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Southern Sudan Sustainable Ag-For Fund: Human Rights and Profit in Sudan Greg Carlson Sergio Ibarra Bolanos Justin Overdevest.

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1 Southern Sudan Sustainable Ag-For Fund: Human Rights and Profit in Sudan Greg Carlson Sergio Ibarra Bolanos Justin Overdevest

2 The International Land Grab Story

3 Since 2004, 6.5 million acres and growing… Playing the Land Grab…

4 Geographic Focus: Southern Sudan Human Rights & Potential Partnerships Agricultural Opportunity: Ag Land + Potential Changing Governance

5 Land and Agriculture Carbon Water Opportunity: Crossing the Chasm

6 Market Opportunity Focus: Long-term viability and sustenance of the land and its people rather than short term extraction Inefficiencies – Market: this land grab strategy has inherent ecological, social, and political risk – Information: Both an inefficient as a market and lack of credible and important information. As well most land grab players have no ag experience

7 Investment Vehicle: Starts with Structure Land Trust Priority 1: Develop Land Trust Donations provide necessary capital for community members Investor funds go to accessing lands for agro-forestry products Local Mkt. % Farmer Equity + Community Impact Agro-forestry

8 MFI non-MFI MFI non-MFI Returns Model Builds off of Structure Priority 2: Develop Returns Model Co-operative Formed in Community + MFI Co-op Individual Farmers Land Trust



11 2009: Southern Sudan Investment Promotion Act For the first time, an Investment Authority has been established in Southern Sudan that provides “investment guarantees and incentives.” – Particular Investment Focus: Agriculture “Indeed, the Southern Sudanese are very eager to attract investment and if a company comes with plans to invest, they will rarely be turned away.”

12 Investors Institutional: – Pension Funds (TIAA-CREF Global Microfinance Investment Program) – Socially-driven Funds (Threshold, Heirs Ltd., Root Capital) Individuals Foundations Charitable Trusts

13 Partners NGOs – Coordination on the ground – Farm Africa (Rehabilitation of Agricultural Livelihoods in Southern Sudan) – Oxfam (Extensive history of NGO Collaboration to fight poverty and injustice) – USAID (FARM project: Agricultural infrastructure development in Southern Sudan) MFIs – Local Financial Expertise – BRAC (Global Network) – SUMI (Sudan Microfinance Institution)

14 Currency Spectrum Layered Structure Blending Investment Motivations and Financial Returns Impact FirstFinancial First NGOs Charitable Trusts Foundations MFIsPension Funds Banks Impact Investors


16 MFIs in Southern Sudan MFI# BorrowersPortfolioAvg. Loan Loans Past Due (>30 Days) Non Performing Loans (>90 Days) BRAC SS10,402$1,422,729$1372.65%1.96% Sudan Microfinance Institution (SUMI) 8,657$1,650,946$1916.15%1.90% World Bank: “Overall, the MFIs in Southern Sudan experience a low default rate. But, only 1% coverage of potential market in Southern Sudan Constraint to the provision of microfinance: Access to Funds

17 Land Acquisition Avg. Investment in Community Land = 271,000 ha Avg. Investment in Government Land = 8,250 ha

18 Land Availability 58,337,800 ha of total available land 3,785,000 ha of available land in Green Belt region Large potential for responsible land investment Agro-Ecological Zone Area (ha)Area Covered by Investments (ha) Available Land (ha) Green Belt5,050,0001,265,0003,785,000 Nile and Sobal Corridor7,900,0001,010,0006,890,000 Floodplains32,700,000720,00031,980,000 Ironside Plateau13,300,000160,00013,140,000 Hills and Mountains845,00012,200832,800 Arid Belt1,710,0000

19 Lease Structures Lease periods : Some up to 99 years Terms: – Yearly Payments (Green Resources) – Lump Sum (Eyat Oilfield Services) – Combinations w/ royalty deposits (Central Equatoria Teak)

20 Target Structure Work with communities AND involve government from onset Strive for maximum possible lease Examples 99 yr. Lease of 179,000 ha $12,500/yr. payments to local communities Local Development Goals Community and Government Engagement!

21 The Co-op: Where to Plant



24 The Co-op: What to Plant

25 MFI: A Comparison

26 Returns

27 Agricultural Risk % Ag. Corruption

28 Country Risk Voiding of leases by government Land disputes Conflict Community Opposition Mitigation: Community and Government Involvement ; Partnerships are key!

29 Impact: Environmental Reduced land degradation through sustainable farming Food and Natural Resource Security Wildlife Preservation

30 Impact: Societal Community Land Protection Avoided Landgrab and Community Displacement Human Rights Assurance

31 Impact: Economic Local Economic Development Labor-Intensive Farming Thriving Agricultural Industry

32 Moving the Needle Potential impact is enormous: Sudan, Africa and the World – Bringing sustainable land management to post- CPA Southern Sudan – Developing a thriving economy not based solely on oil revenue Scalability: 58 Million ha of available land with favorable investment climate

33 Moving the Needle “I urge investors worldwide to come and invest in Southern Sudan. In terms of agriculture, it will be the breadbasket of the region and the world.” – President Salva Kiir, Southern Sudan

34 Sources “The New Frontier: A baseline survey of large-scale land-based investments in Southern Sudan.” Norwegian People’s Aid, 2011. “Expanding the Provision and Impact of Microfinance in Southern Sudan.” Melody Atil, World Bank, 2009. “Government Woos Investors to South Sudan.” Juma John Stephen, 2009. Oxfam: International Land Coalition: papers/unravelling-land-grab-how-protect-livelihoods-poor papers/unravelling-land-grab-how-protect-livelihoods-poor Bloomberg: southern-sudan-norwegian-aid-group-says.html southern-sudan-norwegian-aid-group-says.html Cotula, Lorenzo. Land Grab or Development Opportunity?: Agricultural Investment and International Land Deals in Africa. London: IIED, Food and Agricultural Organization. 2009. Print. Green, Duncan. From Poverty to Power: How Active Citizens and Effective States Can Change the World. Oxford: Oxfam International, 2008. Print. Yahoo News: South Sudan land grab threatens rights: report 349 349 Farm Land Grab. “Jarch doubles its Sudanese empire”

35 Sources (Cont.) agricommodityprices: The 50 Top Microfinance Institutions, Forbes philanthropy-credit-biz-cz_ms_1220microfinance_table.html philanthropy-credit-biz-cz_ms_1220microfinance_table.html Microfinance Information Exchange (2009). Expanding Agriculture and Food Security Activities in Southern Sudan. Juba, Sudan: United States Agency for International Development. Retrieved May 15 th, 2011, from World Corruption Index

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