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A. about what to include when you introduce yourself or other people for various purposes; b. how to conduct interviews to get personal information about.

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1 a. about what to include when you introduce yourself or other people for various purposes; b. how to conduct interviews to get personal information about the interviewees; c. how to write a personal statement when applying for a university exchange program. In this unit, you are expected to learn

2 In daily life, we often encounter situations where we need to introduce ourselves either verbally or in writing. In other situations, we may need to introduce other people to an audience. Some introductions can be as short as a single sentence in casual conversations. Others may take a few hours, as in documentary films about certain historical figures, or a few hundred printed pages, as in the case of biographies or autobiographies. Read the two self-introductions (Texts 1 and 2) below and complete the following activities.

3 Text 1

4 Text 2 Hi, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Wendy and I live just right outside of Fort Worth, Texas. I am on this site because I know that I have a sugar problem and the more I eat, the more I crave. I also get very sleepy when I eat sugar, so I know there is something going on chemically that just isnt right. I am looking to stop dieting and learn to eat healthily. I was trying to buy a bathing suit last weekend and it was actually the first time that I have ever cried because they all looked so terrible. I am not severely obese but I dont want to get that way either. Currently, I am just not happy about the way I look and want to take better care of myself. I need accountability and am coming here to look for support and guidance. The hardest part is just getting started.

5 For each text, select the most likely situation in which the self-introduction has been made. Then try to find the clue(s) that helped you to arrive at your conclusion. Situation A. Meeting new friends in an online forum B. Seeing a doctor C. Job application D. Homepage posting Situation Clue(s) Text 1 Text 2 D A KeyClear Comparatively more formal language (with complete sentences); Detailed introduction of professional background and research interest, like the ones you find in such formal situations as academic conferences. Informal language (e.g., Hi, thought I would introduce myself.); Rather than giving information about education or career, the author talks about her concerns in daily life and shares personal stories

6 In different situations, people tend to provide different information in their self- introductions for different purposes. Read the two texts again and put a check ( ) in the relevant box if the information is given. The first line is done for you as an example. Add more items in the first column if necessary.

7 InformationText 1Text 2 Name Appearance Family Education Address Affiliation Career Interests Problems Needs _________________ Key Clear

8 Watch a video clip of a self-introduction and complete the following activities. Guess the purpose of the self-introduction and then write down the reasons for your choice. Purpose : Clues : A C B To compete in a competitionTo make friendsTo look for a job KeyClear I am privileged to participate in this years Miss China Town USA Pageant... Please vote for me for this years TVB choice of award. I would love to be your choice.


10 Read the following words and expressions used in the video clip. Then find the correct explanation for each of them. festiveintellectpageantprivileged showcaseUC San Diego _____________(v.) to display or present _____________(n.) the quality of being very intelligent or clever _____________(adj.) having an advantage or opportunity that most other people do not have _____________(adj.) special, colorful, or exciting, especially because of a holiday or celebration _____________(n.) a competition in which young women are judged to decide which one is the most beautiful _____________(n.) University of California at San Diego Key

11 Watch the video clip again and complete the following table with the information you have heard. Name Age Name of university attended Time of graduation University major and minor Time taken to complete university studies Name of contest Purpose of contest Name of award Clayon Yuan 21 TVB choice of award UC San Diego Last Spring 3 years Miss China Town USA To showcase talent, intellect and Chinese culture Political science and psychology Key Clear

12 When we write introductions about either ourselves or other people, some conventions need to be followed. The formality of the language, for example, will vary according to the situation. Relevance of content is also very important for those who make detailed introductions, as it will lead to either interest or boredom from the audience. Focus on these important aspects while going through the sample introductions in this part. Learn about giving self-introductions in formal situations, such as job interviews. The type and variety of information that should and should not be included in such self-introductions are of great concern to people introducing themselves.

13 A first-year student is preparing for his self-introduction in a new English course. Cross out the irrelevant information and make appropriate additions that you think might be of interest to his classmates. Share your opinions within groups.


15 Now, it is your turn to compose a self-introduction in written form for the same situation. When this is done, present it in groups. Finally each group should choose someone to present to the class.

16 Watch a video clip of a self-introduction and complete the following activities. Take notes on the important information about the singer. Her name: Her family: Her part time job as a singer in the pub: Her Participation and her performance in the Super Voice Girl Competition : Her strength in singing: Her childhood dream:


18 Do your notes include the following information? Cross out the items if you do not find them. One item has been crossed out as an example to show you how this can be done. Her name Her age Her family Her childhood dreams Her education Her personality Her way of making a living Her performance in the singing competition Her strength in singing Her plans for future career development × × × × KeyClear

19 For the items that were not crossed out in the above activity, write them in the following flow chart according to the order they were presented. Discuss in groups the underlying reason(s) for the way the information is tailored and sequenced for its particular audience.

