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Ideas to exploit Roleplay 5 By Wilma Slevin Wilma Slevin.

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1 Ideas to exploit Roleplay 5 By Wilma Slevin Wilma Slevin

2 Ideas to Exploit the Roleplay Introduce the theme by showing a photo or 2 of the islands and get students to brainstorm vocabulary

3 Wilma Slevin




7 A virtual tour of the island Play this panoramic video and get students to write down any words that spring to mind in Spanish. alinfo/6175456/virtual-tour-of-cies-islands alinfo/6175456/virtual-tour-of-cies-islands Wilma Slevin

8 Cortometraje Show students a videoclip from 1 of the many clips on YouTube. 2zBQ 2zBQ Students have to answer questions in English about the video. Wilma Slevin

9 NaturalezaLugaresActividadesAnimales/Aves La playaEl campingIr de paseoUna paloma La ríaEl faroBucearUn lagarto El acantiladoEl muelleHacer senderismoUna gaviota El bosqueEl albergue juvenilNavegar en kayakUn cormorane Classificación Students categorize a list of related vocabulary; highlight and translate any words they don’t know. Wilma Slevin

10 Puzzle Give students a translated version of the roleplay; mix up the examiner and student turns and have students put them in order Wilma Slevin

11 Preparar el diálogo Students underline all the verbs Write what tense it’s in Translate the verb Indicate m/f/sg/pl nouns and adjectives. Wilma Slevin

12 Traducir el diálogo Give students key vocabulary and have them translate the roleplay Wilma Slevin

13 En Parejas – Rellena los huecos Estudiante A y B – each student must take it in turn to read out their dialogue while the other student fills in their missing information. (Good for weaker students) Wilma Slevin

14 Escuchar y Aprender Recorded version of student’s answers from Wilma Slevin

15 Links to the Curriculum Letter/Diary/Note/Opinion Piece Reading Comprehensions Aural Comprehension Oral Practice Topics: The environment Holidays/Travel Friends Grammar: Past tense Wilma Slevin

16 Webquest Give students a worksheet with questions on a particular website related to Las Islas Cies and have them find the answers by going to the Spanish websites. ang=es ang=es Use the webquest worksheet here. Wilma Slevin

17 Una Carta Write a letter/email asking for information on Las Islas Cies; accommodation; how to get there; costs; activities available; brochures etc. Link to La Pluma P. 56/57 Oficina de Turismo de Vigo Cánovas del Castillo, 22 36202 Vigo (Pontevedra) Tel.: +34 986430577 Fax.: +34 986430080 Wilma Slevin

18 Reserva de Camping Write a letter to get a camping permit for the islands from the Tourist Office in Vigo. Write a letter to book a tent on the island - More details on booking Wilma Slevin

19 Reading Comprehension Prepare questions on a text related to the Islands islas-cies/paraiso/costa-gallega/ islas-cies/paraiso/costa-gallega/ Wilma Slevin

20 Un diario For homework get students to write a diary about what they did on Las Islas Cies, including these 4 points. 1.Say how you got to the island 2.Describe what you did on the islands 3.Give your opinion on the place 4.Say how you felt when you and your friends almost missed the ferry back to mainland Wilma Slevin

21 El Medio Ambiente - Aural Videoclip - El Desastre ecológico – 2002 el Derrame del Prestige _video_derrame_petroleo_galicia_prestige_sao.shtml _video_derrame_petroleo_galicia_prestige_sao.shtml (Can be difficult to follow at times as local people are speaking but good idea to show the disaster that was) 2004 LC Aural Q.5 – La Marea Negra Velve a Galicia Wilma Slevin

22 Practicar el Pasado - Oral Divide students into 2 groups – The student – The friend Group 1 prepares what the student did since he/she left his group of friends Group 2 prepares what they did once their friend left them and explain why they were late Wilma Slevin

23 Practicar el Oral Each group prepares a list of questions (4 or 5) to ask the other group 1 student from each group pairs up and asks each other what they were doing, while the other person explains Students make notes For homework they write up what each of them did on the island before the ferry left Wilma Slevin

24 Practicar el Oral – Extra Question Students brainstorm questions relating to the roleplay that could be asked by the examiner (Spanish or English depending on ability). Write these on the board. Students then answer these questions for homework Wilma Slevin

25 Extra Question - Ejemplos ¿Tiene su billete? ¿ De dónde es usted? ¿Te gustaron las islas? ¿Qué hiciste hoy? ¿Cuándo vuelve usted a casa (Irlanda)? ¿Hay playas famosas en su país? ¿Te gustaría volver aquí? ¿Qué va a hacer por el resto de sus vacaciones aquí? ¿Cuánto tiempo lleva usted en España? Wilma Slevin

26 Un Ensayo Write an opinion piece on one of the following topics Wilma Slevin

27 Proyecto de Cultura In pairs students prepare a project on a Spanish island – Location – Population – Popular sites/areas – Things to do on the island – How to get there – Traditions/Customs – Typical Food/Drink Wilma Slevin

28 Links Various YouTube clips - 676190CD1CB9B6E Rias Baixas Turismo(text, older video, more detail about flora & fauna) ; HJtH21itU&list=PL3676190CD1CB9B6E (Rias Baixas Turismo no text, dramatic music); 76190CD1CB9B6E (mydestinationvideo - no text but shows camping on the island as well as general vistas) 676190CD1CB9B6E HJtH21itU&list=PL3676190CD1CB9B6E 76190CD1CB9B6E (timelapse video – no text) – (collage of photos – no text) Wilma Slevin

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