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Achieving more with less Volume I: Infrastructure Gethin Nichols

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1 Achieving more with less Volume I: Infrastructure Gethin Nichols


3 A long time in politics From “future technologies” to “austerity”... Budget freedom – The more you can squeeze from your ICT budget leaves more money elsewhere Impact on Education – Costs increasingly scrutinised – Reduction in investment in certain areas – New builds less likely, refurbishment key

4 Relieving budget pressure Go green Print management Planning a more efficient network Make do and mend Thin clients and personal devices Learning Platforms Leasing

5 Going GREEN Many of us have been hugging trees since before we had to go all austere Increase in ICT kit has resulted in an additional energy (and cost) burden

6 A whole-school utility that is designed to monitor your energy usage in school

7 Monitors and report on all aspect of energy use, tracked via the web Carbon Trust endorsed (=100% tax relief*) Potentially large cost savings to be made * In Year 1

8 John O’Gaunt School Using RM Utileyes for less than a year Annual savings of £16,700 expected Much improved green credentials – Committed to the 10:10 project – In excess of 10% of total energy cost saved – Energy Rating moving from D to B





13 Projector Management Networked projectors becoming standard – Wireless or Wired installs System Alerts & Monitoring – Over heating – Errors – Lamp life Scheduling – Cost Savings

14 Print Management Different levels of cost savings – Changing your printer settings – Printer credits – Enterprise Print

15 Print Management Printer Settings – Keep up to date with latest drivers – Print Quality – Duplex Printing

16 Print Management Printer credits – Community Connect 3 and 4 allow you to set printer credit quotas for your users. Allocates users a printer credit quota Set a “page cost” on your printers Auto-allocation strategies can be applied – In CC4 you can modify auto-allocation so you can set a daily allowance for your users. – Other generic printer credit software

17 Print Management Enterprise Print Solutions – One set price for printers, toners and maintenance – Can drastically reduce Total Cost of Ownership – Set up rules to manage costs – “Follow me” printing


19 Hardware Servers

20 The heart of your network Storage that is often the driver behind adding more servers to your network – It’s estimated that storage requirements in a school is expected to grow by 75% over the next 3 years This leaves you with a choice in terms of your network strategy Hardware:

21 Option I: Carry on adding Servers – Do you need the extra processing capacity? – There are disadvantages: Increased running costs More technical management time Increased complexity Server room capacity Servers Hardware:

22 The successor to the RM Serv – Super quiet Just 20 decibels Liquid cooling efficiency – Designed for classroom/office – High Performance drives – Internal RDX backup drive – Roughly 58% of standard server energy use – Supports up to 50 CC3 clients RM DualServ eXL

23 Option II: Centralise your Storage – Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS) Store large files on a centralised storage area Same associated cons as adding an additional server such as Domain Controller Servers Hardware:

24 Option II: Centralise your Storage – Storage Area Network (SAN) Devices Reduce Downtime Increase Performance Utilise Space More Efficiently Easy Transition Prevent Bottlenecks Increase Attainment SAN means less downtime Servers Hardware:

25 Option II: Centralise your Storage – Virtualisation Servers Hardware:

26 Option II: Centralise your Storage – Virtualisation – Fewer physical servers means further cost savings Less ongoing hardware outlay Fewer support contracts Less energy used Less physical space needed for housing Servers Hardware:

27 Hardware Computers

28 Maintaining what you’ve got – Defrag – Clean – Update Notebook batteries – Calibrate – Charging Cycles Computers Hardware: technicalArticle.asp?cref=TEC49012

29 Hardware Audit – Automated (as on CC4) or Manual lists – Upgrade existing hardware Memory CPU Network cards – Redeploying computers based on use – Purchase more sustainable kit Computers Hardware:

30 Designed specifically for education Fully configurable – High powered fully featured to “Essentials” Environmentally friendly – Recycled plastic – Eco mode – Reusable screen – Energy efficient power supply Carry handle Height-adjustable Screen Secure height lock Spaced, front-facing USB ports Base unit rotation rollers Control settings access Integrated card reader option Security features Carry handle Height-adjustable Screen Secure height lock Spaced, front-facing USB ports Base unit rotation rollers Control settings access Integrated card reader option Security features

31 Thin Clients & Terminal Servers – Utilising underpowered machines – Buying specialist Thin Clients Cheaper Greener Longer life Computers Hardware:


33 RM ThinClient – Locked down client software interface removing risk of student disruption – CC4 Anywhere compatible – Display streamed video without noticeable frame loss – Easy setup and deployment – Support multiple screen sizes and multiple outputs Computers Hardware:

34 RM ThinClient – Easy-to-use management software – Performance to be equivalent to using an entry-level PC running dedicated OS – Smaller form factor than RM miniPC – Robust fascia – Mounting options including PSU and cable management Computers Hardware:



37 Hardware Personal Devices

38 Installed on the prospective user’s device Ensures conditions before user log-on – Anti-virus up to date – Microsoft Updates enabled Can display an AUP at log-on

39 Enables teachers and learners to work from any place using their own devices whenever they need to – Use mobile devices on your network via a 3G or wireless connection – Users can log in and work from home, using an iMac, iPad or an RM miniBook

40 Lets people use networked software, even if it's not installed on their device Manage your network on the move from a portable device like an iPhone Provide a more sustainable approach to ICT using thin client technology

41 Online Homework Goal Setting Progress Checking Activities, Blogs, Wikis Newsletters Uploading resources (not printing them!) Checking Attendance Supporting Evidence Comments, and contributions Learning Platforms

42 Total solutions can be chosen based on what is most suitable and not just what budget dictates Pay for resources as they are used, not in advance Easier budgeting Efficient acquisition and planning Conserve working capital

43 Technology refresh options allowing you to add new equipment to a lease during the term Our educational focus enables us to provide solutions appropriate to you View your lease and it's terms online Fair and transparent contract Flexibility - you are in control

44 Conclusion Becta may have gone, but.... Infrastructure Strategy should look at: What can be retained, and how? What measures will increase sustainability? What can save me costs in the long run? Lowering the total cost of ownership

45 Conclusion Source: Microsoft – UK Schools Blog

46 Conclusion Even if a proportion of these savings can be made, it can have a huge impact Not to mention the other possibilities we have explored in this (and the next) session

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