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Lead Generation System 1. The Power Of Automated Systems I’d Like To Show You A Powerful Automated System That: – Runs in the background, – Doesn’t require.

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1 Lead Generation System 1

2 The Power Of Automated Systems I’d Like To Show You A Powerful Automated System That: – Runs in the background, – Doesn’t require any extra work from you, – And will exponentially increase the effectiveness of all of your current advertising and marketing efforts. 2

3 We Know How You Feel Things Are Not Easy Right Now. – No matter how much you slave, you don't have enough revenue to sustain or grow your business. – You constantly have to spend time outside your comfort level dealing with unpleasant tasks: Advertising, Generating New Clients, Employee Issues, Finances… 3

4 The Competition Is At Your Heels Competition today is the more cutthroat than ever The limitless reach of the internet leaves you vulnerable to competitors. 4

5 So What Are You Doing About It? You’re pressured into trying new things. – forced to spend extra time outside of your core competencies learning: Marketing Technology Finances and Accounting Human Resources 5

6 How Can You Ensure You’re Speaking To Your Target Audience? Only 3% of your target audience is ready to buy from you right now. 7% are open to buying from you, if given the right communication. The next 60% may not currently be ready to buy, but WILL be in the market, and WILL be your target audience. 3% 7% Open To Buying 30% Could Be Persuaded To Buy 30% Think They Are Not Interested 30% Definitely NOT Interested 6

7 Position Your Company To Cultivate This 70% You Have The Power Of Automation And Technology That You Can Leverage RIGHT NOW to talk to that 70% of prospects who are not ready to buy right now. AND…. You Don’t Have To Change Anything You’re Currently Doing In Your Business Now. 3% 7% Open To Buying 30% Could Be Persuaded To Buy 30% Think They Are Not Interested 30% Definitely NOT Interested 7

8 Do You Want To Do It All Yourself? Your options may be limited; Cash & Capital Systems & Processes Team Depth Knowledge 8

9 What Is The ONE Thing You Can Do Right Now? 9

10 Utilize a Powerful Email Marketing System Email marketing is way to continually communicate with your prospects and clients via email. A POWERFUL email marketing system is an entire strategy with measurable results that uses automation to compliment and enhance every successful marketing method you currently employ. 10

11 How Email Marketing Works Someone signs up to receive something of value from you, in return you have their permission to continue to email them. 1.You have a web form on your site gathering their information. 2.You deliver whatever they signed up for. 3.You follow up with a series of personalized, automated emails. 11

12 Important Points To Know Deliverability is critical. Use a service that is certified CAN-SPAM compliant, and ensures high deliverability. Use a service that will give you stats that you can use to measure open rates. Make sure you know what they will do and what you will need to do. 12

13 The Other Half Of Email Marketing You need the right message at the right time to the right audience. – You need to know your target market. – You need to know how and why your product or service is EXACTLY what they need. 13

14 Guild’s Lead Generation System We follow a 10 Step process. – Focusing on your company’s strengths and your prospects’ most dominant emotional need. – Creating an entire customized, automated lead capture and nurturing system. – You continue to advertise exactly how you’re doing now, just add a lead capture page to your site 14

15 The Lead Magnet 10 Step Process Step 1: Research Your Product, Prospect, and Market – List out all the features of your product. – List out your prospects’ most relevant desires, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors as they relate to your solution. – Find out how aware your market is, how much they know about solutions like yours, and what trends are currently affecting them. 15

16 Dimensionalize The Benefits Step 2: Identify, Select, and Dimensionalize Your Strongest Benefits – Take each benefit you listed, – Expand on each one, painting a vivid description of how that benefit enhances your prospect’s life. – Then, expand on how each benefit makes them feel. 16

17 Next, Prove It Step 3: The Necessary Proof Elements – Compiling elements that prove your most powerful benefits. – Testimonials are great for this. – The best is to research current statistics from credible sources. 17

18 Find Your Greatest Strength Step 4: Determine Your Greatest Strength Over The Competition Use the dimensionalized benefits to define the EMOTIONAL edge you have over your competition. 18

19 What Is The Dominant Emotion? Fear- does your product save them from terrible consequences? Comfort & Security – does your product give them sound mind and protection? Happiness & Health – does your product make them a better person inside and out? Hope – will your product help them accomplish something they can’t do on their own? Shame – does your product keep them from enduring embarrassment or shame? Powerlessness – does your product empower them to overcome something they had to endure? 19

20 Position Yourself And Your Company Step 5: Decide On The “Voice” Of The Messages – Personalized, emotionally driven messages are the best way to nurture the client. – What approach will you take? Trusted advisor “I’m just like you.” “Don’t let this happen to you like it has to others.” – Humanizing your company and your product will move you head and shoulders above the competition. 20

21 Nurturing Your Relationship Step 6: Outline 1 Month Of Messages – These messages will be building and nurturing a relationship with your prospects. – They need to: Have a purpose, Emotionally benefit the reader, End with some call to action. – Use each of your dimensionalized benefits to craft compelling, benefit-driven messages. 21

22 Plan A Long Series Of Emails Step 7: Continue Your Discussion With Your Prospect – Prospects will continue to receive messages, enhancing your brand. – Send surveys, educate, inform, ask for referrals… – Some email series’ have several years worth of messages. 22

23 Create 1 Piece Of Great Information Step 8: Create One Downloadable Book/ Whitepaper/ Report That Discusses Their Greatest Concern Your Product Solves – Prospects love information for free. – You create this one time, then it’s an asset for life. – Through this education, you position your company as a trusted authority figure. – Use the dominant emotions as drivers to make them seek the solution from you. – We call this the “Money Magnet.” 23

