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Making an Impact: 2001 to 2011. Introducing ENWORKS Established in 2001; celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2011. More than 11,580 businesses of all.

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1 Making an Impact: 2001 to 2011

2 Introducing ENWORKS Established in 2001; celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2011. More than 11,580 businesses of all sizes and sectors already advised. Internationally recognised environmental business support. Combatting market failure and decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation. Focused on resource efficiency – making more with less – by using energy / water / materials more efficiently and managing residual waste. We convert environmental pressures into real competitive advantages.

3 Headline impacts What impresses me most about projects such as ENWORKS is they truly are becoming the change thats needed in the world. Al Gore, former US Vice President Over the last decade ENWORKS has demonstrated its environmental, economic and social impacts, by helping businesses to achieve: £100mBusiness cost savings 476,000Tonnes of CO 2 e savings 7,488Jobs safeguarded and created £230.6mSales safeguarded and won 11,580Businesses assisted

4 Core services On-site reviews to identify resource efficiency improvements - Free reports with fully quantified improvement opportunities. - Ongoing, hands-on assistance with implementing improvements. - Help with securing finance if necessary, accessing technical support from specialist. consultants, and driving cultural change within businesses. Bespoke software – the ENWORKS Online Resource Efficiency Toolkit - Free access to award-winning software used by Government and public bodies. - Helps managers to prioritise, track and report on your progress and resulting savings. Training and networking - Up to 40 free seminars/workshops/events a year, at local venues across the NW. - Includes courses certified by professional bodies, including CIEH and CIWM. Green Intelligence - Free, fortnightly e-bulletins, bringing the most relevant environmental business news, information and case studies directly to peoples inboxes, tailored to their business needs.

5 Unique delivery model Three-tier partnership structure:1) Partnership Board 2) Central Management Team 3) Delivery Partnership / Consultants Resource efficiency support delivered through a network of locally-based organisations, employing specialist environmental advisers. Delivery partners complemented by a bank of private sector consultants. Free, practical, on-site support thats tailored to individual businesses ENWORKS also helps with issues such as: Corporate responsibility / legal compliance / climate change adaptation / greening supply chains / sustainable procurement.

6 ENWORKS partnership structure

7 Business benefits Our hands-on, one-to-one support helps businesses to: Cut costs Boost productivity Increase profitability Safeguard and create jobs Retain and win contracts Improve corporate reputation

8 Key 11,580 businesses supported with resource efficiency by ENWORKS

9 Investment and return £46m£178m Invested in businessesNet additional GVA £23m in public fundsIndependent evaluation (2007-10) secured (primarily from the showed that ~£9m invested in us NWDA and ERDF) to support delivered a £178m net additional businessesGVA to the economy (1:20 ratio). +We outperformed all regional environmental business support An additional £23m leveragedprogrammes and achieved better from other public sector sourcesvalue-for-money than the aggregate support. of all the national environmental programmes / generic business support programmes.

10 Business savings – financial and environmental We help businesses to reap the financial rewards of improving their environmental performance… £152mBusiness cost savings per year Were helping businesses to boost their bottom lines 794,200CO 2 e savings per year Were helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprints. 6.1m m 3 Water savings per year Were helping businesses to protect precious natural resources. 3.1m tonnesMaterial savings per year Were helping businesses to make more with less. 520,800 tonnesWaste diversion from landfill per year Were helping businesses to treat residual waste as a fresh resource or income stream.

11 Local economy and social impact ENWORKS is already helping 1000s of businesses to achieve amazing things, and we have plans to do much more… £21.4mPrivate investment leveraged Weve helped businesses of all sizes to make smart investments. 7,488Jobs safeguarded and created We have a proven ability to drive job security and job creation. £230.6mSales safeguarded and increased Weve made environmental improvements that have given local companies a real competitive edge. 3,335Adults trained We facilitate knowledge and skills transfer to make business improvements sustainable in the long term.

12 Average savings On average, for every business supported intensively with resource efficiency (resource reduction or waste management) weve achieved cumulative savings to date of: 65,700Cost savings 312 tonnesCO 2 e savings 460,100 tonnesElectricity/gas savings 3,400 m 3 Water savings 11,800 tonnesMaterial savings 175 tonnesWaste diverted from landfill

13 Its not rocket science Better resource efficiency means a healthier balance sheet. No-cost / low-cost resource efficiency measures are proven to cut costs and boost jobs/sales. Defra (2011) estimates they could save UK businesses £23bn a year. Environmental improvements address key business survival issues: Risk Reward Reputation Many businesses are missing out on financial and reputational rewards due to market failure associated with climate change (identified in Stern Review 2006). NWDA survey (2009) showed just 20% of businesses hoped to improve resource efficiency in the next 12 months. Most were only looking at low-impact initiatives AND it is unlikely that all of that 20% were actually implemented. Left alone, most businesses will FAIL to take effective action without support.

14 A lasting impact Were actively supporting businesses with the transition towards a vibrant, sustainable, low-carbon economy. The annual savings we achieve accrue, year after year. Were helping the UK to meet its climate change targets. Were helping to reduce the pressures on scarce resources and on local waste collection/disposal services. We deliver a tried and tested model of support that already works for companies of all sizes and sectors. There is still much more to do. Weve already identified fresh annual savings of: £119m Cost savings 663.5k tonnesCO 2 e savings 4.4m Water savings 690k tonnesMaterial savings

15 External recognition ENWORKS has been recognised as best practice by a wide range of high profile bodies, such as: BusinessGreen Leaders Awards –SustainIT Awards – NGO of the Year, 2011Climate Change and Europe Awards –Environmental Efficiency, 2006 Finalist in the Consuming category,European Commission – 2011Best Practice Principles of European Commission –Sustainable Development, 2005 Best Practice EnvironmentalSuccess Northwest Awards – Support Network, 2009Exceptional Contribution to The Ashden Awards forEnvironmental Excellence, 2005 Sustainable Energy –European Social Fund – Energy Efficiency, 2007Merit Award for Sustainable Regeneration and Renewal Awards –Development, 2005 Economic DevelopmentLearning Northwest Awards – Project of the Year, 2007Workforce Development, 2002

16 What people are saying ENWORKS is one hell of a story! This is the sort of stuff that makes me feel amazingly inspired. It is the stuff of incremental impact reduction, in a way thats delivering real value for wealth creators, for shareholders, for businesses, for communities and for the environment. It is a tremendous achievement. Sir Jonathon Porritt CBE, co-founder of Forum for the Future Without ENWORKS help we wouldnt have made the progress we have; nor would we have been able to secure the future of our employees contracts or the new business weve acquired in this difficult economic climate. Katrina Wallbank, Director of T Forrest & Sons, Lancashire

17 Get in touch To find out more about ENWORKS, please contact us at: Samantha Nicholson, ENWORKS Director E: T: 0161 245 4764 @enworks2001 Green Intelligence - fortnightly emails of green business news and case studies: ENWORKS In a Box – sharing our learning and experiences: Website for businesses interested in free ENWORKS support:

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