness at some stations Local network issues Sierra implementation Good overall experience Library staff got familiar with the new interface in a short time period Sierra – Overall Experience

11 Urgent issues resolved quickly Acquisition receiving, Ref DBs and Media Mgmt. images on WebPAC Non-critical issues resolved over time Creating lists of records, Call No searches in WebPAC, rotated indexation for subjects, monitoring space for heading reports, custom limits in Advance search, changes to records not taking effect Only a few Sierra issues still to be solved Some part of known issues Improve display and navigation for subject searches in SDA, display issues for vendors Sierra – Issues

12 III team Project manager Tech experts Profiling specialists Systems engineering UCSC team Project manager Systems librarian Focal points Network specialist Sierra – Project Organization

13 Sierra – Project Milestones (III) TaskResourceTime Build Application ServerIIINovember – December 2012 Build Database ServerIIIDecember 2012 Create Sierra databaseIIIDecember 2012 Preview Access to SierraIIIDecember (end) 2012 – January 2013 Prepare Application ServerIIIJanuary 2013 Final Sierra ConversionIIIFebruary 12, 2013

14 Sierra – Project Milestones (UCSC) TaskResourceDate Workstation preparation before moving to hosted solution (120) Systems LibrarianNovember 2012 Provided new IP address to database vendors Acquisitions StaffNovember 2012 Updated Limit Network Access tableSystems LibrarianNovember 2012 Updated DNS and FirewallITNovember 2012 Sierra Self-TrainingFocal PointsDecember 2012 SDA InstallationIT (all campuses)December 2012 – January 2013 Staff trainingFocal Points – Library StaffJanuary 2013 Sierra Access (read-only)All library staffJanuary 2013 Workstation preparation before Final Conversion (Offline Circ) Systems LibrarianFebruary 11, 2013 GO LIVE!February 12, 2013

15 Self-Training Focal points (7) CSDirect Sierra Videos CSDirect Sierra FAQ CSDirect Sierra WebHelp In-House information Training (by focal points) 120+ people (all campuses) 5 sessions x 2 hours Tutorial Millennium – Sierra SDA : what is new …what is different (Function/Mode, Tab, Browse Display, Advanced Search,…) Sierra – Staff Training

16 Went live with Sierra Final conversion 4 hours system downtime Post-event checklist 2 hours x 5 people at night … The day after SDA updated on all PC’s Primary modules (CIR, ACQ, CAT) stopped for 3 hours WebPAC worked! Sierra – Go Live Day

17 Millennium Login & Initials Sierra Username Sierra – Login

18 UCSC could choose among different solutions to create Sierra users Every Sierra user has Basic Info (Language, Locations served, Stat group, etc.), Applications, Permissions, Workflows, Options, Settings, and Preferences III generated Sierra users by turning every Millennium login and every Millennium initials set into a Sierra user UCSC created workflows by grouping the Sierra functions required by multiple staff members to perform their tasks Based on the Millennium login-initials pair used by every person or on every circulation workstation, UCSC took every initials-generated Sierra user, kept the Permissions, and imported Basic Info, Options, Settings, and Preferences from the login-generated Sierra user. Then adjusted the Accounting Unit (initials element to be integrated into the Basic Info coming from the login). At last, assigned the Workflow(s) as needed. Sierra – Users

19 No Offline Circulation software has been released for Sierra, so far. In order for the existing Millennium Offline Circ software to work with Sierra, UCSC updated the file C:\Millennium\Offline\offlinecirc.lax by entering the Sierra-specific port (64001 instead of 4600): dataport=64001 $CMD_LINE_ARGUMENTS$ Sierra – Off-Line Circulation

20 UCSC two reference databases (Theses, and Archived Orders Information) were not migrated to Sierra – this is an enhancement for a future release. UCSC still uses Millennium to access the databases after the Sierra conversion, by means of the existing Millennium icons and by entering the same logins and initials as before. Preserve Millennium old icons Download the new JAR’s necessary for Millennium Sierra – Reference DB’s

21 JARS Download BE SURE that your network capacity is suitable An alternative to having every PC download the jars is to update ONE pc and copy the contents of the C:\Sierra Desktop App\jarcache subdirectory to other awaiting workstations via thumb-drive or CD or similar, thus bypassing the need to use the network to deliver the update Sierra – Tips for release updates

22 Sierra – Documentation and Resources Listserv – Sierra Forum to post any issues you find while using Sierra and to see the experiences other libraries are sharing

23 Renato Mazzocchi Fabio Marzani

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