24 Put One Page On Your Site Step 9: Dedicate An Entire Page For One Purpose – To Get Them To Opt In. – Take the most dominant emotion, couple it with your largest dimensionalized benefit, and write a compelling page that urges them to opt in for your free information right now. 24

25 Testing To Ensure Effectiveness Step 10: Continually Test Your Messages To Ensure They Are The Most Effective – Make sure your open rates remain high by constantly testing new headlines. – Survey your prospects to find out what they thought of your free report. – Test the body of the emails to make sure your messages are converting into more and more sales. 25

26 Why Doesn’t Everyone Follow This Process? Having an automated series of emails that works for you in the background without you having to spend much extra time…sounds perfect but… Many have tried, however… – The time it takes setting them up, – Researching, planning, and writing the content, – Then constantly testing to ensure effectiveness… The matrix is too complex, they can’t get everything in place, and they receive poor results. 26

27 What Do The Most Successful Businesses Do? The most successful small businesses are those who continue to focus on their core competencies, and outsource the rest to the best vendors. 27

28 Guild Consulting Our Management Team Has 42 Years Of Combined Experience 28

29 Here Is An Example Of A Typical Email Capture System 29

30 And An Example Of Their First Email Welcome to the Savings Email! Thanks for subscribing to our email list. You will receive a monthly email with product sales, coupons and helpful tips. If you do not want to be on this list please follow the link for unsubscribing below. You may unsubscribe from this list at any time by simply clicking "One- Click Unsubscribe". Warmest Regards, 800.505.1905 P.S. See what's on sale this month at by visiting this page: 30

31 Here Is How We Would Craft It 1.Clearly for the Phoenix area 2.An enticing image of the free information 3.A clear call to action 4.Benefits 5.A picture of the team here to help you. 31

32 And How We Write The First Email Dear Sam, Thank you for requesting your free copy of “Budget Home Decorating Tips.” We’ve been in the business here in the Phoenix area for over the past 2 decades, and this book brings together some of the best insider tips you’ll find anywhere! Any time I’ve redecorated or redesigned any room in my house, I’ve been overwhelmed by the colors, themes, and styles of design to choose from. It’s certainly not easy, and definitely not something you should try alone! What you’ll find within this book will help you wade through all the options and discover the most important features you’ll need out of your new blinds. I think you’ll be surprised as how easy it can be when you have some friendly guidance along the way. Click here to download “Budget Home Decorating Tips” And if you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call for a free, in-home consultation. We’re happy to help our neighbors make their house their home. Regards, Emily Johnson Owner and CEO BestBlindsPhoenix 32

33 You Need To Gather Leads And Nurture The Relationship The Guild Interactive Lead Generation System is a customized, automated, lead capture and nurturing system. The system is comprised of the following: 33

34 1. Lead Capture Form We create your Lead Capture form. When a new lead comes in, you are immediately notified via email with all data entered. Each week you are delivered an updated list of prospects. Each week you are delivered reporting and statistics on how your Lead Magnet program is performing. 34

35 2. Lead Capture Page We create a custom lead capture page centered on your target market’s dominant emotional drivers so they instantly connect with your message. The sole purpose of the Lead Capture page is to get them to opt in, so all copywriting is aimed toward them opting in to receive the Money Magnet educational material. 35

36 3. Money Generator The “Money Generator” is the free report, ebook, lessons that the prospect receives when they opt in. ‘The Money Is In The List,’ and we create a compelling, free, educational piece to entice them to opt in. 36

37 4. 7 Part Automated Prospect Email Series We create a 7-part series of emails centered around your dominant emotional theme. Your messages center around the dimensionalized benefits of your product. These messages constantly reinforce you and your company as a trusted advisor. They are sent out automatically in defined intervals after the prospect opts in. 37

38 5. 7 Part Customer Automated Email Series We continue to reinforce your relationship even after the prospect buys from you. We craft consumption emails that answer the top questions customers have after purchasing from you. 38

39 6. Our Monthly Services Each month we’ll continue your nurturing program by adding 4 prospect emails per month, and 4 sold emails per month, designed to go out once per week. We constantly test and improve all elements of your Lead Magnet System to ensure you are getting the best results. Each quarter we will send out a mass email to your lists with your choice of announcement. 39

40 It brings together 100% of your current Lead Generation efforts, allowing you to extract the maximum amount from your current marketing initiatives. It positions your company as the “Trusted Advisor” and “Industry Expert” without taking any extra effort or time away from you or your team. It allows you to build relationships with your prospects by giving them then information they need, and assuring them they are important to your company. What You Get With The Lead Magnet System ™ 40

41 You can gain critical insights and then enhance your products and services based on feedback from your prospects and clients. Your Landing Page conversions will always increase because of Multi- Variate, Multi-Variable testing. Your email messages are tested using that same method, ensuring the best conversion rates for the calls to action. What You Get With The Lead Magnet System ™ 41

42 What The Lead Magnet System™ Will Do For You: Give you the highest ROI on your marketing efforts. Close more deals. Lower your marketing costs. Increase your closing ratio. Maximize your lead count. Cultivate qualified prospects. Assist in product development/enhancement. Maximize every relationship. Create ‘Top Of Mind Awareness.’ 42

43 Instead, Go With The Guild Interactive Lead Generation System™ All for ……….$/mo with a $.... one-time set up fee 43

44 Join Us Now …and start building your business, engaging the power of leverage and automation. 44

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