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Isotrophic Quality steel for improved performance IQ-Steel.

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2 Isotrophic Quality steel for improved performance IQ-Steel

3 Uniform and excellent properties in all directions Standard steel Poor fatigue and impact properties in the transverse rolling directions IQ-Steel Minimized inclusions Isotropic structure I mproved mechanical properties

4 Inclusions comparison Total inclusion length per mm² Standard steelIQ-Steel Longitudinal Transverse

5 The visible difference Standard steel Large and long inclusions IQ-Steel Extremely few and small inclusions

6 Rotating bending fatigue difference Fatigue limit [MPa] LongitudinalTransverse Standard steel IQ-Steel

7 Impact properties difference Charpy V (J) Testing temp. (°C) Longitudinal Transverse Standard steel

8 Longitudinal Transverse IQ-Steel Charpy V (J) Testing temp. (°C)

9 IQ-Steel grades Ovako 277 Gears and hydraulic applications

10 IQ-Steel grades Ovako 803 Bearings and diesel injection pumps

11 Ovako 677 Air hardening steel, also perfect for bearings and injection pumps

12 Consistent quality Ovako controls the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to the final product Stable quality with tests carried out on every batch

13 Customer service adds value Technical support Adaptable to optimal delivery needs Wide range of products and grades Good delivery precision

14 Industry-leading products Tailored solutions offer flexibility Supplies your material needs for a wide range of applications A trusted supplier for advanced industry Your speaking partner

15 Engineering steel with an edge

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