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Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC Quanta PDM system for Restricted Substances Investigation (For WIN MD)

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1 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC Quanta PDM system for Restricted Substances Investigation (For WIN MD)

2 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 2 Quanta MD type introduction Meaning for three types of MD: MD coding MDYYYYMM-XXXX (for example) MD200905-2032 NEOYYYYMM-XXX ( for example) NEO200708-1011 WINYYYYMM-XXX (example )WIN200708-0030 MD coding meaning Quanta (QCI) common MD. Be applicable to all QCI MD acknowledge Per BU/Customer request. special MD for NB3 (Sony) Per BU/Customer request. special MD for NB1 (Dell) (Note) YYYY: on behalf of year MM: on behalf of month XXXX:MD on behalf of sequence number

3 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 3 Supplier can log in PDM network station PDM Website: please input your account number default in username Supplier Code+ three digital numbers 1) web page default password for agile,please change it after log in 2) please contact Winni Lin if you cant log in Email:, Tel: 03-3272345

4 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 4 Functional Guides for Environment protection (EP) website Eight function guide -8/8 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1

5 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 5 Functional Guide of EP Website - - Home Eight function guide -1/8 Home: show the latest up-to-date content and time for PDM web page

6 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 6 Functional Guide of EP Website - Declaration Eight function guide -2/8 Declaration: link to finish MD

7 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 7 Functional Guide of EP Website - Bulletin Eight function guide -3/8 Bulletin: show website with the latest require and matters need attention and so on

8 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 8 Eight function guide -4/8 Download: suppliers can download WIN MD user manual and other relevant standard (the latest download item will be shown on the top of web page) Functional Guide of EP Website - Download

9 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 9 Functional Guide of EP Website - FAQ Eight function guide 5/8 FAQ: FAQ inquiry and responses for supplier

10 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 10 Functional Guide of EP Website - Link Eight function guide 6/8 Link: Environment legislation, ecological label introduction data and so on

11 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 11 Functional Guide of EP Website - Lab Eight function guide 7/8 Labs: The list and contact way of Quanta certificated labs etc.

12 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 12 Functional Guide of EP Website - Labs Eight function guide 8/8 Contact US: WIN MD reviewer name

13 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 13 WIN MD operation and relevant standard requires Content: WIN MD 1)How to Log in PDM 2)WIN MD Completion a. Document Required b. Questionnaire need to be fill 3) Submit MD to compliance review 4) FAQ

14 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 14 How to login for completing WIN MD Website: Step-1

15 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 15 How to login for completing WIN MD Step-1(Conts) Supplier Code+ three digital code (for example) FOX111 Password: agile (preinstall) If you want to change preinstall code, please log in PDM system first

16 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 16 2 3 1.before input and change 2.input password will be changed Step-2 User name/ Password Change Step-2 1

17 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 17 The supplier log in PLM home page 2.MD that the supplier has finished 3.Open to supplier (meaning as following page) :show MD was pending at open to supplier that need to be completed by supplier 4.Click MD number will be finished for example, WIN200906-0001 2 3 4 Step-3 1 click show how many win MD will be finished

18 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 18 (Note) Meaning of Open to Supplier WIN MD is pending at Open to Supplier for two conditions 1.RD need supplier to accomplish restricted substances investigation for one Manufacture part 2.The datum was rejected to compliance review status because of fill in and upload by mistake Step-3 (Contd)

19 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 19 WIN MD: Content that suppliers must fill in Cover Page (default) 1 2 Step-4 Shortcut series data the supplier fill in The content the supplier must fill in (1)Type 1: Restricted Substances (ten substance in together) (2)Type 2: Reportable Substances (six substance in together)

20 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 20 WIN MD: Content that suppliers must fill in (Contd) 1 PPM: ( ) Type 1 Type 1 (1) RoHS (2)PFOS (3) Where Used: / : IC Pin (Chromium VI, Cr+6) (Metallic application) 15ppm Where used IC pin ( : / ) / Note 2 3 Step-4 (Contd) PPM: (fill in digital only) Type 2 are Reportable substances that must fill in the contained concentration no matter what the concentration if exceed or lower the control value, if only contain and use. For these substances will be promoted to Type 1 restricted control/forbidden substance when risk is raised or have legislation required Where Used: Must fill in PPM/where used. For example: Housing contains Chlorinated Flame Retardant (CFR)2500ppm then PPM need fill in 2500; Where used need fill in Housing The PPM can fill in number only. If PPM is 0 then Where used can fill in NA. 5