20 Her name Her childhood dream Her family Her way of making a living Her performance in the competition Her strength in singing Key Clear

21 Work in pairs and conduct an interview between a television reporter and the singer. Construct the interview in writing first and then act it out. Tips for interview questions: Would you like to tell our viewers…? When did you start …? Why did you …? What did you … after …? Please describe …. Can you explain …? If you were …, what would you …? Tips for interview subjects : Family and / or education background that might have an influence on the singer Relevant childhood experience Personal interests and style preferences Interpretations of certain kinds of music Successes and setbacks Future expectations

22 Interviewer: Singer: Interviewer: Singer: Interviewer: Singer:

23 In this part, you will read two passages, an excerpt from an autobiography and a story that introduces a childhood friend. Passage 1 The following excerpt is taken from former U.S. President Bill Clintons famous autobiography.

24 I was born on my grandfathers birthday, a couple of weeks early, weighing in at arespectable six pounds eight ounces, on a twenty-one-inch frame. Mother and I came home to her parents house on Hervey Street in Hope, where I would spend the next four years. That old house seemed massive and mysterious to me then and still holds deep memories today. The people of raised the funds to restore it and ill it with old pictures, memorabilia, and period furniture. They call it the Clinton Birthplace. It certainly is the place I associate with awakening to life to the smells of country food; to buttermilk churns, ice-cream makers, washboards, and clotheslines; to my readers, my first toys, including a simple length of chain I prized above them all; to strange voices talking over our party line telephone; to my first friends, and the work my grandparents did. My Attachment to New Orleans Bill Clinton 1. New Orleans 2. Hope ( ) 3. Dick and Jane reader /5 to be continued Hope Dick and Jane

25 After a year or so, my mother decided she needed to go back to New Orleans to, where she had done part of her nursing training, to learn to be a nurse anesthetist. In the old days, doctors had administered their own anesthetics, so there was a demand for this relatively new work, which would bring more prestige to her and more money for us. But it must have been hard on her, leaving me. On the other hand, New Orleans was an amazing place after the war, full of young people,, and over-the-top haunts like the where men in drag danced and sang as lovely ladies. I guess it wasnt a bad place for a beautiful young widow to move beyond her loss. My Attachment to New Orleans Bill Clinton 2/5 to be continued continue 4. Charity Hospital 5. Dixieland music Club My-Oh-MyMy-Oh-My drag show Charity Hospital Dixieland music Club My-Oh-My

26 My Attachment to New Orleans Bill Clinton 3/5 to be continued continue I got to visit Mother twice when my grandmother took me on the train to New Orleans. For more than fifty years, from that first trip, New Orleans has always had a special fascination for me. I love its music, food, people, and spirit. When I was ifteen, my family took a vacation to New Orleans and the, and I got to hear, the great trumpeter, in his own club. At first they wouldnt let me in because I was underage. As Mother and I were about to walk away, the doorman told us that Hirt was sitting in his car reading just around the corner, and that only he could let me in. I found him in his no less tapped on the window, and made my case. He got out, took Mother and me into the club, and put us at a table near the front. He and his group played a great set it was my first live jazz experience. Died Al Hirt while I was President. I wrote his wife and told her the story, expressing my gratitude for a big mans long-ago kindness to a boy. 7. Gulf Coast 8. Al Hirt · ( ) Bentley Gulf Coast Bentley Al Hirt

27 My Attachment to New Orleans Bill Clinton 4/5 to be continued continue When I was in high school, I played the on a piece about New Orleans alled Crescent City Suite. I always thought I did a better job on it because I played it with memories of my irst sight of the city. When I was twenty- one, I won a in New Orleans. I think I did well in the interview in part because I felt at home there. When I was young law professor, Hillary and I had a couple of great trips to New Orleans for conventions, taying at a quaint little hotel in the, the Cornstalk. When I was governor of Arkansas, we played in the there, losing to Alabama in one of the legendary last great victories. At least he was born and grew up in Arkansas! When I ran for President, the people of New Orleans twice gave me overwhelming victory margins, assuring Louisianas electoral votes for our side. 10. Tenor saxophone solo 11. Rhodes scholarship G. J. Rhodes 12. French Quarter the Quarter 13. Sugar Bowl BCS 14. Bear Bryant · SEC tenor saxophone solo Rhodes scholarship French Quarter Bear Bryants Sugar Bowl

