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Sweden left of international centre LEFT CENTERRIGHT “BBC/NYT” SOCD CEN MOD LAB TORY DEM REP.

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3 Sweden left of international centre LEFT CENTERRIGHT “BBC/NYT” SOCD CEN MOD LAB TORY DEM REP

4 Most secular, rational and self-expressive/individualistic nation

5 Swedish ”State individualism” “While much has been written about the institutionalized aspects of the Nordic welfare state, few have paid much attention to its underlying moral logic. Though the path hasn’t always been straight, one can discern over the course of the twentieth century an overarching ambition in the Nordic countries not to socialize the economy but to liberate the individual citizen from all forms of subordination and dependency within the family and in civil society: the poor from charity, the workers from their employers, wives from their husbands, children from parents – and vice versa when the parents become elderly /... /

6 The Nordic countries [are] the least family-dependent and most individualized societies on the face of the earth. To be sure, the family remains a central social institution in the Nordic countries, but it too is infused with the same moral logic stressing autonomy and equality. The ideal family is made up of adults who work and are not financially dependent on the other, and children who are encouraged to be as independent as early as possible. /... / Less tied down by legal and moral obligations within the family, yet still protected from extreme risk by a universal safety net, they become more flexible on the labour market, while as individual consumers they have developed far-reaching needs of products and services that previously were satisfied within the traditional family /... Economic policies that cater both to our desire for individual autonomy and our need of community and security can be remarkably successful.” way-final.pdf

7 Christopher Hitchens on Swedes In a review of Stieg Larsson's bestselling crime fiction Millennium trilogy he wrote: “If a Larsson character wants to show assent, he or she will 'nod'; if he or she wants to manifest distress, then it will usually be by biting the lower lip. The passionate world of the sagas and the myths is a very long way away” The essay Bleakness is all in his collection Arguably

8 The Capitalist Welfare state* Mixed economy - capitalism and planned economy with strong national control over capital flows, credit and interest rates Corporativism – good independent relations between employers' federations and labour unions, organized interest groups and popular movements supported by government General welfare state policy – universal welfare programs that also benefit the middle class Rehn - Meidner model – unions support structural change and fair wage policy (wages paid according to agreements, not business ability to pay) * term by economist Andreas Bergh

9 In 1948 Sweden Income and payroll taxes were by law paid by the employer, thus invisible to the employee Unique Personal Identification Number given to all citizens

10 Taxes /GDP

11 $10Salary paid from employer but not seen by employee -$3Deducted as payroll tax by employer to various governmental social insurance schemes $7Salary seen by employee and agreed to in contract -$2.5Municipal income tax for low and medium salaries, but higher for higher salaries $4.50Money to spend on services and goods -$1.00Value added tax (VAT, 25 %, second highest in EU) $3.50Amount to spend out of a total of $10 Of 100% salary, 35% remains

12 Mera agla kitab… Sara Sarasvati – an Indo-Swedish story of terror and truth Out fall 2013, available on Amazon.


14 Thank you for listening

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