21 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 21 WIN MD: Content the supplier must fill in (Contd) Type 1: Restricted Substances PPM: contained concentration (1) The components contained Type1 substances mustnt exceed control scope. except (2) PFOS is applicable to exemption clauses of PFOS Directive (for example: Backup material) and (3) Restricted substances used are not within control application, such as a. Chromium VI: Metallic applications b. EPS: KC mark for South Koran only c. Formaldehyde: Wood product d. Mercury and its compounds: Batteries only Where Used: contained position Type 2: Reportable Substances PPM: contained concentration Where Used: contained position Step-4 (Contd)

22 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 22 WIN MD: Content the supplier must fill in (Contd) Step-4 (Contd) For example One plastic cement institution parts (Plastic Housing) contain Chromium VI,(Cr+6) plating (non-metallic application) 500ppm dont need to fill in PPM and where used in Type 1, Cr+6,but must mark in Note field. Note method as following: Restricted substances name/contained concentration/contained position (please separate them by /) Cr+6/500/Plastic Housing Cr+6/500/Plastic Housing

23 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 23 Backup Materials PFOS Exemptions Photoresists or anti reflective coatings for photolithography processes Photographic ocatings applied to films, papers, or printing plates Mist suppressants for non-decorative hard chromium (VI) plating and wetting agents for use in controlled electronplating systems where the amount of PFOS released into the environment is minimized, by fully applying relevant best available techniques developed within the framework of Council Directive 96/61/EC of 24 September 1996 concerning integrated pollution prevention and control PFOS 1996 9 24 96/61/EC Hydraulic fluids for aviation

24 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 24 Documents requirements for WIN MD Required upload document 3rd Party Test report for proving Arsenic-Free" in LCD and LED displays (for monitors and notebook displays). ‚This request in only for LCD & LED supplier. Document need to meet with the following condition: Homogeneous material test report for articles and raw /unprocessed materials test report are all accepted ‚Test method need adopt wet-type chemical study, XRF cant be approved ƒTest report must come from the lab with ISO 17025 accreditation

25 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 25 What kind of WIN MD need upload test report? Only for LCD or LED display Apply WIN MD for LCD display (Arsenic free)

26 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 26 WIN MD document upload (Contd) 3 4 6 7 Click the file that will be uploaded Fill out the name of uploaded document For example Test Report_XXX XXX for supplier code 5 Step- 5 1 2

27 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 27 WIN MD document upload (Contd) Step- 5 (1) make sure if the document was uploaded successfully 1.If upload file showed Filename and File Description series 2.if have black spot circle in the right attachment 2 1

28 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 28 Change WIN MD status to Compliance Review Step- 5 (2)

29 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 29 Change WIN MD status to Compliance Review Step- 5 (3) 1 Input the password (default: agile) which used for accessing the website: 2 Click OK will change WIN MD from Open to Supplier to Compliance Review

30 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 30 Change WIN MD status to Compliance Review Step-5 (4) When WIN MD was sent out to Compliance Review successfully, this WIN MD number will disappear after the supplier logged in first home

31 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 31 Change WIN MD status to Compliance Review Step-5 (5) Prior to WIN MD was send to Compliance Review successfully, please make sure the field of all PPM and where used of Type 1 & 2 have been filled in,otherwise the system will show the below error message, and cant be send to the next status for review

32 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 32 WIN MD rejected checking- rejection Reason WIN MD: brief rejection reason inquiry Step-6

33 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 33 WIN MD rejected checking- rejection Reason (contd)-History WIN MD rejection reason (for detail) WIN MD reviewer who reject this MD Step- 6(1) Can scroll to right side

34 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC 34 WIN MD rejected checking- (Contd)- Contact US 1. WIN MD: review and document require standard and so on NB1, MD Team (TW, CN) 1) Andy Chen extension: 11733, TW 2) Ivy Zhao extension: (382)13752/620564, CN 2. PDM system question DSC (TW) 1) Teren Ke extension: 18326, TW 3. account number and password SQE (TW) 1) Winni Lin extension: 11001, TW Step- 6 (3)

35 Quanta Confidential QUANTA PDC Thank You!

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