28 continue Now I have seen most of the worlds great cities, but New Orleans will always be special for coffee and beignets at the ; for the music of, the old guys at, and the memory of Al Hirt; for jogging through the French Quarter in the early morning; for amazing meals at a host of terrific restaurantswith,,and my other pals; and most of all, for those first memories of my mother. They are the magnets that keep pulling me down the Mississippi to New Orleans. (746 words) 15. Morning Call on the Mississippi 16. Aaron and Charmaine Neville 1941 Warm Your Heart 17. Preservation Hall 18. John Breaux · 19. Sheriff Harry Lee · Jefferson Parish Morning Call on the Mississippi Aaron and Charmaine Neville Preservation Hall John Breaux Sheriff Harry Lee

29 Choose the best answer to each of the following questions based on what youve read in the passage. 1.Which of the following best explains why Clinton acknowledged his grandparents house in Hope as his birthplace? A) He was born ahead of his due date in that building. B) His beloved grandparents lived there. C) He spent his early childhood there. C KeyClear

30 2. What can be inferred about Clintons father? A) He had died when Clintons mother left Hope. B) He moved away when Clinton was born. C) He had divorced Clintons mother. A B 3. Why was Clinton denied admission to Al Hirts club at first? A) He could not afford the ticket. B) He was not old enough. C) He did not know Al Hirt. KeyClear

31 4.What did President Clinton do later on to return Al Hirts kindness when the great trumpeter died? A) He wrote a letter to Al Hirts wife expressing his gratitude. B) He invited Al Hirts wife to the White House to tell her the story. C) He made a TV address to publicize Al Hirts kindness from long ago. 5. Why did Clinton visit New Orleans when he was governor of Arkansas? A) To attend conventions. B) To secure more votes. C) To watch a football games. A C KeyClear

32 Choose the answer that best explains each of the following sentences. 1. I was born on my grandfathers birthday, a couple of weeks early... (Line 1) A) I was born on my grandfathers birthday and that was several weeks ahead of my due date. B) My birthday was very close to that of my grandfather, just several weeks earlier. C) Several weeks after my grandpas birthday celebration, I was born. 2. It certainly is the place I associate with awakening to life... (Lines 6 – 7) A) I felt really close to this place since I started my lifes journey right here. B) I was awake in this house after my birth, and therefore it is my real birthplace. C) It is my birthplace in the sense that I had the earliest growth in my life here. A C KeyClear

33 3... so there was a demand for this relatively new work... (Lines 13 – 14) A) People were needed for this new type of work. B) Requirements for this new kind of job were high. C) The job opportunities were new but the training was old. 4.I found him in his Bentley no less tapped on the window, and made my case. (Lines 25 – 26) A) I found him in his room. He tapped on the window and granted my request. B) I found him in his car. I then tapped on the window and explained the situation to him. C) I found him in the bar by tapping on the window and then told him the story. A B KeyClear

34 5. When I ran for President, the people of New Orleans twice gave me overwhelming victory margins. (Lines 37 – 38) A) When I won my battle in the presidential election, the people of New Orleans twice held grand parties to celebrate our victory. B) When I competed in the presidential election, the people of New Orleans twice supported me by giving me most of their votes. C) When I campaigned for the presidency, the people of New Orleans twice gave me great confidence in my fight for the final victory. B KeyClear

35 The author described his many visits to New Orleans at different stages of life in the passage. What were the purposes of these visits to New Orleans? Match the purposes with the time of the visits, and then place the visits in chronological order.

36 To watch a football game To get a scholarship To seek support from voters To attend conferences To take a vacation To have a reunion with his mother a.a. b.b. c.c. d.d. e.e. f.f. Chronological order of the visits: c eafbd At age 21 Being governor of Arkansas Before the age of 5 Running for president At age 15 Being a law professor Key Clear

37 Bill Clinton writes in the text, New Orleans has always had a special fascination for me. I love its music, food, people, and spirit. Can you identify the specific remarks in this passage which show his love for the music, food, and people of New Orleans? What is the spirit of New Orleans?

38 Love for the food Love for the music

39 Love for the Orleans Love for the people

40 Recount the story about Bill Clintons birth and very early childhood (before he was five) from his mothers point of view.

41 You are about to read a passage that introduces a grade-school classmate of the author. Complete the following activities before and after the reading according to the directions. Now you are going to read about a classmate of the author, Beth. Before reading, make predictions by putting checks ( ) in the brackets located in front of the topics. After reading, check your guesses by putting checks in the brackets located after the topics which are mentioned in the text.

