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Goal. The Leader in School Leadership ™ Principals are responsible for over 25% of school effects on student learning... … and also impact the hiring,

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1 Goal

2 The Leader in School Leadership ™

3 Principals are responsible for over 25% of school effects on student learning... … and also impact the hiring, training, and retention of teachers – who account for 33% of the effects. PrincipalsTeachers Marzano, R.J.; Waters, T.: & McNulty, B. (2005) School Leadership that Works: From Research to Results. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

4 FoundationsDevelopmentThe Result Four Years, $11 Million Dollars on Research and Development Executive Development Program for School Leaders TM

5 Instructional Leadership Leadership Skills Best Practices in Education Content Area Expertise The guidance, direction, and support of sustained instructional improvement leading to higher student achievement. 5

6 Powerful Resources 27 Days Instruction 40 Hours Online Learning

7 1. The Education Challenge 11. The Principal as Driver of Change 10. The Principal as Ethical Leader 9. The Principal as Instructional Leader and Team Builder 4. Foundations of Effective Learning 3. Elements of Standards-Based Instructional Systems 2. The Principal as Strategic Thinker 5. Leadership for Excellence in Literacy 6. Leadership for Excellence in Math 7. Leadership for Excellence in Science 12. Leading for Results 13. Culminating Simulation 8. Promoting Professional Learning and Phase One Simulation 13 Units Transform Leadership Leadership Ed. Best Practices Content-Area Instruction

8 The Action Learning Project: Real-World, Real-Time Impact Concepts learned in program are applied to their school Aligned to needs of principal, school and district Runs throughout duration of program Participants receive feedback and support from peers and facilitator 8

9 Cohort Based Job-Embedded Extended NISL Delivery is Research- Based and Engaging Best Practices in Adult Pedagogy

10 Over 50 Master Faculty All have relevant, deep experience 2 facilitators per session and 3-6 per cohort assure topic-specific expertise Staff matched to local needs Unsurpassed Faculty

11 Trainers must go through program + units on facilitation and coaching NISL Faculty observe and mentor Certification contingent on observations Free updates and recertification Can embed trainers to speed rollout NISL’s Rigorous Train-The-Trainer Model Maximizes Effectiveness

12 Lead More Effectively Knowing how to leverage data Able to build teams and drive change Able to establish strategic visions that are achievable and measurable Create a strong school culture Implement Best Practices in Education in Their School Understanding Standards-Based instruction and how to align instructional systems Understanding best practices in Literacy, Mathematics and Science Able to identify good instruction and coach towards it Able to chart professional development and select curriculum NISL Participants Graduate ready to… Improve Classroom Instruction Raise Student Achievement

13 - David Driscoll Former Massachusetts Commissioner of Education NISL is the highest quality leadership program I know of… It resulted in a complete paradigm shift for our leaders, from running a building to being an instructional leader ” “

14 More than a month of extra learning Massachusetts Results Researchers: Johns Hopkins & Old Dominion University 38 Schools Average Free & Reduced Lunch: 69% Literacy Math Effect Size 0.14 0.11 Statistically Significant in Math and ELA ✔ ✔ ✔

15 - David Driscoll Former Massachusetts Commissioner of Education NISL has helped us create turnaround artists, and has assisted principals in driving their schools from good to great. ” “ - Gerald Zahorchak Former Pennsylvania Secretary of Education

16 101 Schools Researchers: Johns Hopkins & Old Dominion University Student 21,000 ElementaryHighMiddle Literacy Math Effect Size 0.689.48 2.04 0.08 0.723.244.160.07 Increase in % Students Meeting Proficiency Represents 1,225 more students reaching proficiency in ELA and 1,089 in math! Statistically Significant at all levels in Math and ELA ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Pennsylvania Results ✔

17 2002 AYP Chambersburg School District, PA 2003200420052006200720082009 District Impact “It was one of the most rewarding and informative programs that I've participated in during my seven-year tenure as an administrator.” - Benita Draper-Terry, Principal, Lincoln Elementary School, Bethlehem, PA xxxxx NISL Implemented x ✔ ✔ Left Corrective Action

18 Accountability Rating Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District, TX 200620072008 District Impact NISL Implemented 26,000 Students 51% poverty 74% minority Acceptable Recognized Student Achievement Top 30% in TX “The program is designed to equip principals with the tools and knowledge needed to lead their schools to become high- performing schools. I highly recommend the NISL program to any district.” - Sheila Maher, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District, TX

19 NISL Has Trained More School Leaders Than Any Other Organization State-level Implementations: Arizona Missouri Kentucky Pennsylvania Massachusetts Virginia Minnesota District Implementations: Anoka-Hennepin, MN Aurora, CO San Juan BOCES, CO Baltimore City, MD Boston, MA Duval County, FL Elgin, IL Harrison County, MS Hartford, CT Milwaukee, WI Northwest ISD, TX Prince George’s County, MD Santa Monica, CA Washoe County, NV North Country Region, NH ✔ ✔ Over 7,000 Leaders Trained

20 It’s Time For An Upgrade Principal.2013

21 Goal

22 The Council on Post-Secondary Education, the University of Louisville, the Jefferson County Public Schools and the Kentucky Department of Education’s District 180 are collaborating to build a leadership development cadre for work in turnaround schools across the Commonwealth. Kentucky statute 160.346 requires support for leadership in our schools and with the reductions in federal and state funding streams, it is critical to build internal capacity to develop and support building level leaders in sustainable ways. Ultimately this work will ensure that there is an increase in the number of well-trained principals available for turnaround schools and situations. Frequently we did not find principals who met those criteria when hiring for the Priority Schools.


24 Through our District 180 organizational framework we have three regions across Kentucky: East Central West Cadres of NISL participants will be organized in each of these regions Cadres will be led by NISL trained Kentucky educational recovery staff, university faculty, and KDE staff.

25 Our timeline is to begin the first cadres in June 2014 and continue through the 2014-15 school year with our first NISL graduates being fully certified by June 2015. Interested candidates should send inquiries to:

26 How do you get involved? Contact your regional contact for educational recovery work for additional information on NISL East: Central: West: Program Manager: at KDE Frankfort for general information and additional enrollment

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