42 Guess Check 1. Beths appearance 2. Beths relationship with the author 3. Beths relationship with the class 4. Beths parents 5. Beths childhood 6. Beths future dream 7. Beths likes and dislikes 8. Beths academic performance KeyClear

43 Beth Dawn Sanders

44 Choose the best answer to each of the following questions based on what youve read in the passage. 1. For how long were Beth and the author classmates? A) For 7 years. B) For 5 years. C) For 1 year. A KeyClear

45 2. Beth was considered an outsider in the authors class mainly because _______. A) she had very low intelligence B) she was unfriendly to the class C) she looked different from others 3. Why did Beth gradually stop trying to defend herself? A) It was forbidden by the teacher. B) It turned out to be useless. C) She received more abuses after trying to defend herself. B B KeyClear

46 4. Why did Fred calmly go back to his seat when the teacher returned? A) He pretended that nothing had happened. B) He was unashamed of his cruelty. C) He felt satisfied with the outcome of his prank. 5.Why was the author a little relieved to get away from Beth? A) She was happy that Beth would not be bullied any more. B) The sight of Beth in her class constantly reminded her of her cruelty before. C) She had had bad feelings about herself when she did not come to Beths defense. A C KeyClear

47 Choose the answer that best explains each of the following sentences. 1. But even carefree, innocent children can be cruel. (Line 7) A) Although children are cheerful and naive, they can still sometimes hurt others. B) Without loving care, the lives of naive children can be really hard and full of pain. C) Some naive children grow into cruel people even though they were once happy. A KeyClear

48 2. The ideas that were easy for us to understand seemed out of her reach. (Lines 12 – 13) A) She had difficulty understanding what we said. B) The ideas that we found easy were difficult for her. C) She was always kept out of our simple conversations. 3. Still, no one dared come to Beths defense for fear of Freds vengeance. (Lines 26 – 27) A) No students dared to talk to either Beth or Fred because they feared that the teacher would come back any moment. B) No students dared to stand up and protect Beth because they were afraid of Fred. C) No students dared to defend Beth because Fred had a lot of supporters in the class. B B KeyClear

49 4. The class she moved into was more accepting. (Lines 35 – 36) A) Her new class treated her in a more friendly way. B) Her new class held a reception party for her. C) Her new class accepted more new students. 5. We saw only the shell, not the person within. (Lines 40 – 41) A) We saw the shell, but the person inside did not. B) We saw a turtle shell, but we did not find the person inside. C) We saw her appearance but not the strengths of her character. A C KeyClear

50 Describe Beth before she changed classes by matching her physical features on the left with the descriptive words on the right. Her hair Her face Her nose Her teeth Her shoulders Her sweater Her complexion Bony Having an overbite Homely Old and faded and out of style Pale Stringy Pointy Key Clear

51 Group the adjectives and nouns that you would use to describe Beth before and after she changed classes. confident stylish quiet loser ashamed withdrawn malnourishedstupid active quietloserashamed withdrawnmalnourishedstupid KeyClear confident stylish active

52 All the following actions that were targeted at Beth were performed by different people. Decide who was responsible for each kind of punishment, and then pretend you are Beth and tell your parents about the unfair treatment you received at school. G=Girls B=BoysT=TeachersF=Fred the class bully _______ teased her _______ scolded her _______ followed behind her, giggling _______ called her names _______ stole her food at lunch _______ pushed her hand ________ ignored her ________ pulled her hair ________ threatened her ________ taunted and tormented her ________ gave her rders B T G B B B T B F F F KeyClear

53 Suppose you were Beth and were very interested in the vacancy for the school assistant librarian. Finish the following application letter by adding a brief self- introduction. Dear Sir/Madame, I read on our school bulletin that you are looking for an assistant librarian. I am very interested in this position and I am writing this letter to apply I am an a eighth-grader. I am active, confident, and I get along cope well with people. I am a member of the varsity volleyball team. The sport not only strengthens my body, but also gives me confidence in myself. Last semester I had took a part-time job as a campus guide. It was a great experience. I got to know different people and learned to communicate with others. That part-time working experience also taught me the importance of hard work-working and self- respect. I used to be treated badly by my classmates and I felt really bad about myself. But now Ive gotten back my recollected confidence in myself. Having been through all these difficulties, I trust I can do the job better than anybody else. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please give me favorable considerations. Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated. KeyClear

54 In this part, you will apply for a student exchange program in order to get an opportunity to study at an American university for one year. The application process mainly includes getting to know some of the former or current students in the exchange program, completing an application form, writing a personal statement, and attending an interview.

55 As this is the third year of the exchange program to which you are applying, one group of students has returned from abroad and the second group is still at the American university. Try to contact some of the students from the program (either former or current) and get the following information about them: Step

56 Name Department Major area(s) of academic interest Reasons for the applying Academic strengths (e.g., past academic records, awards, research experience) Communication, especially language skills (both Chinese and English) Other experiences

57 Based on the information youve collected, write an introduction about one of the students who you think is a model applicant. Share your introduction with your classmates so that you can improve your own application. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Step

58 To begin the process of applying, you will need to fill out the following Application Form. Name Department Major Reasons for Applying Strengths and / or Important Experiences Study Plans SexDate of Birth __/__/__/__ mm/dd/yy Step

59 Form small groups and exchange application forms with other groups. Each group will take turns serving as a panel of judges: reading the application forms, giving comments on each of them, and deciding on the ones that are more acceptable for further consideration. List the reasons why you favor the applications which you accept. Reason 2:Reason 1: Reason 3: Reason 4: Reason 5:... Step

60 Read the following directions for writing applications for similar exchange programs and complete the following activities. Personal Statements for Foreign Exchange Students More mature than a high school graduate, less scholarly than a doctoral candidate, a prospective exchange student should be able to demonstrate both strength of character and seriousness of purpose. An admissions committee evaluating potential foreign exchange students will likely ask themselves two basic questions: 1) Will this student be able to cope with the stress of living in a foreign culture? Step

61 2) Will this student take full advantage of the opportunity to come to our university? 1.The first question addresses your character. The university officials want to know that you will not arrive in the United States and become so depressed that you have to go home. An anecdote might help you to make the point that you are a self-reliant, capable person. Have you faced challenging situations before? Have you ever lived in a foreign country? For how long? Have you ever studied a foreign language? Did you ever manage to accomplish something that you had thought was impossible or difficult? What kinds of experiences have given you a strong sense of self-identity?

62 This part of the personal statement also allows you to tell a good story so that the admissions committee has a better sense of what kind of person you are. Any specific detail that can make your application memorable will work to your advantage. The second question addresses your sense of purpose. The university officials will want you to demonstrate somehow that you will not arrive in the United States and spend all of your time at nightclubs. They would like to believe that by allowing you to attend their university, you will make some progress towards an interesting future. So, if you have a clear sense of what you will be doing in five years, you should mention this future goal in your personal statement and explain how spending a year at an American university will help you to realize this goal. 2.2.

63 What, specifically, interests you about American Studies? Is it the literature, the history, the language, the culture? Why does it interest you? How will knowing English help you with your future plans? Why will living in America help you make progress toward your goals? What classes would you take at the host university? Why have you chosen to apply to the host university (as opposed to another one)?

64 This part of the essay should show that you are a serious student, that you have thought about your future, and that you have done some research to plan your time abroad. You should at least mention the name of the university to which you are applying. From the committees perspective, you are asking to attend that specific university, not to experience American culture in general.

65 List 2 to 3 past activities or experiences of yours that can prove you are ready for the exchange program as far as your character is concerned. Revise and possibly expand the reasons for applying and the study plans that you wrote for Step 3 to show you are a goal-oriented person and show how the exchange program can help you accomplish your short-term and long-term academic goals.

66 Work in pairs, with one student acting as a professor from the American university and the other as an applicant to the exchange program. First the applicant will give a brief introduction of him / herself and will then be asked a few questions concerning his / her application. The student who acts as the professor can select some of the questions from the list below or can ask other questions of their own. Students can take turns acting as professors and applicants. Step


68 Choose some students to serve as a panel of judges and select others to be interviewed in front of the whole class, while the interviews are being conducted. Step

69 Evaluation Guide GOODPOOR Language: Pronunciation and intonation Grammar Word choice Smooth and logical development Content: Relevant personal experience Interesting stories / anecdotes Academically well prepared Clear and feasible study plans

70 Delivery: Sincere attitude Self-confidence Appropriate gestures and eye contact Overall evaluation:__________________

71 Write a short personal statement that includes the major points discussed in the previous tasks and submit the essay for final evaluation. Step

72 Divide the class into 2 groups. Each group will select 5 students to form an evaluation committee. The evaluation committee from Group A will evaluate the essays of students from Group B and likewise for the other committee. Each committee will select two students for further consideration by the university authorities. A short paragraph of recommendation will be offered by the evaluation committee for each candidate. Step

73 Guide for Assessment 1. Have I achieved the objectives of this unit? 2. What have I learned in this unit? 3. What are my biggest problems? 4. What needs to be improved?

74 PPT ·

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